In Progress: A New Illustration


I sketched this little koala illustration a couple of months ago, and recently decided that it’s about time for him to come to life with a bit of color. Before that happens though, I thought I’d show you a little peek at how he looks in his rough sketch form.


When I first started sketching, I only knew that I wanted to draw a koala. I always start my animal illustrations with the head…and by the time I got down to his torso I decided that he needed to be sitting on something. Bike…nope (already have a bicycle illustration), chair (too stationary)…and then a rocking horse popped into my head (maybe a bit random, but cute). Since he’s from Down Under he’s enticing the horse with a fresh eucalyptus sprig of course. I’m still undecided about whether he needs a cowboy hat or not. What do you think?


So now I’m off to work on the final step…digitally coloring the piece in Photoshop (the longest portion of the whole illustration process). I’ll be sure share when he’s complete! I’m pretty sure that he’ll be making an appearance in my shop too! xo Ez

Update: Thanks Aussie friends for chiming in to let me know about my koala “bear” fauxpas. I will certainly be sure to leave “bear” out of his name in the future. I appreciate you catching that slip for me! xo