Sit. Stay. Love. with Anthropologie + A Giveaway

SitStayLove_findstoreHello lovelies! Today I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to team up with Anthropologie to help spread the word about Sit. Stay. Love.…the incredible in-store pet adoption and/or pet supply drive event that they are hosting in all of their stores around the US and Canada this month! Visit participating stores this September 20th-22nd to show your love for our furry four-legged friends (maybe you’ll even meet your new best friend). This is such a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and support pets in need with Anthropologie (and their partner ASPCA). Find more goods for your beloved pets in Anthropologie’s The Dog Shop.

Find a participating Anthropologie near you…and let’s make some tails wag!

And lucky you! Anthropologie wants you to win $200 worth of your favorite products from The Dog Shop. There are adorable good for feisty pets and stylish pet lovers to be found both online and in stores. You’re not going to want to miss out. anthropologie-thedogshop-sit-stay-loveHere are just a few of my favorite picks from The Dog Shop. What are your faves? You just might win them by entering the giveaway below! 1. Top Dog Pullover | 2. Ombre Dog Collar | 3. Paws & Claws Stackable Candles | 4. Dachshund Letter Holder | 5. Limited Edition Print by Lauren Carlson Walcott

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations JANE Y. – winner of the blog giveaway. Congratulations printstitchandpaste – winner of the instagram giveaway


Please don’t forget to stop into a participating Anthropologie during this exciting event on September 20th-22nd…and make some tails wag!

sponsoredbyanthropologiebutton1This post was kindly sponsored by Anthropologie. Find more from Anthropologie on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | PINTEREST. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Allison / / Reply

    I’ve been eying the dachshund letter holder and the Maddie On Things book for a while! I’d also have to pick up a printed bow tie collar, ombre leash, and puppy book ends. They’re so adorable!

  2. Laura J / / Reply

    I have to admit to being more of a cat person, but love dogs all the same. I’m partial to the candles, the nut bowls, and the wallpaper.

  3. Dianne C / / Reply

    Love the Top Dog Pullover as well and I’ve been coveting the Stackable Candle since my friend picked up one. Finally, the Wire Dog sculptures are so. cute.!

  4. Bibi R. / / Reply

    The wire dog is adorable, but my fave has to be the top dog pullover. Soo cute!

  5. Carolyn M / / Reply

    The unstandard poodle pullover for me and the handwoven dog bed for my furry BFF, Murray.

  6. Julie W. / / Reply

    I love the poodle apron and the pointed shirt dog collar! My dog would look so dapper in it!

  7. Ella W / / Reply

    Loving the pink ombre collar and leash & the navy & white dog bed. My dog definitely needs those!

  8. Julie K. / / Reply

    This is so great, and they have such cute things! If I won I would want to get the Maddie On Things book, Old Dogs are the Best Dogs book, Bark Back Notepad, Sweet Dachshunds Dishtowel, and Bocce Bakery dog treats, to name a few! :)

  9. Rachel H / / Reply

    This is incredible! I hope to visit my local store this weekend to check out some dogs and donate :)! My dogs wouldn’t be so happy to have a new friend invade their home.. :) these items are all so cute! I would have to get some dog treats, and Aledo collar and leash for the dogs! And maybe the You Had Me At Woof book for myself.

    This contest just sounds like so much fun! Thanks Ez

  10. Lynne / / Reply

    I am in love with the Canine Wall Busts. Actually, I am in love with everything.

  11. Jenn Henry / / Reply

    So many cute things in the anthro pup shop! My fave is the green ombre leash and matching collar, my dog Basil would be most excited about the Bocce Balery PBJ treats and Old Dogs are the Best Dogs would be great to flip through in front of a warm fire this fall!

  12. Rachel S / / Reply

    Their items are adorable! I would choose the denim bow tie for my pup, and the Top Dog Pullover or the Poodle Pullover for me.

  13. Svetlana I. / / Reply

    I like the Scottie Dog Bottle Opener, Paws & Claws Stackable Candle, and Top Dog Pullover!

  14. Darlene / / Reply

    So many lovely items. I love the Top Dog Pullover and the bow ties. I have one male Shih Tzu (Teddie) and a female Shih Tzu (Tia). She would probably like the little shirt. The Dog cook book is cute too.

  15. Kathy in Michigan / / Reply

    Oh boy…I loved a lot….the Unstandard Poodle Pullover, the Canine Wall Bust…fantastic….the Bow-Wow Nut Bowl is adorable and the tie-backs would add great whimsy to my livingroom!!! Thanks for turning me on to the collection!!

