DIY Key Fobs + Bag Charms – A Darby Smart Challenge


Craft kit company Darby Smart recently asked if I’d like to participate in, and create something fun and unique for their Polish: No Limits Challenge. I love using everyday things to craft up something unexpected, so I was all over this one!
The challenge began with the arrival of my kit (containing gorgeous nail polish and a couple of mystery supplies). I was really inspired by the autumnal colors of the Julep Nail Polish and a metal clasp (one of the mystery items) that Darby Smart sent me, and immediately thought that it would be fun to create some sort of small accessory, using the polish for pizzazz. A few tests and prototypes later I ended up with two very easy and chic accessories for Fall: a polished key fob and bag charm!


Truth be told I ended up getting a little carried away with this project and created no less than eight different bag charms and key fobs (I don’t have enough keys or bags for more)! I also realized these would make awesome gifts since they are so easy to customize to suit anyones style (plus you get to make more…yay)!
So, are you ready to make your own?!

Supplies needed:diykeyfob-bagcharm-supplies

  • Unfinished wooden beads in assorted sizes
  • Nail polish
  • Thin black or brown soft suede cording – Cording must be very thin and pliable or it will not fit through the beads or tie properly. I used cording of 0.09in thickness.
  • Metal key rings and/or large metal clasps (23mm lobster clasps)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Short cup or jar (such as a votive or baby food jar)

diykeyfob-bagcharm2Let’s get started! It will be easiest to paint your beads if you first place each one on top of a cotton swab.

diykeyfob-bagcharm1Now for the fun part. It’s time to paint your beads! You can create beads that are one solid color, variegated colors…add spots or paint only half the bead. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to designing the look of the beads that will go on your accessories. Tip: Use a variety of bead sizes to create a unique look for your design.

diykeyfob-bagcharm3As each bead is completed, place it (leaving it attached to the cotton swab) into your short jar or dish so that they can dry fully. Add a second coat of paint if desired. This may not be necessary, but will give your beads a more saturated look. Allow all your beads to dry completely.

diykeyfob-bagcharm5Next, for either of the two accessory option you will need a 10-12 inch piece of leather cording. Tie or loop your leather cording onto your metal hardware (key ring or clasp) from the center of the cording, so that the middle of your cord is attached to the hardware, and you have two leather tails loose.

diykeyfob-bagcharm6Thread both leather cords at the same time through several beads until you have a bead combination that you are happy with. Pull your beads up snuggly against the top near your hardware, and knot firmly beneath the final bead to finish. Leave the tassels on the end of your accessory or trim them off. Now you have an awesome accessory that only took you a short time and very few supplies to make!


Big thanks to Darby Smart for sponsoring and making this post possible. Be sure to check out this cheeky little video that they recently put together:

darbysmartsponsorbuttonFind more from Darby Smart on: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest. All photos and opinions expressed within this post are my own.