Book Giveaway: Win a Copy of Paper to Petal


Ever since I first found out about the paper flower crafting book Paper to Petal by the incomparable Rebecca Thuss + Patrick Farrell, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on in. My pre-ordered copy arrived just a couple of weeks ago (to my giddy excitement), and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! Check out a quick little video trailer for the book here.

It’s hard to believe that anyone could come up with even half as many floral designs and projects as there are featured in this gorgeous book…and yet somehow Rebecca and Patrick managed to dream up page after stunning page of them (75 flower projects and over 200 unique flowers and foliage to make – if you’re counting). Wow! Talk about talent!


Luckily, Rebecca and Patrick are not only talented, but kind too…and they want one of you to have the opportunity to win your very own copy of Paper to Petal here on Creature Comforts! Awesome, right?! This contest is open to everyone (shipping is on me), so friends around the world can get in on the paper flower crafting fun!


Find more from Rebecca Thuss + Patrick Farrell on their SITE | BLOGFACEBOOK and of course…you should BUY THEIR BOOK | Book page photo courtesy of Rebecca Thuss + Patrick Farrell

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  1. Ana Silva / / Reply

    I will most definitely use the first flowers to do a beautiful decoration for the room of my baby nephew who will be born sometime in October, probably in the beginning, It’s my first nephew I’m so excited :) It’s been a while since we’ve had a baby in the family.

  2. Jessica Rae Gordon / / Reply

    Ooooo! I’ve been eyeing this book … the flowers are so gorgeous! My first batch of flowers would be used to decorate my work space and brighten/pretty up the place.

  3. Aiza C / / Reply

    Such a pretty book! I would definitely make my own flowers and spruce up my flat, it’s in need of an injection of something and I think these are perfect!!

  4. Rachael C / / Reply

    I think my first project would be something mailable to a good friend going through a rough time. She needs cheering up a lot more than my cubicle (a project for which would be my second project).

  5. Raffaella D. / / Reply

    The flowers on the last photo are amazing! I think I would make a wreath for my front door :) Cross my fingers :)

  6. Carolyn M / / Reply

    how beautiful…I would love to make some flowers to decorate my computer space at home and at the office!

  7. Brittany P / / Reply

    I would love to make a permanent bouquet for my guest room instead of buying flowers every time someone comes to visit!

  8. emilie / / Reply

    I discovered it last week and fell in love… If I don’t win this one, I’ll definitely be buying it, I can’t wait to start decorating my house with them !

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway ;)

    Emilie B.

  9. Cathy M. / / Reply

    How fun! I would make bouquets of flowers to send as surprise pick-me-up gifts for my friends around the world!

  10. Deborah C. / / Reply

    I will make the most amazing flower garland that have anyone imagined and I will hang it above my bed along with some christmas mini lights. bliss!

  11. Kelsi G / / Reply

    My sis-in-law would love this book and I would love to give it to her for Christmas!

  12. Julie / / Reply

    I decorated my entire wedding with homemade (fabric) flowers instead of live flowers… it was beautiful! I would love to decorate our nursery with these flowers as a nod to our wedding and also they’re just gorgeous!

  13. Ruth / / Reply

    Wow I was only looking at this book online yesterday!
    Even if I didn’t win the book, I will be making some paper flowers for my best friend Jen. She’s about to have an operation after having had one only 3 months ago – argh and ouch! I never got around to buying her real flowers, so figured making some would mean much more :-)

  14. Gillian / / Reply

    I’m planning my best friend’s surprise sweet sixteenth party and I’d use the flowers as deco and focal points!

  15. Mila M. / / Reply

    wow, beautiful book! i love paper crafts so i’m always on the look out for ideas. it has been over a year since we moved into our new place, but sadly the walls are still empty. maybe i could make something large scale for one of the rooms. oh and throw a flower-making party of course!
    thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  16. Sarah / / Reply

    I’m redecorating my room now with a flower theme so this would be perfect as inspo! It’ll make an absolutely gorgeous coffee table book too! Although I think if use it way too much for it to be left languishing on the coffee table!(;

  17. Jac P / / Reply

    I’d use the book to get ideas for my handmade paper flower wedding bouquet!

  18. Audrey B. / / Reply

    Ohhhh with my first batch, I’d probably put them on my desk at work. My desk is so, so drab and could use a little beauty!

  19. Leonhardt Lisa / / Reply

    I would give this book to a dear artist friend whom I’m happily going to see again after a whole year brake because of a bad struggle. She’s done paper flowers herself but I’m sure this book will give her new input and maybe also to our friendship!

  20. Kristen Grelle / / Reply

    I would make a bouquet for my mother and put it in a new Anthro vase for her birthday. I have been eyeing this book for a while. I have a few copies of this in my basket for gifts this Christmas!

    Thank you!

  21. Ali W. / / Reply

    I would make a batch of paper flowers for a mercury vase by our entry way that really needs some added color!

  22. Laura M. / / Reply

    This book is so pretty!! I’m actually making paper flower bouquets for my bridesmaids, brooches for mothers, grandmothers, etc and boutonnieres for fathers, grandfathers etc for my wedding which is next August! I’m really excited to be giving the special people on my day something that they can keep instead of fresh flowers that wilt and die so quickly. So the first thing I would do with this book is pick out a few over-the-top blooms to dress up the basic flowers that I’ve already started to make :D I’m going to be crossing my fingers from now until October 13th in hopes that I win!

  23. Lexie S. / / Reply

    Gorgeous, gorgeous! I would definitely gift away some pretty petals and use them as gift toppers. What a great coffee table book as well!

  24. Michelle C / / Reply

    I recently tried to make a bunch of giant paper flowers and it is HARD! Definitely not as effortless as they might look, so I can appreciate the talent and effort that went into making this book. Would love to make some to decorate my studio!
    -Michelle C.

  25. Ann-Marie G / / Reply

    Ooh, it’s so pretty. Well my sister is getting married next year and we were discussin paper flowers as decorations so I think I would definitely be practising those with this book. I hope I win! Great giveaway!

  26. Cassandra M / / Reply

    This book is so well done and the trailer is gorgeous too. Hmm I would probably use the first batch to decorate the used bookstore I work at. Paper flowers and books just seem to go together. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  27. Carin K / / Reply

    I’d make some paper flowers to attach to hair pins and make a bouqet for my hair!

  28. Nicole M. / / Reply

    My friends and I are throwing a Autumnal Festival and making leaf crowns for our heads… so I definitely know I can use some of these beautiful crafted flowers there!

  29. Meg H. / / Reply

    In the winter is my off -season… I would love to sit by the wood stove & craft some pretty flowers! Xo

  30. Laura A. / / Reply

    I’d use this to have a much needed girl’s night with a mommy friend or two. My sister also just got a new office that could use some color. :)

  31. Lauren P / / Reply

    I would give my first project to my grandma. She’s going through a pretty intense rough patch at the moment and I’d like nothing more that to cheer her up (even for just a little while.)

  32. Tiffany K / / Reply

    I love this! I would gift the first batch to my dear friend who is expecting her first baby girl!…followed by birthday flowers for my own little girl!

  33. Krista / / Reply

    What a gorgeous book! Aside from admiring it evey day on my coffee table, for my first project I would decorate for my friends’ baby shower! Bouquets for each guest would be the perfect way to combine decorations & party favors!

  34. Patricia L / / Reply

    I’ve always loved playing with paper. I would wake my mom up with some poached eggs and a pretty paper peony :)

  35. Jutta / / Reply

    The book looks amazing! I would totally decorate my home, most likely the bedroom we are about to renovate. And I’d make some for my niece too :)

  36. April L / / Reply

    I would give my first batch of flowers to my daughter.

  37. Fay van O / / Reply

    Oh, how I love this book! As I am a summer person, and missing summer already, I would make a flower crown to wear all winter long and brighten up all my days!

  38. Floor B / / Reply

    I’d just keep making these for everyone probably.. and decorate my room, with it’s flower wallpaper (:

  39. Tamara H / / Reply

    Hi Ez, I can see why you’re crazy about this book. It’s gorgeous! My neighbour is about to give birth to (a very long awaited!) baby girl, and I would love to make a whole load of soft cherry blossom-like flowers to add to the tree mural they have already painted on her nursery wall. That would be so divine for her to lie there and look at from her crib! xo

  40. Carrie L Koch / / Reply

    Since we are moving into a new home and I get my own office, these paper flowers would look awesome. So pretty!

  41. Jess M. / / Reply

    I would love to make some beautiful flowers to decorate all my home! And maybe, some ones for my sister’s ^_^

  42. Rosanne / / Reply

    I really want to use this to help decorate for my friend’s upcoming wedding!

  43. Tammy T / / Reply

    I am sure that the first flowers would be stolen by my Junior High daughter to make a paper crown! After that I think I would make a bouquet to place in a shadow box for my photo wall! This book looks stunning…thank you for a wonderful give-away!


  44. Vera F / / Reply

    I would love to do something special to my hall. It still have empty white walls, empty wood floor and no windows so… I need colours!! :)

  45. simone / / Reply

    What a gorgeous book! I would love to make some flowers to put in a horse planter from my bff’s wedding 2 years ago. It’s been sitting empty because I haven’t found the right thing to put in it!

  46. Holly C. / / Reply

    I would definitely use the flowers to spruce up my own space!