  16. Kim / / Reply

    Love all of the prints by Lauren Carlson Walcott and the Top Dog Pullover — so cute!

  17. Jenny / / Reply

    I want the unstandard poodle pullover! That dog looks just like mine! =)

  18. VanessaC / / Reply

    The top dog pullover is so cute! I like the corgi as well, but I don’t think he/she is for sale.

  19. Amy / / Reply

    Love the pleated poodle apron, the top dog pullover, and the bowtie collar!

  20. Felicity / / Reply

    I love the Aledo collar and leash! And of course so many other things, my brother is soon to get a dog, it would be nice to get the puppy a welcome to the family gift :)

  21. Heather / / Reply

    I love the program! Such an amazing cause. And theres so much to love in the dog shop. I think my pup would look fantastic in the ombre collar and leash so I would pick that up for him if I won :)

  22. Meg P. / / Reply

    The wire sculptures are so great! Thanks for your work and for the opportunity.

  23. stephanie / / Reply

    Such a great giveaway and really cute items. I love the dog busts and the tieback! Of course, Maddie, the book, wins hands down!

  24. Brittany P / / Reply

    The handwoven dog bed & the ombre collar are too cute!!

  25. Maura D / / Reply

    Loooove the dog shop! I am eyeing the daschund letter holder and the ombré leash & collar!!!

  26. Tracey T / / Reply

    Oh goodness, there are so many adorable things in this shop! I’m in love with the chambray dog shirt, it would be perfect for my little chihuahua Eleanor.

  27. Erin / / Reply

    I love Anthropologie and now they have a dog shop?? This is dangerous. I love the ombre dog collar and leash, the pea coat, camouflage bowtie collar, and top dog pullover! So many great things :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Michelle / / Reply

    Oh man, there are so many adorable goodies in The Dog Shop! I’d pick the dachshund letter holder for me and that beautiful ombre collar for my pup! :)

  29. Megan / / Reply

    I love the print of the yellow lab and the doggie pea coat!

  30. sydney85 / / Reply

    Love the dog sweater, bow tie collar, dashshund letter holder and the apron. So many goodies!

  31. dianne anderson / / Reply

    The Top Dog Pullover would be so cool to wear this fall, I just love it!

  32. Joselle / / Reply

    I love Anthropologie and I love my dogs, what a perfect combo! I’d choose the chloe dog tiebacks and watch dog finials. I need curtain hardware and these look just like my greyhound.

  33. Megan / / Reply

    I love the print by Lauren, it looks just like my dog, and the doggie pea coat!! So cute!!

  34. Lindsey S / / Reply

    So many cute things! I would love to win the green ombre dog collar/leash for my favorite beast, and Maddie on Things for my coffee table!

  35. Akiyo / / Reply

    There’s so many cute things, it’s hard to choose! But the sweater you chose and the wire dog sculptures are so beautiful!

  36. Annette Prejean / / Reply

    Pleated Poodle Apron, Paws & Claws Stackable Candle, Handwoven Dog Bed, Maddie on Things, and The French Dog. So many cute things, but those would be my choices.

  37. Leah F / / Reply

    What a lovely giveaway! My Oscar would look dashing in the printed bowtie collar. Polka dots are my favorite! I was flipping through the “Old Dogs Are The Best Dogs” book last weekend when I visited the Georgetown Anthro. I think it would make for a fabulous gift!

  38. Lynda Del / / Reply

    Love the Paws & Claws Stackable Candle, Pleated Poodle Apron, Chien Tees, and Top Dog Pullover!
    Lynda Del
    lyndadawinda1074 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  39. Tracy VanSlyke / / Reply

    Everything is adorable but I think my boy, Huck, would look particularly handsome in the chambray shirt accented with the printed bowtie collar. I’d also order the Home Cooking for your Dog book to reward him with a yummy treat for being a good sport while wearing the outfit. :)

  40. heather f / / Reply

    I love the wire dog sculptures! I have an older morose boston terrier. He might like a schmancy new collar!

  41. rachel / / Reply

    I’d pick the Bow-Wow Nut Bowl and Watch Dog Finials!

  42. rachel / / Reply

    I’d pick the Bow-Wow Nut Bowl and Watch Dog Finials!

