Theodore Collects Firewood – My Limited Edition Print at The Land of Nod


Hello lovelies! Today I’m super excited to share a little project that I recently had the opportunity to work on for The Land of Nod Holiday collection. Allow me to introduce: Theodore Collects Firewood (a limited edition art print). I had such a wonderful time dreaming up this jaunty little fellow with his preppy outfit and can-do attitude. The theme that inspired the piece was Woodland Prep, and I think Theodore fits right in…don’t you?

Having my art included in the Nod Institute of Art is a dream come true for me, and I couldn’t be more delighted to think of Theodore making himself at home on walls around the world over the coming holiday season! Maybe one of those walls will be yours!

Find more wonderful artist’s work in the Nod Institute of Art…and more of my artwork in my print shop. Psst…Theodore would look awfully fetching side by side with his gal Audrey…don’t you agree?!

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  1. Jutta / / Reply

    Congratulations Ez, that’s wonderful news! And yes, Theodore and Audrey would make a lovely couple :)

  2. Elizabeth V. / / Reply

    Those saddle shoes! I want to go camping with Theodore.

  3. Alessandra / / Reply

    Ez this is sooo cute!! I guess I should add it to my collection!
    I already own the Audrey enjoys her cup of tea print and they will look so cute together on the nursery wall!

  4. Yelena B. / / Reply

    He’s impeccable! I think it’s my favorite so far, although I love the whole series.

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  6. Ivana / / Reply

    Oh, this little guy is too much. So precious! They need to add all his friends to the collection. Congratulations!

  7. Lisa / / Reply

    Congratulations! Theodore is a perfect fit for Land of Nod! He’s so classy :)

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