  47. Emily R / / Reply

    My Maamaw would be so tickled to recieve this book! I’m confident that her and her sister, Joy, would have a day filled with fun making these beautiful paper flowers for their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I will also enjoy spending time creating something beautiful with her.

  48. Theresa H. / / Reply

    With the first batch of flowers: I would use the book to make a flower arrangement for our families Thanksgiving table & I will bring it gifting the host. The book looks amazing!

  49. Lauren H / / Reply

    I would love to make a paper floral garland for my office!!! The possibilities are endless!

  50. laurie R magpie ethel / / Reply

    I already decorate with vintage paper flowers that I have found in estate sale land. It would be fun to make some with vintage crepe paper I have collected over the years too!
    Great little trailer as well…

  51. Cori M / / Reply

    I used paper flowers at my wedding, too!
    My co-worker loves to have flowers at her desk, so I would make some for her.

  52. Tiffany D. / / Reply

    I would use my first batch of flowers to decorate various parts of the house, mostly the bathroom and my bedroom.

  53. sue b. / / Reply

    Receiving a flower as a gift is always a nice feeling, I would like to teach our Girls Scout troop how to make them, so they can make them for their moms and families.

  54. Lauren D / / Reply

    Wow! What WOULDN’T I do with the flowers I’d make? Decorate rooms, gifts, everything! So beautiful…

  55. amy d / / Reply

    I’ve been wanting to get this book! I’d use the first flowers that I’d make for decorations for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party in mid October! I am thinking of having a ‘Farmer’s Market’ themed party for her, since she loves fruits and vegetables. I’d make stems of flowers to look like a flower stand! And then put them in her room for decorations. Great Giveaway!

  56. Michelle H. / / Reply

    This book looks gorgeous! I would love to make some paper, flowery, goodness home and wrapping decorations from it. :)

  57. Kim S / / Reply

    It’s probably less conventional use, but I’d love to make some for embellishments on cards or photo frames.

  58. Christina D. / / Reply

    I just started a little paper flower crafting business on the side [after making all paper flowers for my wedding!], and learning new styles would be so lovely! I’ve heard great things about this book and would so love to get to read it and try it out.
    thanks!! <3

  59. brittney j. / / Reply

    I’m throwing my best friend a baby shower in november. I’d love to be able to add a personal yet beautiful touch.
    thank you.

  60. Catherine S-D / / Reply

    I just moved into my first apartment so my first batch of paper flowers would be for decorations, because I am severely lacking colour and inspiration in my place. Fall coloured flowers would be festive!

  61. Anastasia Marie / / Reply

    I would first deck out every little gift with a paper flower. A perfectly wrapped package, even if it’s just a candy bar, is such a mood booster. Then I’d make a bazillion to hang up in my office. Nothing like having constant paper inspiration around you all day!

  62. Laini T / / Reply

    I’ve been waiting for this book too! So beautiful. First I’d like to make some flowers with my daughter, including an awesome bouquet for my mom :-)

  63. Carrie U / / Reply

    I have been wanting this book! I would love to make a beautiful centerpiece for a dinner I’m planning to celebrate my sister-in-law’s wedding!

  64. Beth C / / Reply

    I would decorate my new house for a house warming party!! It would be a perfect addition to make a very special night! (I’d even find a way to attach a flower or two to my pup! Even if she wouldn’t be happy about it)

  65. Gabrielle Livingstone / / Reply

    I made crepe paper flowers as my placecards at my wedding. I wish this book had been around because there are SO many amazingly beautiful options.

    I want to make a frame full of paper flowers for our guest room!

  66. Laura I. / / Reply

    I’m so excited for this giveaway! I’d make some flowers to decorate my new studio. :)

  67. Danielle H. / / Reply

    My partner and I are on a shoestring budget, not a lot of family support for a same-sex ceremony…, and I think a paper flower arbor would be not only a beautiful addition to the ceremony, but could be something that can be done with a group of friends. We want to create a sense of community around our upcoming nuptials, a year+ but still upcoming, with friends and, hopefully, some family.

  68. Julie / / Reply

    I’d use my first batch of flowers to make a wreath for my hair, it seems like the perfect topper for my Halloween costume.

  69. Samantha E / / Reply

    I would make all the flowers that can’t grow here in Australia ( It’s pretty hot and arid here so we don’t get a lot of varieties ) and decorate everything :)

  70. Rachel T. / / Reply

    That looks so fun! I’ve been wanting to take some pictures of my kids to use as Christmas presents and these could make some fun props!

  71. Joyce Viscomi / / Reply

    There are two children I know right now who are fighting the battles of their lives: one–a precious 3 year old little girl who has an inoperable brain tumor and is undergoing radiation treatment and, two, a young man who is 12 who is fighting with all his might leukemia. Both families do not have adequate insurance to pay for the treatments and one family is living on donations because they have had to close their bakery to care for their son. What would do with the book is share ideas so we could create some other fundraising projects to help these families.

  72. Lauren H / / Reply

    I would introduce the authors’ book to the craft store I teach classes at – to add to their bookshelf! And then I would just have to make a cheery video surprising friends with a tiny note of appreciation and their own unique flower … They would also be beautiful on top of birthday gifts, and I might also need to fill my house with flowers. The best part is, no one has to water them – ha!

  73. Denise S. / / Reply

    If I was to be so lucky, Paper To Petal would inspire me and I would craft the **** out of the stash of papers I have. The flowers would be given as gifts and adorn special paper hats.

  74. Angela Creek / / Reply

    We sell hundreds of artisan papers at work from all over the world.
    So we are always trying to find inspirational ways to show people
    What they can do with all these amazing papers of different colors & textures.
    :) so I would love to make as many different flowers as possible using as
    Many different papers to show off their beauty. I imagine we will need to sell
    Their book in our store too. :) I can’t wait to see this gorgeous book.

  75. Jessica Saiyed / / Reply

    I would make a beautiful floral wreath for my mom! I just think these flowers are so beautiful!

  76. charlotte / / Reply

    I have a certain talent (dare I say curse?) for killing each and every plant that has made it’s way into my home. I LOVE plants and I LOVE to craft. I would create my own little jungle with the projects in this book. Please help me add a bit of liveliness to my home – please pick me! :)

  77. Nicole H. / / Reply

    This book is on my wish list! I’d love to make some flowers to decorate my house come wintertime when my backyard is covered in snow. My friend who is getting married this coming year is also looking at doing paper flower bouquets so it’d be fun to have these amazing flowers in her wedding.

    Thanks for a great give away!

  78. Patricia T / / Reply

    i would make flowers for each of my friends and a great big bouquet for my mother :D

  79. Juliette O / / Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity, this book looks amazing! I would probably make some paper flowers to decorate my home but I am sure I would use some for my scrapbook pages, mini-albums… so many possibilities :)

  80. Heidi F / / Reply

    Oh this would have been perfect when I was making my own wedding bouquet!!! I promised my mother a custom bouquet like the one I made for my wedding, so I would definitely use this for new ideas for her!

    Heidi F

  81. Val / / Reply

    Such a beautiful book! Thanks for opening this giveaway internationally as well! I would make a paper creation to decorate the home with and also to give away as gifts for the holidays.

  82. fathima k / / Reply

    Wow, this is such a coincidence – I’ve recently been wanting to make paper flower but couldn’t find tutorials I liked so started experimenting on my own.
    I think I’d use my first batch of crafted flowers to decorate my workspace (I work for myself and these will really brighten up my space and inspire creativity!). I’d also spread some flowery love in my car – a lovely floral arrangement that won’t die in the heat will be great!

  83. Korin A / / Reply

    Woah. My first bunch will be for me and my new little apartment – since my first craft attempts tend to be a little wonky. But the FIRST good batch will be a gift to my mommy who loves paper flowers as much as I do but never really manages to make her own for herself.

  84. Melissa Paul / / Reply

    What an amazing book! My first set of flowers I would craft will be for my little girls room as we are transitioning to a big girl room. She simply adores all flowers.

  85. Pamela H. / / Reply

    Just happened to find your site through Pintrist. Wow.
    As I live and work in a very northern state I would use this beautiful book to decorate my home and to share with my students and co-workers.
    Thanks so much!

  86. Jenn H. / / Reply

    What a beautiful book with some incredible projects! I would make a bouquet and gift them to a friend who works in an office sans windows. She’s always in need of something colorful and cheery and paper blooms would fill the void when I can’t get live ones to her.

  87. Megan H / / Reply

    Maybe it’s a little cheesy, but my husband and I just passed our first anniversary with little fanfare because we have a wonderful daughter born in May, so I would make him a little bouquet since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper. Probably that bouquet would end up in the nursery, but that’s ok too!

  88. Lana C. / / Reply

    I would love to make some as a gift topper. They would be the perfect finishing touch!

  89. Allie L. / / Reply

    Oh man! This is such a cool book. I absolutely love fresh flowers but as a poor college student, I don’t have the income to indulge so it would be great to have beautiful paper flowers all around our apartment! Thank you :)

  90. Susan M. / / Reply

    I’d love to make a flower wreath to put on my door!

  91. Erin L. / / Reply

    I’ve been wanting to buy this book ever since I first heard about it!! I would love to make beautiful paper flowers for my wedding reception next summer since real flowers are pretty pricey and we’re on a budget. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  92. Anke W. / / Reply

    I think I would host a flower crafting party for some of my girlfriends (especially for one of my friends who’s had a tough year and could use a pick-me-up…)
    would love to win this give-away!