  43. Kirstin / / Reply

    Oh this shop is so cute! I love the Patchwork Hound Pillow, the Bark Bark notepad, the Dachshund Letter Holder, the Watchdog Doorstop and Maddie on Things :)

  44. Amanda C. / / Reply

    There are so many things I want from The Dog Shop! If I had to pick a couple of my favorites though, it’d be the Green Motif Puppy Bookends, the Dachshund Notepad, the Paws & Claws Stackable Candle, the Dogs 2014 Calendar, the Sweet Dachshunds Dishtowel, and the Aledo Dog Leash. (:

  45. mirabelle / / Reply

    love the handwoven dog bed and the top dog pullover!

  46. Beth K / / Reply

    I love the top dog pullover! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Anna L / / Reply

    Oh my gosh, the print that you chose has to be one of my favorites! It looks just like my rescue pup. The pullover is excellent as well as the calendar and chevron dog bed!

  48. Sharon L. / / Reply

    Top dog pullover and Watch Dog Finials! Both are gorgeous and cute! (:

  49. Ashley L / / Reply

    Love Anthropologie and love the fact that they are teaming with animal adoption agencies to get more dogs adopted! I love the Top Dog Pullover and the Scottish Terrier Hook!

  50. Tina Martinez / / Reply

    LOVE the Chien Tee! And the ombre dog collar <3

  51. kaela / / Reply

    love the dash hound letter holder and the top dog sweater!

  52. tracy / / Reply

    oooh id choose thethe top dog sweater and the dash hound letter holder

  53. ellie / / Reply

    absolutely in love the dash hound letter holder and the top dog sweater!

  54. Suzi K. / / Reply

    I have to say that the pullover is adorable. I have two golden retrievers, and they would look amazing in the bow tie collars!

  55. Emily K. / / Reply

    An ombre collar for my pup, Nola, and the book “Maddie on Things” for me!

  56. Kimberly / / Reply

    I am in love with that ombre leash and the doggie cookbook would come in very handy now that the vet has suggested we make Ash her own dog food to balance out her diet.

  57. Jennifer / / Reply

    I am in love with the Unstandard Poodle Pullover and Maddie on Things.

  58. Jane Y. / / Reply

    This is the sweetest give away ever! And we are proud donors to ASPCA! I love the stackable candle, bocce bakery dog treats, polka dot bow tie, the old dogs are best dogs book (i have a senior dog and he is the sweetest!) and the top dog pullover!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Congratulations Jane! You are the Anthropologie giveaway winner here on Creature Comforts! I’ll be emailing you in just a moment to confirm your win and arrange for shipment of your prizes! xo Ez

  59. Chrissy / / Reply

    The Watchdog Doorstop caught my eye- useful and cute! Thx!

  60. Kate W. / / Reply

    I ADORE the red ombre dog leash and the dog calendar is adorable. I also really like the handwoven dog bed. The blue color would look great in my house :)

  61. Amanda C. / / Reply

    Everything is so sweet! I’d pick the unstandard poodle pullover and I’m loving the reusable candle.

  62. Auste / / Reply

    We’ve been talking about adopting a dog – maybe we’ll meet our new buddy at this Anthro event! The canine busts are hysterical – it would be the perfect addition to our living room.

  63. Faith / / Reply

    The Chien Tee is adorable! Also, the corgi looks so dapper in the Printed Bowtie Collar!

  64. Courtney C / / Reply

    Oh where do I BEGIN?! The Boston terrier striped top, the dashing collars for my handsome canine, and the WALLPAPER. Oh my!

  65. niki / / Reply

    Awww. My puppy is having surgery on Friday and I’d love to cheer her up with the pink ombre leash! The calendar is so cute too!

  66. Holly B / / Reply

    I want the Puppy Bookends, The Paws & Claws Stackable Candle, the Dachshund Letter Holder, and the Ombre Dog Collar :)

  67. DJ / / Reply

    I need everything from this shop… but mostly the polka dotted bowtie… or the ombre leash… or the door knocker!

  68. kara cox / / Reply

    oh, the watchdog doorstop! and the poodle apron! and that wallpaper! too many adorable things…
    also, just started following your blog, and i’m loving it so far! thank you!

  69. Melissa / / Reply

    There are so many cute things! My top 3 are the Pleated Poodle Apron, the Watchdog Doorstop and the Unstandard Poodle Pullover.

  70. Sarah / / Reply

    OH my god oh my god oh my god. I love dogs so much. I’ve never been able to own one, yet, but I think my life will be complete was I do. I had to stay at my parents house for a month (long story) and when it was time to leave, I bawled for such a long time when I had to say goodbye to their dog. Ask anyone, I’m obsessed. So anyways, if I won this prize I would jump up and down for joy then buy the Chien Tee, the Door Knocker, the Calendar, the Daschund Dishtowel, and the Doorstop. That way I could surround myself in dogs dogs dogs. And try not to cry because I can’t have one. Yet!

