Art in My Home: A Good Reminder

I first saw this Screw Perfection art print via Pinterest last year, and since it marries my obsession with brushed hand-lettering with a sentiment I could stand to remember more often, I decided to treat myself to it this holiday. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love it! It hasn’t found a permanent room to live in just yet, but I’m thinking that my office (for those times when I’m in the midst of blogger’s block and being too hard on myself) or the washroom (to kick negative thoughts to the curb while getting ready every morning) are the most likely spots.

I love how even though the art is a print, it has great dimensionality. It looks like actual paint on the paper. Look at that droplet on the C! One negative that I feel like I should point out is that the shop name is printed on the lower right portion of the piece. It unfortunately detracts a bit from the overall look of the print, but since we’re embracing things that are not exactly perfect…I suppose I can’t mind it all that much, right?!

Oh…and the other art print pictured here (that I also adore) is Landscape Painting 2 by Russell Leng. I picked it up from Mammoth & Company a while ago. It’s even more gorgeous in person!

Do you have any motivational art in your home? I’d love for you to share in the comment section below. I’m always looking for new and wonderful things to be inspired by. xo Ez