  93. Regina / / Reply

    I have my girlfriends over once a month for girls night, dinner & wine. I would decorate my table with them and then let them take them home for a little souvenir.

  94. Susanne Stowe / / Reply

    I made some paper flowers for our wedding and have wanted to make more since! I’d definitely make some for our house and would love to make them to attach to presents too!

  95. Robyn R. / / Reply

    I will give them to my friend who is Ob-sess-ed with paper! She’d absolutley swoon over this!!

  96. MF Miller / / Reply

    Oh I have read such good things about this one!

    I would make one of my dearest friends a bouquet and mail
    it to her. She just got engaged and a new job but I live in Canada
    and she is in England.
    I miss her so much and am so sad that I’m not there to celebrate in
    in person.

    She deserves something beautiful to mark this special time in her life
    and something that will LAST way into her marriage that shows her that I love her, am so proud of her and wish I could be there with her with her every day.

  97. pam / / Reply

    I would make some flowers to give away as gifts for friends and family.

  98. Gladys h / / Reply

    Looks like a great book! I am a graphic designer and quilter, and love to do all kinds of crafts. My daughter Taylor is my favourite person to make crafts with. She’s 22 now, has her undergraduate degree in Architecture, and we have been crafting together since she could use scissors and scotch tape, we later moved up to a glue gun. Her birthday is in December and I would love to give her this book as a gift. She moved out this year and It would be fun to spend time with her and make some of those flowers together!

  99. Kathrin U. / / Reply

    I would love to win this one. The book looks amazing. I would start crafting flowers and put them into all my vases, because my boyfriend never gets me flowers. Maybe he would understand that hint!

  100. Megan C / / Reply

    I would love to make a bouquet to give as a house warming gift for a dear friend. Gorgeous book- thanks for the opportunity!

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  102. Jumee S. / / Reply

    This is such a beautiful book! I love love love flowers and how amazing to be able to craft beautiful flowers that can last forever! My first project would go to the most important woman in my life-my beautiful mom.

  103. Julie K. / / Reply

    I think I would give the flowers to my mom so she could brighten up her office at work. Luckily it’s more of an office than just a cubicle, but it could use some personality… ;) I think she would really like that.

  104. Erica / / Reply

    Gorgeous book! I’d use it to make flowers for the long winter months ahead when the garden is too quiet.

  105. Helen G / / Reply

    What a great book! I’d use the first lot of flowers I make to adorn a table at my upcoming 40th birthday party (my first birthday party since I was a child!!)

  106. Jeanee D. / / Reply

    This book is SO PRETTY that I just want to look at it! But I’d make flowers for co-worker’s bdays so that they can have something pretty at their desk from me!

  107. Tammy R. / / Reply

    As we are approaching Breast Cancer Awareness month I would love to make flowers for the patients I serve as a Mammographer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  108. Nathalie R. / / Reply

    What a great giveaway. So BEAUTIFUL! I would decorate my new office, for my new job. Can’t wait to start in the next couple of weeks!!

  109. Rain Kinard / / Reply

    Rain B. I just love flowers, they brighten up a room and put happy thoughts in our heads. When I saw your book while going through Pinterest I got a great idea for this years Christmas gifts to my friends and family. I love painting glassware and putting ribbons or some other special ornament on them for presentation. Well with the glasses that I just found I plan to paint them, put some ornaments (decorative rocks, marbles, etc…) in them and then use the flowers that I create as a topper. P.S. I do not like to wrap gifts so I always try and find ways to create an abstract until I give out my creations. This way there is no waste, the entire gift is useful…

  110. Julia R / / Reply

    This book looks so gorgeous! I definitely would make some flowers to brighten up my new apartment in a big new city!

  111. Nicole W / / Reply

    What a lovely giveaway! I would keep half my first batch of flowers to put on my vanity table in a vintage vase, and I’d gift half of my batch to my best friend for her to enjoy :)

  112. youngmi / / Reply

    ohh this book has been on my wish list from the very first moment i saw it. it’s so beautiful! i would love to make a bunch of flowers for my best friend’s wedding.

  113. Mary Caliendo / / Reply

    Oh I love to win this…So pretty I’d use it in the space in which I write to keep my inspiration flowing! Thank you.

  114. Jennifer L / / Reply

    would love to decorate my mantle with paper flowers!

  115. Andrea / / Reply

    Oooh! My first project would definitely be some type of cascading flower mobile for my nieces room – they would love it!

  116. Vivian L / / Reply

    I would love to make something pretty for my baby girl nursery. Such a pretty inspiring book!

  117. dianne a / / Reply

    My first batch of beautiful flowers will be given to my golden haired granddaughter, she will be delighted.

  118. Malia Y. / / Reply

    I would love to make some flowers to decorate my daughter’s room. She would love them!

  119. Chloe B / / Reply

    I would definitely use my first batch of flowers as part of the wrapping on a birthday present for one of my best friends. It’s a big birthday so these flowers would make the present look extra special!

  120. Dóra J. / / Reply

    I’d give these delicate things to some of my students on a great day for being humane to me despite the fact that they’re suffering adolescents. :)

  121. Paige B. / / Reply

    We are working on getting our Family to eat around the dinner table more often; part of that includes making the table inviting and thought out. I think my first creation would adorn our dining table as a centerpiece. :) Thank you!

  122. Linda W / / Reply

    I would make a big bunch of flowers and put them in my baby girls nursery so we both get to look at flowers every day

  123. Gosia Sz. / / Reply

    Yay. Seriously super fantastic giveaway. I’ve been dreaming of this book! I would love to try my hand at the flowers from the book to make a huge colourful wreath to wear on my head for the wedding. Thank you. Gosia Sz.

  124. indreams / / Reply

    gosh that’s a lovely-looking book! <3

    i would make some flowers for my bestie, who is incredibly ill + needs cheering up. (she loves all things handmade with paper, so i'd probably end up giving her the book afterwards!)

  125. Rosanna P. / / Reply

    If I was chosen to win this beautiful Paper to Petal book, I would make a flower for each one of my friends to let them know how much I value them and their friendship. I don’t want to blow smoke so I would definitely document the progress and delivery – keep me accountable! ::fingers crossed!::

  126. Cassie M / / Reply

    Big, Beautiful, Colourful Centrepieces for my my cousin/best friends bridal shower/wedding! we’re both so in love with colour and being crafty we’d love to team up and make paper flowers to match her bouquet and colour theme for her spring wedding. Can’t wait to look through this book…I’ve heard nothing but great things!

  127. Anne MV / / Reply

    I would make some flowers for holiday displays and maybe even holiday gift package embellishments! I love the look.

  128. Deanna J / / Reply

    I would make my first batch as a gift to cheer somebody up!

  129. Cheri S / / Reply

    I would try a centerpiece for my mother’s Thanksgiving tablescape :)

  130. Marita D / / Reply

    I would use the tips and tricks in this book to decorate my newly moved into apartment. Its beautiful, but very white and I´m not allowed to put any nails in the wall. It would be perfect.

    Marita D

  131. Edith L. / / Reply

    This book seems amazing, I love papercrafts.
    I would offer my first paper flowers project to my sister, to put some more colors in her living room.
    Thanks for this giveaway, this is really nice of you.
    Edith from Paris – France

  132. Rosie E. / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing this book! I am in the process of planning my wedding, and am trying to incorporate DIY touches wherever I can. I love this idea. I might make them for my bridesmaid bouquets or some of the reception decor – cake toppers? Cocktail hour centerpieces? So many options!

  133. Jodi / / Reply

    I am a digital scrapbook kit designer, so I would make flowers and take pictures of them to use in designing kits…I would, I would!! Thank you for the chance!!

  134. Ali R / / Reply

    The book looks amazing. If I am the winner, I will be making endless gifts with the flowers and decorating my home in the cold Minnesota winters. Maybe I’ll even make some for a future wedding someday!

  135. Ellyn G. / / Reply

    I have been wanting to order this book myself when I saw your post! I would love to make flowers for my daughters baby shower and give them out as gifts to the guests. Thanks for the opportunity! Ellyn

  136. LindsayB / / Reply

    I have a paper garland in my dining room made of book pages and kraft paper that I’d like to update with some colorful flowers, especially now that it’s getting grayer and darker outside here in Portland!

  137. Alex P / / Reply

    I would use it to decorate my friend’s 30th birthday in a few months! She would love them!

  138. Tory N / / Reply

    It’s so hard to believe these are paper! They are just stunning. I would make a bouquet for the new desk that I am DIY-ing for my new little studio space.

  139. Kelly C / / Reply

    I have been eyeing this book for a while, so would love to win! The first lot of flowers I would make would be a housewarming gift for my sister-in-law and her husband

  140. anastasia / / Reply

    This book looks beautiful! I love paper crafts and would make lots of paper flowers for my Christmas wrapping this year as well as bouquets for home décor – thanks for the chance to win!

  141. Mei / / Reply

    I would love to give the first batch of flowers to my sister, who has just given birth to her first child (my first nephew). I’ll then let her hold on to the book for her next 12 months of maternity leave. She is a really creative person and I’m sure she would enjoy making the paper flowers in her (sparse) spare time. I live in a different city and only see her every couple of months – I can imagine how good she would get at it in between visits!