  71. Sarah Hull / / Reply

    I love the Handwoven Dog Bed, the Ombre Dog Collar and the Top Dog Pullover!

  72. Carmen Skyles / / Reply

    So many cute things to pick from! I think I would like the Chevron Dog Bed (I have 2 boxers that love to snuggle) and the calendar. What a neat give away!,

  73. Shivani / / Reply

    I love everything in The Dog Store! If I win, I’ll pick Chien Tee, Wire Dog Sculpture and Dachshund notepad.

  74. kait / / Reply

    For myself, I would definitely want the Chien Tee and the Paws & Claws stackable candle. I would then get my dog loving friend A Letter To My Dog book, Aledo Dog Collar, Bocce Bakery Dog Treats, and the Homecooking for your Dog book! :)


  75. bren m / / Reply

    Such cute things! I love the daschund letter holder and the wire dog sculpture!

  76. Jillian / / Reply

    I like the green motif puppy book ends, the top dog pullover and note pads. I love the wall busts too but my pup would just bark at them. Ha! Great giveaway and a great cause.

  77. tiffany / / Reply

    LOVE the poodle apron and the door knocker! I am a proud dog mama to a rescued english bull terrier…this giveaway is right up my alley!

  78. Jyll / / Reply

    I adore the patchwork hound pillow and the puppy bookends! Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Clara B. / / Reply

    With two pups of my own, how could I not love these adorable doggie delights? I’m smitten with the Skipper Dog Pea coat, the Chien Tee, the Printed Bowtie Collar, and the books “You Had Me at Woof” and “The French Dog.” And this is just for starters. Thanks, CC and Anthropologie!

  80. Laura / / Reply

    Ooh this is awesome! I didn’t even know Anthro had a pet line. I’m really excited about the Dash Dog Door Knocker, Ombre Dog Collar and Leash, Handwoven Dog Bed, Chloe Dog Tieback, and the Watch Dog Finials. I probably wouldn’t totally dog-ify my home. So I think I’d do the collar and leash, the bed, and the curtain tiebacks if I had to narrow my choices!

  81. Cheyenne D. / / Reply

    I am in love with the Dachshund Letter Holder, Home Cooking For Your Dog, the Top Dog Pullover, and the adorable ombre dog collar would make my Lucy Lu look abolutely charming!

  82. Amy R. / / Reply

    What an amazing giveaway. I beyond love the Chloe Dog Tieback. I want to buy one, hang in my closet and drape a scarf over. It makes my heart happy.

  83. monica artre / / Reply

    Love the letter holder and the finials! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  84. Shannon Heffernan / / Reply

    I love this sit stay love project! I love the dog calendar, the ombré leash and the “maddie on things” book. I may go buy that book today, too cute :) thanks for the giveaway chances!

  85. Abbie / / Reply

    I love everything in the dog shop! I would love to own all of the dachshund items. Dachshunds have my heart!

  86. Ania A. / / Reply

    I love lots of items from the shop, but I always wanted to cook for my pups and the “Home Cooking for your Dog” would be perfect addition to my kitchen.

  87. Bonnie J. / / Reply

    Awww, I want the Paws & Claws Stackable Candle. So cute and reusable! And the Patchwork Hound Pillow is such a snugglable fun piece!

  88. Susan M. / / Reply

    I would love to win the ombre dog leash and collar. Too cute!

  89. Ashley Kane / / Reply

    I honestly and truly want every single thing – I am a crazy dog person. The Dogs Wallpaper is one of the best things ever. I also am dying over the Paws & Claws Candle, Historical Bust, and Wall Busts.

  90. Maria I. / / Reply

    I love the top dog pullover, so cute. The home cooking cookbook & bocce bakery treats would be nice too!

  91. Gwendolyn / / Reply

    You’re just full of giveaways this week! I would really love to win this! The Dachshund envelope holder, the busts, the watercolor of the cocker spaniel…so many great items!

    Thanks for the chance!

    Gwen H.

  92. Jaime Lopez / / Reply

    My teacup yorkie Rocco would look so cute napping on the chevron handwoven dog bed and the top dog pullover would make me a happy girl too. Anthro has such cute stuff for the pups!

    - Jaime

  93. Chelsea / / Reply

    Maddie on Things, Pink Ombre Collar for my Cav King Charles Spaniel, and the cav Dog Print :)!!!