  142. Anna Wilkerson / / Reply

    I love this book! I am getting married in June and we haven’t been able to settle on flowers yet… It could be great to make the perfect flowers for our dinner tables on the best day of our lives!

  143. Liz J / / Reply

    What a great giveaway! Even if I don’t win I am going to talk my best friend into having a craft party… For her upcoming wedding! This would be so much fun to make!

  144. Leyla / / Reply

    Ez, it’s so sweet of you to think of your international readers! Many giveaways are only for US citizens so it’s a really generous move ;) Thank you!

    My sister went through a very difficult time, mentally and physically and I would love to either give her this book (see it as a bouquet of flowers for a lifetime) or I would make the flowers myself (and keep the beautiful book hehe) and give these paper flowers probably to anyone I know. I think it would be a great and unique gift.

    If I don’t win, I’ll most definitely buy it!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Congratulations Leyla! You are the lucky winner! I will be contacting you by email to confirm your win and get your shipping details! xo Ez

  145. Isabel Ale / / Reply

    First flowers I could make would go to a cocktail hat I would love to sew and make for my own :)

  146. Andie / / Reply

    Aaaahh, I’ve been looking for a way to get this book for so long! Unfortunately, it isn’t being sold in my country right now. I’d probably make several to put in an empty jar in my room, scatter them around the house, and place a few at my dad’s grave, because his birthday is coming up (hope that isn’t too morbid! But honestly, flowers make everything look sweet and cheerful, and these are especially colorful and happy).

  147. Valerie D. / / Reply

    I am moving into a house with my boyfriend and I would love to decorate with these flowers. Then, probably give them as gifts for Christmas once I got the hang of it.

  148. Gloria / / Reply

    Now that I see this book has a forward by Martha Stewart, I am bonus inspired. Fist I would make some lovely flowers to spice up my humble dorm. :)

  149. Katrina R. / / Reply

    I would have a lovely vase of flowers for my desk that would last a long time!

  150. Emily K. / / Reply

    I’d love to use this book to make some wedding decor!

  151. Michelle / / Reply

    I have been want to make a simple garland for ages now, I want white and pink and gold flowers, and I would love to include fairy lights. It’s to hang in my bedroom, above and behind my altar. Gonna do it soon, whether I win or not, but this book would be gratefully received, and I’m sure, take all the trial and error out of my project!

  152. julia // anderson lane / / Reply

    I would make a beautiful bouquet to give to my dear friend Brooke who has a tendency to keep flowers slightly too long after they have begun to wilt. An arrangement flowers wouldn’t wilt, so I wouldn’t have to throw out rotten flowers when I visit!

  153. Victoria H / / Reply

    I would do weddings with these flowers! or during the winter when there are no fresh flowers around, decorate my home.

  154. Genna E / / Reply

    I’ve been hearing so much about this book. Would love to win a copy! I would make flowers to decorate my house. It snowed today, so definitely need some flowers to brighten up the place!

  155. Julie B / / Reply

    How lovely! I would make beautiful hair adornments for my sister’s wedding! I think that would be unique and meaningful and make for wonderful mementos of her special day. I’ve always been a fan of Rebecca Thuss and would be so thrilled to win :) Thanks for having this contest!

  156. Jeanne B / / Reply

    This book can be left out on the coffee table all the time…75 projects to
    absorb, inspire and create!

  157. Rebekah K. / / Reply

    I will be making the bouquet, buttoners, and general decorations for my sister in-laws wedding. Then I will be making things for my home.

  158. Carmen K / / Reply

    Wow, this book looks amazingly beautiful! I would love to make some flowers to place on our dining table. We have direct sunlight on our table for a large part of the day, so real flowers tend to get hot and wilt quickly. Pretty paper flowers would be perfect!

  159. Anna Jacobs / / Reply

    If I win this book, I plan to decorate my college apartment with all kinds of beautiful flowers. And once my apartment is full of them, I’ll share them with strangers as a random act of kindness.

  160. jessica t / / Reply

    how lovely! i have been eyeing this book for a while now, so winning it would be a dream! the first thing i would make would be a bunch of pretty blooms for my bedside table. :) thanks for sharing!

    - jt

  161. Malynda / / Reply

    I would make something to decorate my new apartment. I’m thinking something for the bathroom. :)

  162. Emily R / / Reply

    I would make lovely custom floral centerpieces for the tables at my wedding reception! What a fun book!

  163. Stephanie Longoria / / Reply

    In March I have my first solo show as an artist and I think it would be great to have flowers as part of the installation. My paintings almost always include flowers of some kind and if I started making some soon I could have enough to use for the show and give away at the closing reception.

  164. Shun-Yu H. / / Reply

    Marvelously stunning! I would use the paper flower to make a gift wrap feature. :) (fingers crossed)

  165. Veronica K / / Reply

    I think I’ll make a bouquet for myself for my sewing room. Then I can look at them every time I sew and they’ll make me so happy because they’ll never die.

  166. Hsiao-wen C. / / Reply

    If I win a copy, I’d like to make some paper flowers to decorate our dining table. Thanks for the opportunity!

  167. Dorothy C. / / Reply

    I would give the book to my younger sister. She is crazy about paper flowers and decorates for parties and for the season. She would love this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  168. aearthr / / Reply

    I would love to make a boutique of paper flowers for my mum. It will be my first bouquet of flowers for her. If I were to buy her a real flowers, she would be angry and scold me for wasting money. That is her, the best mum ever.

  169. Mare Blocker / / Reply

    I’d make myself a Frida Kahlo costume, or maybe a Vasculum facsimile and pretend to be either Lewis or Clark.

  170. Yelena B. / / Reply

    What a wonderful book and designed so beautifully, too! I think I will share the first batch of paper flowers with my coworkers. Thank you for hosting yet another wonderful giveaway, Ez.

  171. Rebecca W / / Reply

    I want to host a crafting party!! My friends and I have been wanting to do a get together and be creative/productive with the changing season. This would be the perfect reason to start.

  172. Kayla R / / Reply

    This was the only book I have been planning to set my credit card on my nook for!! Beautiful!!!! I would use the ideas to help my boyfriend’s brother’s fiance with wedding planning to save money on fresh flowers! And these will last forever;)

    Thank you!!

  173. ashley l. shields / / Reply

    I would love to use them to decorate christmas presents.

  174. Rachel W / / Reply

    I love this book – it definitely inspires me to be more craftsy. I think it’ll be very therapeutic and a change of pace from engineering problem sets. I’d use it to decorate my apartment, since plants tend to die under my watch.

  175. Shayna / / Reply

    I will give the flowers to everyone that I pass by on my walk to work.

  176. Liz W / / Reply

    Gorgeous book – would love to try my hand at these. I just can’t help smiling when I see beautiful flowers like this. Inspirational :)

  177. Jess McCallum / / Reply

    My best friend has just moved to the USA from Australia, and she’s allergic to pollen, so I’d use this book to help me create a gorgeous bouquet to send to her! I absolutely love being given flowers, and she’s never been able to enjoy that feeling. This would help! :) xx

  178. Marion S. / / Reply

    What a wonderful book! Well, first I will make some flowers for two friends who are having their birthday next month. And then I will decorate my home with them.

    Greetings from Germany

  179. Kelly / / Reply

    There are so many ways to use these lovely flowers once crafted. Honestly I would teach my intermediate students how to make them. We have a Senior Citizen home close to our school and during different holidays we share our time and talents by making special gifts or visiting them. These sure would brighten their day to receive.

  180. Fany A / / Reply

    This is an amazing opportunity for me to learn a new techniques in order to make a wonderful flowers for my craft projects. Thank you! :) The book would be helpful in so many ways! :) I could make a flowers embellishments for gift wrapping, decoration for the home, for a party decorations, as s gift for someone or just for the pleasure to create something really beautiful as the flowers from “Paper to Petal” by Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell. Best regards from Bulgaria! :)

  181. Jessie / / Reply

    I’m in the process of buying my first house, so I would definitely use the projects in this book to decorate my new home!

  182. Cara Herchenrother / / Reply

    I have been eyeing this book for so long! The cover alone is enough to make you swoon but the tutorials inside are just as gorgeous and clever.

    I just got engaged this summer and can’t think of a better way to try all of these amazing flowers than for our wedding!

  183. Aarika / / Reply

    I will use the flowers to decorate for my niece’s 2nd birthday!

  184. tracey i. / / Reply

    so glad to see this book on Pinterest! Go to Amazon to “Look Inside” this book and just see how glorious it is. Big, bold, colorful realistic and imaginary flowers of all sorts. I want to make a flower garland for the awning of my camper . . . how fun! Hope I win :)

  185. Eti Eagle / / Reply


    I’m a crafter for years now… And just found out what to do with it in my world (: I just opened wedding design comp and I’m making some concepts to choose from. One of the concepts is “Hand Made wedding” so the first project I will make with this book is decor for wedding I’m designing in november 4th. Thanks.


  186. Isabel Izquierdo / / Reply

    Hi I would like to use the flowers to embellish the present’s wrap. Tks for sharing the information, the giveaway and for your blog, it is fantastic.

  187. Kris / / Reply

    I’d give them as a gift on Christmas day and I could make them as a favor on my best friend wedding!!

  188. Andrea D. / / Reply

    THey are fabulous! I think I’d give them to my students at school!!

  189. Lyndsay S / / Reply

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been so slack with anniversary gifts to my partner ever since we got married, I’ve never been organised enough to get him something in time. He’s such a lovely guy and I’m sure he’d never expect anything, but still… Our five year anniversary is coming up and I thought I’d make him a hand-crafted gift for every year I’ve missed, and a bunch of (paper) flowers would be a good start from Year 1… never too late right?! #guiltcrafts #itsathing

  190. ALBERT F / / Reply

    This book is great!. I am artist and musician, I would be happy to decorate my rehearsal room, it sure is very inspiring! Decorate shrubs on the street. Leave a flower on the windshield of parked cars. Decorate the door of an abandoned house. Leave some in the bus seat for someone else to find them. Shooting a huge handful from my balcony. Who knows! :) My head is spinning …

  191. Silvia C / / Reply

    Oh, oh, please please pick me! :) This is such a great book, I am in love with it since I saw it for the first time. I would make some flowers to decorate my (very very sad) desk at work. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck to everyone! Silvia

  192. Tracy J D Allen / / Reply

    I would love to make paper flowers to brighten up the brown paper and coloured string parcels for Christmas gifts this year. One or two pieces of gorgeousness for everyone I love.

  193. Reem A / / Reply

    This book is in my wish list :D. The first set of flowers I create will be used as gift topper!

  194. Silvia C. / / Reply

    First thing? I think something very easy for this Xmas, and then this is one of good opportunity to beginning with crafty paper, for me.

  195. Manja R / / Reply

    Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I saw this book on designsponge and instantly fell in love with it!!! I moved into my new home half a year ago when I got married, and bought a glass dome because I was so inspired by the designsponge Glass Dome Butterfly DIY. I would totally take that idea, but use paper flowers instead of butterflies :)

  196. Raquel / / Reply

    What a wonderful book! It will help me to make a hair bouquet for my little princess!

  197. Hatti / / Reply

    I’m getting married in May and was debating making paper flowers as decorations – with no idea how to start! So my first batch would be to decorate my wedding venue =)

  198. Kim K / / Reply

    Hmm… I’m wondering if paper flowers could be covered in mod podge (like waxing real flowers) to be outdoors. I know some graves that need some love. Then, flowers everywhere.

  199. annabel / / Reply

    Ohh lah lah! I have been eyeing this book off since i first saw it on a blog….super fantastic!

    I would make my first bunch for my mum. She doesn’t often get flowers now she is on her own and my sisters and I are all over the world!

  200. Pippa Leon / / Reply

    I’m just about to move from the countryside in the south of England to Sydney for 8 months and I’m going to miss having a garden with flowers in it and will have no money to keep buying them out there, so I would love to fill my apartment with flowers that won’t ever die on me!

  201. Catherine E / / Reply

    This book looks incredible! I have been excitedly awaiting its release. The moment I receive a copy I plan to drop everything and make some flowers for my studio partner. She deserves a fun gift and her desktop vase has been empty for too long. I might even screen print some custom paper before the book arrives!

  202. Pauline A / / Reply

    My daughter will be turning 2 next month and my husband and I are racking our brains for the perfect gift. Aside from blowing her own birthday cake (she’s not very much into cake – just the blowing of the candle part), the bedroom full of fun flowers will make her day even more perfect! I’ll put on my ‘crafty mama’ hat and make flowers for her. Hearing her squeal with excitement on her birthday would be something that we’ll always remember.

  203. Ola L / / Reply

    Lovely book ! I would decorate my one year old twins bedroom, lots of flowers on the ceiling above their beds.

  204. Sara Eusébio / / Reply

    With this book more than perfect, I’ll train to perfect flowers to thank someone or give as a gift! And what better way to improve someone’s day than with our dedication and passion in what we do! Can not wait! :)

  205. Janine / / Reply

    1. I’d make some for my desk at work (my desk is so boring right now!)
    2. I’d make a small batch for xmas for my presents
    3. finally, when i’ve got the hang of it i want to make a large round hanging thing with flowers all over it. like a small circular wall garden / meadow.

  206. Lili foster / / Reply

    Oh this looks wonderful ! I would love to make some of these beautiful flowers for my new house !

  207. Julia G. / / Reply

    wow that book looks more than awesome, i would love to try some of the tutorials and surprise my mom with the flowers :)

  208. Catherine A / / Reply

    I would love to create ones that look like dried flowers and hang them upside-down in bunches at the entry way of my house. Real dried ones are beautiful but sometimes shed. Secondly, I am getting married soon, my dress will be simple and I’ll love to try to make something light and that will last through the entire day for my hair. What a fun and gorgeous idea for a book! Thank you for sharing.

  209. Kourtney DeBoer / / Reply

    I am a mental health provider and numerous studies talk about how fresh flowers help improve mood. Sadly, without access to a garden, keeping fresh flowers in my home or office becomes expensive. These projects would be a fun way to spruce up my home and office. I saw the book in my local bookstore a few weeks ago. I sat down and read it cover to cover it was just that beautiful. It has been on my wishlist ever since. I am definitely a fan of the peony and the poppy tutorials.

  210. Kristin W. / / Reply

    I would make a beautiful arrangement for my mantel!

  211. Terry K / / Reply

    I would love to win this! The first thing I’d make would be a flower garland and then keep going – it’s almost Christmas, y’all and those presents won’t decorate themselves! I love, love paper flowers. They’d look beautiful on my white tree branch hanging in my family room! Thanks!!

  212. Evelyn A. / / Reply

    I am an event organizer/coordinator and these flowers would make every event special and memorable.

  213. Anouk / / Reply

    I organise events and I would love to make giant paper flowers to decorate one event !
    Thank you for the giveaway !

  214. Kate Crumpet / / Reply

    I would like to hand out paper flowers to commuters on a Monday morning in smokey London town. Hopefully setting up their week to be full of little miracles!

    Beautiful book and a beautiful blog, thank you.

  215. Kristina B / / Reply

    I would put them on my dining room table when the real flowers at the grocery store look skanky. My mom always always had fresh flowers on the dining room table and now I try to do the same but I’m a bit snobby about carnations so some pretty paper ones would be very pretty to serve as a stand-in :)

  216. Kate D / / Reply

    We do a family event every year in Palm Springs and this year the theme is Prom. The participants range from 12 to 83 years old. Everyone goes all out. This book would be an amazing tool to help us make all the corsages and boutaniers. Are creativity could go crazy!! Last year we dressed like we were from the Capital in Hunger Games and did a photo shoot in the desert.

  217. Jorika O. / / Reply

    Hi! I’ve been eyeing this book for a while now! I would use my first paper flowers as a housewarming gift for my soon to be sister-in-law, and for decorating my workspace, and for giftwrapping, and so much more! Mostly it would be a good excuse to get crafting!

  218. Amy R. / / Reply

    I could think of countless things that I would do, including adding a few beautiful blossoms to my daughter’s room that is transitioning to big girl room AND I would also want to include some buds in my party planning, dessert table accents? Table decorations? They are all gorgeous.

  219. Fern M / / Reply

    I would probably make flowers as gift toppers for Christmas presents, as normally I try make my wrapping at least a bit better than plain :)
    The book looks gorgeous!

  220. Hazel / / Reply

    the book looks gorgeous !

    I just started a new year at university, so I’d love to cover my new room with paper flowers and make a permanent bower of it


  221. lamina g / / Reply

    Oh My Gosh! How utterly gorgeous is that book! Who needs real flowers when you can make such gorgeous flowers that last forever… that’s my plan! :)

  222. Meredith D / / Reply

    How beautiful! I would love to make a bouquet of these for my sweet grandmother who is no longer physically able to tap into her own creativity! These lovely flowers would really brighten her day! Thank you!

  223. Sabrina V. / / Reply

    I’d like to try adding a flower to a homemade card first thing… Thank you so much for opening this contest to everyone and not just those in the US! This book looks like so much fun!!!

  224. Ila D. / / Reply

    In Brazil we have “the children’ day” on ocotober 12th where all children recieve a present. So we’re throwing a charity party to help poor kids and we will make flowers to make the party colorful and pretty along with balls and a lot of confetti.
    The book is beautiful and very inspiring.

  225. Rachael B / / Reply

    I would gift this wonderful book to my sweet 10 year old daughter who is a paper folder, designer and all round gentle sweetheart. I know that she would put together a fabulous flower bouquet and give to her great grandmother who is 90 years old and just recently lost the love of her life – VIC – who passed at age 95.

  226. Cheryl / / Reply

    I’d love to make boquets for all the ladies in my family. It would be such a lovely, lasting gift.

  227. Bea / / Reply

    I’d love to have the book! Really enjoy crafting! What I would first do with the ideas in the book is a flowers bouquet for my mum. Thank a for the giveaway!

  228. Novella Gouldsborough / / Reply

    What a gorgeous book! I’d make flowers for my home so that I’d have blooms to enjoy in January.

  229. Beverly W / / Reply

    My 2-year-old loves flowers! I’d love to make her a garland for her new big girl room.

  230. Jucinara Schena / / Reply

    Love the book!
    With Paper to Petal I´ll first renew decoration in my house and the share foward with a friend who also loves crafts, special flowers :)

  231. Nesha / / Reply

    Oh so exciting and breathtaking work.

    I just recently moved into a lovely 60′s home and would make some lovely flowers for my dining room table, that is completely bare right now.