  94. Lynn / / Reply

    I would choose the Chien Tee, the Pleated Poodle Apron, and the Top Dog pullover!

  95. Sheli P. / / Reply

    I like the chloe dog tieback and the 2014 dog calendar. I am in love with the historical dog busts!

  96. Caroline / / Reply

    I LOVE the chevron dog beds!! And the doorstop is pretty adorable, too.

  97. Tess Prescott / / Reply

    Ahh, I love anthropology, and did not know they carry dog items- love it! I would love to have the ombre collar and leash. I’m getting a puppy soon and will be needing these items!!

    Thanks so much for a great giveaway! :)

  98. Kendyl Christensen / / Reply

    Good Grief! How does one even choose?! I’ve had my eye on that “Unstandard Poodle Pullover” for a month, and then the dog calendar. Then there’s all the Scottie dog things, the card, the hook, the bottle opener, the pencil holder. Call me crazy dog lady! I had a Scottie dog, Scout. He was the absolute best and I loved that dog a whole lot.

  99. Geraldine A. / / Reply

    What wonderful things would we choose? Hum..The Chien Tee is adorable, the You Had me at Wolf book is a must along with the Home cooking for your dog book too! So many cute things for dog lovers like us!

  100. Cynthia / / Reply

    everything is so cute! Ombre dog collar, ombre leash, bow wow nut bowl, poodle pullover,

  101. ashley k / / Reply

    The dog door knocker is so cute! And the book Maddie On Things! I Follow her on instagram and she is adorable!

  102. Jessica / / Reply

    I love the Dachshund letter holder! I have a friend with one and it would make a perfect gift for her as she is a first year teacher. Always need more ways to organize all those papers!

  103. Emily C. / / Reply

    The Top Dog pullover, stackable candle and that sweet wiener dog dishtowel would be my choices!

  104. Kerrie C / / Reply

    I absolutely adore the poodle apron! What a cute idea! Well, if I could win, I would love to have the apron, paws and claws candle, and adorable aledo leash and collar.

  105. Ana Sancho-Rumeu / / Reply

    Everything dachshund! Door knocker, letter holder, dish towel, notepad… And the cool wire sculpture, too.

    What a great giveaway, thanks! Maybe it’s time for a new dog to find us after our Teddy died.

  106. Doris / / Reply

    I like the Unstandard poodle pullover and the show dog hook.

  107. Leah C. / / Reply

    That top dog pullover reminds me of my school’s mascot and it is so adorable!
    But I also have 3 little dogs (and one giant dog) and that paws and claws stackable candle is perfect as feeding dishes for them!

  108. Yelena B. / / Reply

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway, Ez. My absolute favorite is the Dachshund Letter Holder, of course and the runner up is Sweet Dachshunds Dishtowel.

  109. emilie / / Reply

    I’m so in love with anything Anthropologie…

    I did not know about the Dog SHop, I love the watercolors, the stackable candle, and the poodle apron !

    thank you for the giveaway ;)

    Emilie B.

  110. Rachel / / Reply

    The stackable candle, the wire sculpture, the dog watercolor prints…. they’re all adorable. But I am IN LOVE with the doggy wallpaper. So cute!!! I must have it!!!

  111. Crystal / / Reply

    I want matching bow tie collars for my lab and pug. So cute!

  112. Corynne Escalante / / Reply

    I love so much! watchdog doorstop, pick of the litter card, dachshund letter holder, top dog pullover, paws and claws stackable candle, dash dog door knocker, brushstroke pup iphone case, wire dog sculptures.

  113. Kara T. / / Reply

    I think my puppy would look fabulous in the ombre collar in green, and I know she’d love the vintage portrait dog bed (plus it would be a great addition to our living room!). I’d also love to have a couple “pick of the litter” cards to send to my dog-loving friends.

  114. Ariane Huba / / Reply

    I love the pleated poodle apron, paws and claws stackable candles, and 2014 calendar! All so adorable!!! my email address is

  115. Dee / / Reply

    The ombre leash, puppy book ends, and top dog pullover are really cute! :)

  116. Candice Sheets / / Reply

    I am in LUV with the ‘Hello Darling Stationery’. I’m glad I found your page and was directed to the link! I’m a mother of 3 children, so the kid’s section attracted my attention, as well! Loving the ‘Bedtime Story Shadow Puppets’!! I’m hoping I’m a winner, as I’m holding out making any purchases until then! :) What fabulous items!

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