    Thank you for the lovely give away!

  232. Gisella S. / / Reply

    I would love to be able to make some of these designs for my wedding next year! The flowers look beautiful and would certainly last longer than real flowers :)

  233. Sarah D. / / Reply

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would decorate my home with my first batch of paper petals!

  234. fibuline / / Reply

    This wonderful book will be for me (I love it so much ^.^) … and the flowers that I will be for a friend who loves flowers … thank you for this giveaway

  235. Valentina D. / / Reply

    Wauhhh!!!!My bookshelf can’t miss it!I’d like sew lots of them together, creating a huge rug to hang on the wall…oh yes I really should do it!!!!!!;)

  236. Jessica C / / Reply

    Wow Ez, thank you for opening this up to international readers!
    I would definitely use the book to make flowers to take to friends houses when I am invited to dinner, I can’t really afford real flowers and this way the host wouldn’t have to run around and try to find a vase while trying to finish cooking!
    Thanks! xx

  237. Maartje R. / / Reply

    I have this idea of making a huge flowerboard as a background for weddingpictures, I would really like to try that if I win the book!

  238. Mel A / / Reply

    I would love to make a little bouquet of paper flowers to spruce up my desk :)

  239. Susan Phelps / / Reply

    I remember making tissue paper & Kleenex flowers as a little girl & I’m still fascinated with paper flowers. I love flowers, but they just don’t last & these paper flowers are so life-like that they solve that problem. My first bouquet will be a centerpiece on my dining room table!

  240. Deb / / Reply

    Flowers to decorate my Thanksgiving table would be the first thing I would make. Atop a buttercream frosted pumpkin cake, a centerpiece for my table and to gather the napkins at each place setting.

  241. Abbie K / / Reply

    I am working to start my own business doing wedding decor, design, and planning. These flowers would be beautiful little touches for my brides to include on their special day. I can’t wait to make these flowers as gifts, decor, and use them for inspiration!

  242. Diana F / / Reply

    This book is absolutely gorgeous! If I don’t win it I’ll be buying it to make flowers to decorate my wedding this April. I have an arch that needs some serious oomph. It will be a great project for my ladies and me!

  243. Megan L / / Reply

    I would make a pretty batch and leave one in each of my coworkers offices as a nice surprise and easy way to brighten up a dreary officespace!

  244. Irene Teo / / Reply

    I love flowers and I love paper crafts so this book is like a perfect match! I will definitely make some sweet little bunches for my sister’s baby shower in November, and I’m already dreaming of creating flower decor of various kinds for each of my 4 little ones’ birthdays!

  245. Linda from Arizona / / Reply

    It is so hard to grow flowers in NE Arizona where I live, the rabbits eat them as fast as they pop up. I have to put cages around anything I want to keep. So my first project would be some thing bright for my house. I’ve been drooling over this book ever since I heard about it. The nearest book store is 3 hours away.

  246. Ashley L. / / Reply

    Deee!! I’ve been dreaming of this book for a while now! It’s on my Christmas Wishlist but I really don’t know if I can wait!

    I got one look at the cover and I swooned. I already have an idea of where I’d like to display the book in our apartment, stacked nicely with some of my other book treasures (and easily accessible) with, of course, my very first bouquet I plan on making nicely displayed in a very simple vase, right on top!

    So there you go!

  247. Jane B. / / Reply

    The first bouquet I would make would be for my husband’s office. He loves flowers and I love paper! What a great combo. Fingers crossed……

  248. Emily P. / / Reply

    WOW, I just stumbled onto this via Pinterest, but this is a wonderful find!

    I love using my hands to make something for my family and friends, so it’ll be very likely that I’ll keep using this book over and over, haha. :) I would have to say, I would use this book right away to add to my notes of encouragement and affirmation to all my friends from college, seeing that I’ve just recently graduated this past June. :]

    Thank you!

  249. Erica / / Reply

    I’d like to make a head wreath for my best friend to wear on her birthday–I was thinking fresh flowers at first, but it would be pretty awesome to try to make her one with the gorgeous flowers from this book!

  250. Michelle Warnke / / Reply

    Gorgeous! I would make a garland to decorate my craft room!

  251. Emily H.O. / / Reply

    I would love to incorporate ideas from this book into the bridal shower I’m planning for my very best friend. She deserves the best! xoxox

  252. Carezza / / Reply

    Hi! I would absolutely love Paper to Petal! I think it’s a lovely and inspiring book…I would make a paper bouquet for a good friend of mine who is getting married in Mexico in November…I’ve been trying to get ideas online but I prefer to get them from a book especially this one….There is nothing like turning a page and finding out what’s next…I’ve also been wanting to do a surprise “do-over” at my workplace’s kitchen…it is so drab and I wanted to add cuteness and colour with paper flowers and a bunting banner. Thanks for doing this book giveaway :)

  253. Laura P. / / Reply

    This book is fantastic! I would definitely make a whole bunch of flowers to use as decoration on my bookshelves, and my desk. And maybe I’d make some into hairclips and pins so I could wear them with a bunch of outfits. :)

  254. Ioana Nae / / Reply

    What a beautiful contest and what an awesome prize!
    If I would have this book, the first paper flower that I will make will became a present for my sister-in-low who is big flower lover. They look so natural and I am certain that all the tutorials are so great so the finished paper flower may became the perfect present for every friend, member of the family or new acquaintances.
    Thank you for the chance of winning such a lovely book.

  255. Jill / / Reply

    My mom loves flowers, these paper ones would make a lovely birthday gift for her!

  256. Marie Q. / / Reply

    I’m French and I just come back from a 2-year expatriation in India. I miss the colors and the smell of fresh roses, carnations and above all fresh jasmin! So I hope to be able to reproduce them at home and feel a little bit in fragrant India again!

  257. Margarita O / / Reply

    It looks like a beautiful book with great ideas. If I won it I’d probably make for my first project a garland for my kitchen to hang over the island.

    Ez, I just recently discovered your blog and I love it!

    Thank you for inspiring me.

  258. Megan B. / / Reply

    I’m planning on making a mobile to remind me of the beauty of spring/summer while it’s winter.

  259. Sian F. / / Reply

    I would make pretty roses for my wedding next year. I live in Istanbul, and would love to let my guests feel as though they are in an English garden; a little piece of home on my big day.

  260. Emily C. / / Reply

    I would plan to make something beautiful for my mum’s birthday party in November!

  261. Alexandra / / Reply

    I would love to win! I will definitely surprise a client with a gorgeous paper bouquet as my first project :)

  262. Brittany C / / Reply

    If I won the book, I would use it to make flowers for my friends and family when they are going through a hard time. I also plan to make paper flowers for my wedding. So I would use the book to help me make flowers for my special day.

  263. Jenny K. / / Reply

    Oh! Love the pictures! I would definitely use the flowers in my wedding. I love the example of the ones pictured in the vases. Fresh flowers don’t last long in the island heat!

  264. Nancy J. / / Reply

    What a lovely book! I would definitely create some beautiful flowers to help cheer up this tiny, old studio apt. that I’ve moved into recently. It’s in the basement, so it doesn’t get much sun, so the flowers would be a great addition!

  265. Sarah S. / / Reply

    I would love to make a sweet paper flower garland for my new niece or nephew’s room. My sister is due October 15th!!

  266. Tammy Mc / / Reply

    I would make some of these beautiful flowers for my daughter, my good friends and then maybe, one for myself.

  267. Tamsen S / / Reply

    I will use the first project to decorate my house! I love this book!

  268. Tristan B. / / Reply

    I just got this in the mail and can attest to what a beauty it is! Good luck to everyone (and Ez, your photo’s make it even more beautiful;)

  269. Tiffany H / / Reply

    The first thing I would do is make a bunch of flowers for my daughter’s upcoming 13th birthday – every girl deserves to be given flowers, and even better if they last!

  270. Lissa K. / / Reply

    I would definitely make some flowers for my daughter’s room. She is transitioning to her big girl room right now.

  271. Agnes V. / / Reply

    I love flowers (my daughter’s name is Dahlia!) and crafts, so this book would be a welcome addition to our home. I would love to make a poppy flower and put it on my living room mantel. We also celebrate May Day at my son’s school; I would make some paper flowers for their flower crowns.

  272. Pam K / / Reply

    If I had a pretty book like this, I would make flowers for my daughter at college because she has grown up so much and we are so proud of her. I can think of her while I make her flowers and she can think of me when she looks at the flowers. Then we will talk on the phone about the flowers and lots of other things. :)

  273. Stephanie Harris / / Reply

    I would love to have this pretty book! It is hard to find in my hometown Jakarta. I would like to make some pretty flowers to make boutonnieres for the weddings. xo

  274. Adrienne B. / / Reply

    I plan to make flower bouquets for my friends and family for Christmas! It would be great to win this book to assist with that.

  275. Yee Von Chan / / Reply

    I’m going to decorate them on gift boxes. There are few coming birthdays so the paper flowers are going to look so pretty on my friends’ presents! Moreover holiday is coming soon too!

  276. Margareth / / Reply

    Could I really be making such beautiful creations?! I truly wish!
    I would make gifts for friends.

  277. Lisa L / / Reply

    My mouth just hung open as I read this post; those flowers are so gorgeous! I just bought some crepe paper with plans to learn to make flowers. This book would be absolutely perfect. I need some flowers to decorate my apartment. I really want to add more color and am not allowed to paint my boring white apartment. Some handmade flowers in some hand-painted vases would really liven the place up!

  278. Julie Hicks / / Reply

    I would make a beautiful bouquet and to use on a special gift for a special person.

  279. Noel McC. / / Reply

    I would use my first batch of flowers to decorate my home. I could use another little pop of color. Second batch would be for my sister-in-law.

  280. Sarah H / / Reply

    Last year I made some big paper flowers as decorations for a Galentine’s Day brunch I threw. If I won the book, I would make new flowers for this year!

    Actually, I probably couldn’t wait until Galentine’s Day in February – I would make a garland of white flowers to intertwine with greenery at Christmas!

  281. Kim Chia / / Reply

    I would make & use them for my counter display at a department store I am at in Singapore. I am a jewellery designer & I’ve been wanting to make flower decorations for my display. I think these would go very well with my feminine handmade jewellery. I hope I win this book but if I don’t, it’s ok. I’m still buying this book to learn to make flowers for my display. Its confirmed!

  282. callymarie / / Reply

    my first crop of flowers will be used to decorate the first living space that i will share with my longtime significant other. after 8 years, we’re going to take it to the next level. i want to express my excitement, happiness, and optimism to him in flowers. he deserves it!

  283. Kirstin B. / / Reply

    I would like to make a garland and attach the flowers to it to decorate the window… Hope I’m lucky…

  284. Orsolya Horvath / / Reply

    I would make a pretty buquet and give it to my mom for her birthday!

  285. Natalie. G / / Reply

    The first one would go in my hair. the next 12 would be a garland for my mantelpiece, and then I would make one to adorn every Christmas present I give this year! I would even make little ones to put on top of cocktail sticks for cupcake toppers. I hope I win! :D

  286. Jen L / / Reply

    I would use them to brighten up our workspaces and cheer everyone up!

  287. Lily / / Reply

    mh….if you really read all these comments and reach 312, thats mine…
    i really hope to win the book as i would make a minimum of 200 flowers for my best friend´s wedding decoration next summer. i was unable to attend their wedding at the marriage registration office this year as i had to be in india for work. but next year i will be around for sure…
    as both of them have very little money i would be so happy to gloss up their wedding =)))
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me win the book!

  288. Julie M. / / Reply

    Oooh, this book looks amazing! I have a beautiful teapot that I received as a gift a couple years back, but the lid broke on it! I would make paper flowers to put inside of it and use it as a centrepiece! I think it would look unique and elegant and I’d love to be able to make flowers for any occasion! It would save me money from purchasing real flowers or silk flowers from Michaels.

  289. Kirstin / / Reply

    I’ve had my eye on this book for a while, I would so love to win this giveaway! I’d decorate the mantle over the fireplace in my new house with the first batch of paper flowers I create!

  290. nan h. / / Reply

    These beauties would be going right on my Christmas tree – you can’t have too many flowers!

  291. Katie / / Reply

    I’d use the first set as a centerpiece for a dinner party. They could even be taken home as a favor afterward!

  292. Amanda T. / / Reply

    My husband and I are having our first baby this December, so I would love to make something pretty for her nursery!

  293. Tina R / / Reply

    I would make these paper flowers with my special needs horticulture class as a fun extra activity

  294. Trina B. / / Reply

    I think I will make some stem flowers for a vase or possibly a garland. I love DIY’s and have already done some with paper flowers. Excited to find more ideas!

  295. Carla / / Reply

    That is such a beautiful book.I want to learn how to make paper flowers especially those poppies! and add it to a painting for a 3d art.

  296. Sophie M. / / Reply

    I think will most likely make some adorable flowers for my lovely, lovely, lovely friends in autumn colours and drop them by on some random day since fall has just started. (if i get the book, which I hope I do) xoxoxo

  297. Beth K / / Reply

    I would make some flowers for my home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  298. Cathy / / Reply

    What a stunning book! I would try to make a paper peony as that is the name of my business!!

  299. Flora L. / / Reply

    I’m throwing a tea party baby shower for my sister and I would love to use paper flowers as decorations!

  300. Sheila Leal / / Reply

    My sister loves peonies!! She is having a baby in February and I would like to make her favorite flowers for her babyshower. Great giveaway!!

  301. Renee K / / Reply

    I will use the book to make flowers to go with my seasonal displays. I can just see being able to make different flowers for all of the holidays. Fun!

  302. Abril Farah / / Reply

    I will make a new accesorie for my prom look, cause there’s nothing cuter than a paper flower to finish it up! Thanks for the giveaway!

  303. Dawn / / Reply

    The first one? Probably for my home desk or kitchen, until I perfect them… and then I’d gift one to a friend who just got a new job and needs some pretty in her office. Loooove this book – gorgeous!! So great for pressies…

  304. Natasha V. / / Reply

    After decorating the house I would definitely lend it to some of my friends who are scouts so they can use it with some projects with the kids on the rainy days :)
    Thanks for the chance!

  305. Jess G / / Reply

    I have even eyeing up this book for ages. My first project would be a floral garland for the top table at our wedding. I love the idea of being able to keep it afterwards and have it in our home to remind usof our amazing day. Would love to receive this prize!

  306. Rachie / / Reply

    I would bring this poem to life with the perfect paper stems from this beautiful book and turn my classroom into an autumnal wonderland!

    The autumn comes, a maiden fair
    In slenderness and grace,
    With nodding rice-stems in her hair
    And lilies in her face.
    In flowers of grasses she is clad;
    And as she moves along,
    Birds greet her with their cooing glad
    Like bracelets’ tinkling song.

  307. Miruna P. / / Reply

    I’ll make my own Garden in my house and in front of my building.
    In a city like this one, especially in autumn, you have to bring colors and a little bit of joy…so what do you think if everyday when you come home it’s an arcade of all type of flowers? and over of the stair railing you touch flowers? Isn’t that a nice feeling? I’m sure it is :D
    And for summer i’ll make a pool of flowers :D (i just have to find one :D)

  308. Lily C. / / Reply

    I’ll make flowers to decorate our Thanksgiving table and use for years to come.

  309. Nicole / / Reply

    A dear friend of mine just joined AA and has been having a hard time finding people to hang out with. For better or for worse, our group of friends are heavy drinkers. I would head to paper source and set up a girls night where a bunch of us could spend time doing something fun with her.

  310. Christy C / / Reply

    I would use them to decorate my first post grad apartment, which I am saving up for while I live back at home with my parents for what will hopefully be a brief time! After that I will pass the book along to some of my crafty friends to enjoy as well!

  311. monika / / Reply

    Thank you for the giveaway, this book looks amazing! I would make some flower to put around mini lights and make a pretty flower garland and then I would make……lol, I want to win, cheers, M.

  312. Malena / / Reply

    I would make a beautiful fall inspired garland for my living room. So excited about the book!

  313. Elaine C. / / Reply

    How beautiful! I would decorate my newly re-done guest room!

  314. Joanne W / / Reply

    Handmade flowers will be perfect for my new home that will be ready in November. Such a lovely giveaway :)

  315. Manda F. / / Reply

    In time for crafting paper flowers for Christmas gift wrapping!

  316. Carla D / / Reply

    Hi, I would love to get a look at this book. I think I would use my first flowers as inspiration to draw and paint. Love the pictures.

  317. Denise L. / / Reply

    I first heard about this book on Oh Happy Day blog. I want this book so badly! I’ve invested in the recommended crepe paper from Castle in the Air this summer. Now I need the book! I would make huge versions of flowers from the book for our computer repair shop windows. Our shop is a corner space with large windows facing two streets. I decorate them seasonally and for holidays. I like making an impact with color and size. Thanks, EZ, for the chance to win this book.

  318. Patricia / / Reply

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to create genuinely-looking flowers from paper!

    The first batch of flowers I’ll be making will be for part of the decoration for our wedding scrapbook, which is a bit overdue already :)

    The next batches will be to decorate our room. I’d also like to give my husband a few stems that he can display on his office desk. That’ll serve as a daily reminder to him :)

  319. Marie S / / Reply

    The first four flowers i’d make, i’d give to my grandma, mom and daughter – and keep one myself. A beautiful keepsake for a family of women who love their garden.

  320. Elia L. / / Reply

    That book is so beautiful! I am planning to do my wedding bouquet in paper with the book as a guide to decor the wedding corner at home where I keep the photo album, cake topper…

  321. Sole H. / / Reply

    I would use my flowers to give away: (friends, family, neighbors) I love to give nice things. But I never give away the book, I liked it too much …

  322. SYLVIE C / / Reply

    Gorgeous Book !!!!! Would love to have it ! To read it, to try my hand to make all those wonderful flowers ! And then display flowers all over rooms at home.
    And also make photos of them, as it was real living flowers.

  323. CHERYL WONG / / Reply

    Hello from Malaysia, Ez! (:

    The first thing that came to my mind was to make these beautiful flowers for my two best girl friends’ garden weddings; their wedding bouquets, table settings, everything!

  324. Lily R / / Reply

    Like a lot of others, I’ve had my eye on this book!
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, aged 29. All my crafting had to be put on hold, as I was so ill through treatment and chemo made my fingertips numb. My mum supported me through it all, took me to every single hospital appointment, drove me everywhere and did all my housework. I haven’t found an adequate way to thank her, so my first project from the book would be to make her a wonderful bouquet that she could keep forever.
    Thank you for the chance to win! Will keep my fingers crossed <3

  325. Jessie M. / / Reply

    This book looks beautiful! I would use my paper blooms as an accent when wrapping Christmas presents in a couple months.

  326. Brenda / / Reply

    My first project would be to decorate my father’s room at the nursing home. It would really make him and his roommate feel special. Then I would make some flowers for my home so that I can feel special.

  327. aubry b. / / Reply

    i have a crazy-old-grandma floral bedroom and i’m of the opinion that more flowers are better flowers!

  328. Diana Ann Bisares / / Reply

    How gorgeous that book is! I fell in love with paper flowers the moment I saw a tutorial post on how to make a giant paper rose. I will definitely make one for my wedding day! I would love to learn the art of paper flower crafting, and this book will be such a great help. We don’t have such books around here (in the Philippines). And my firs paper blooms, I will give it to my dearest mother who needs some inspiration, attention and love at this moment of her life.

  329. Amy N. / / Reply

    I am thinking these will be great to embellish some gift bags or cards in time for Christmas! Or just to give away as gifts themselves. I love flowers and paper crafts…so this is the perfect combination.

  330. Renata / / Reply

    I’m moving to a new apartment and since It’s spring here in Brazil, I hope to make a lot of flowers to decorate and let my space more comfortable and happy for this new step of my life :-)
    Also, I love reuse old papers, so this book will be a incredible inspiration for me!

  331. Angela Ethier / / Reply

    I’m in the middle of re-doing my living room. I just bought a new table, and a beautiful bouquet of handmade flowers would be perfect for it!

  332. Christina F / / Reply

    I just moved to a new place and am in desperate need to liven up the place, this would be a great first project

  333. Kallie H. / / Reply

    I think this book would be the perfect gift for my new roommate, who (unbeknownst to me) loves all things craft-y, especially creating things from found objects and odds-and-ends. I’m so happy to be able to share that interest with her!

  334. Shannon / / Reply

    I would most certainly use the flowers to decorate my house – winter is on the horizon, and paper flowers add a touch of spring when you can’t find it outside. I might also use them to decorate my hair – as it has reached “mermaid” status and can always benefit from a pretty pop of color.

  335. Sofya D / / Reply

    Fantastic book! I would like to decorate a wall in my art-studio with big flowers.

  336. Barbara R / / Reply

    I would make me a bunch and look at them every day. It would make me so happy to see that they will never wilt and have to be thrown out.

  337. kristen b / / Reply

    I’d invite the crafty ladies in my life over to so we could make paper flowers together and share them.

  338. Yuko Osawa / / Reply

    My husband and I have just moved to New York and whilst we love our new apartment – it doesn’t have enough sunlight to grow flowers so I would love to learn how to make them instead!

  339. Inessa Nichols / / Reply

    So hard to choose a flower as this book has so many cute and great ideas. Since I must choose I would start with the cheerleader because they remind of my beloved peonies. Thanks for your time and this awesome giveaway.

  340. Kaleigh M / / Reply

    What a beautiful book! I will use the book for decor as it’s beautiful on it’s own! As for the flowers, I would give a little bouquet with each baby gift I give lately! And there seems to be a LOT!

  341. Brittani H / / Reply

    I was introduced to almost anything crafty by my mom and grandma. Including the love of stationary–especially paper. With my grandmothers recent passing it has brought the appreciation of my own mom and the things they both taught me close to my mind and heart, so I would plan to gift the book to my mom so we could spend some time together crafting in new ways!

  342. Alnilam Sulbaran / / Reply

    oh dear creatures! after not too much thinking of what will I do with the first batch, I decided I will make a joyful mandala crown of flowers, and give it to nature as a form of gratitude just for beautiful inspiring things. ♡ love, Ani.

  343. Ana P. / / Reply

    I would like to try making a wedding bouqet for my sister!

  344. Jessica P. / / Reply

    Oh, beautiful flowers and what a gorgeous book! I would love to win a copy and the first batch of flowers I’d decorate my really bare house with them. Thanks!

  345. Kim W / / Reply

    What a gorgeous book, the first batch of flowers will be added to a ribbon curtain installation I made for my mom…. cant wait to get started on them :)

  346. Ayda - cafenoHut / / Reply

    It looks gorgeous !!! I would love to make some wonderful paper flowers to decorate all our home, especially I would love to make a garland and maybe some ones for my little sister. She would love it also…

  347. Monica Guerra / / Reply

    I love doing crafts although I don’t have enought time to spend on it. I would use my fist batch of flowers on niece room. She would love it! The second batch I would use it on decorating my dinning room. I have the perfect flower vase for it.

  348. Romi / / Reply

    I would make it for my room, which I am planning to do a redecoration of in the coming weeks- I think flowers add such beauty to any room, and I’d love to mak something and have it on my desk.

    Romi F. contact (.) romif (@) gmail (.) com

  349. Vikie / / Reply

    I make news deco for my appart with origami flowers, it could be a good idea to make paper flowers that are more realistic as mine ^^

  350. Karina G. / / Reply

    I would use the flowers to decorate our home for the goodbye party – in the beginning of January my boyfriend will be leaving the country for six months to study creative writing in UK and I want to throw the most fabulous party ever.

  351. Jill / / Reply

    Can’t wait to incorporate paper creations into my work (photo-stylist), home-life and friendships- the possibilities are endless. I often look for ways to surprise and brightens friends day- how special!

  352. Mia M Mazzaferro / / Reply

    I would create flowers to send to my pen pals! I usually send little flowers I find around my home or college campus, but as I’m in Massachusetts and winter is coming (pardon my game of thrones reference!) I’m gonna need an alternative to real flowers! I would make a wreath for my mom’s front door, too!

  353. maria / / Reply

    Such a nice book! I’ d love to make some flowers for my baby – daughter’ s room!

  354. Anne B. / / Reply

    I would probably try something for myself first. And then make some flowers to attach to gifts for example.

    Thanks for the chance to win. The book looks amazing.

  355. Anna V. / / Reply

    I would make a beautIful bouquet for my mom’s birthday!

  356. Holly C / / Reply

    Ahh I REALLY want to get a copy of this book! The first thing I would do with the first flowers I made would be give them to my Nana. She just turned 90 on Friday.

  357. Sally b / / Reply

    Oh wow what a gorgeous book. I’d make a large bunch for my dining room table that never sees any flowers and maybe a matching garland for the room. How exciting. Thank you x

  358. Noelle L / / Reply

    Gorgeous! I would make a flower crown with it! I think it would be so pretty and unique, and I could use it as a wreath when I get bored of wearing it. :)

  359. Julie F / / Reply

    First batch definitely on cards and gift wrapping, Love your blog and art as well! Happy to have just found it!

  360. Carley / / Reply

    For Christmas I was actually planning on making my friends and family paper flowers. I was inspired by this book and figured it would be an inexpensive way to give them something I would enjoy making and they would love. I’ve saved up all my money to spend on Christmas presents but don’t have any spare to buy the book. I would appreciate this a lot. (:

  361. annie / / Reply

    I would send them to my grandmother, who taught me at a very young age on how to make flowers from paper. She would love this book!

  362. Hanna McArdle / / Reply

    I think I would make some flowers to use as decoration on this year’s Christmas presents. Those poppies on the cover would look amazing and festive even if live ones would never survive the Chicago winter!

  363. Jess S / / Reply

    I would use them to make some Christmas decorations for my parents and for my house!

  364. Gwen / / Reply

    I like to try new crafts to get a break from stress (work, school, etc.!) and would love to try out paper flowers to make gifts and gift wrapping decorations!

  365. Maggie P. / / Reply

    I LOVE having fresh flowers in our home but on the budget of a grad student this isn’t always possible. It would be so great to create a few beautiful bouquets to place around our apartment!

  366. Carla P / / Reply

    Oh my! I’ve been eyeing this lovely print for a while! I would love to win. So many things and places to brighten up! First on the list is my friends baby shower! Can’t wait to shower the lovely lady and sweet babe with all sorts of goodies!

    Thanks for the opportunity! XO

  367. Sarah S. / / Reply

    I would make some flowers to give to my sis who just had a baby girl. I think she’d love that they can be used to decorate her little girl’s nursery. :)

  368. Stephanie K / / Reply

    This book looks lovely! I’ve been wanting to make a mobile for our future baby girl, and paper flowers would be amazing on a grapevine wreath with some ribbon!!

  369. Jamie Bauza / / Reply

    Oh I hope I’m not too late! Looks like an absolutely GORGEOUS book and I’d love to have it. I’ll fill my room with paper flowers! And then I’ll put them all over my desk at the office! And then I’ll give more away to my friends! Flowers for everybody!!

  370. Amy W / / Reply


    I’ve loved the idea of this book since seeing it on your blog months ago! I would use it to make gorgeous paper blooms with my besties to decorate my upcoming baby shower in November!


  371. Karin / / Reply

    I recently moved and I’d love to create paper flowers to brighten up our new home

  372. Eleonora A. / / Reply

    I can imagine many many uses for these beautiful paper flowers. I guess that my first use would be some custom place cards for a family dinner!

  373. Chiara / / Reply

    I’m re-doing my bedroom, so I would use it for the decorations!

  374. Raquel / / Reply

    I would love to fill my bedroom desk with these flowers!

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