Etsy Finds: Early Fall Favorites

etsy finds: early fall favorites

Hello lovelies! Is the holiday weekend over already?! Gosh that flew by! I hope yours was wonderful. Remember that mile-long to do list I mentioned last Friday? Well, after I lacerated my right pinkie finger while futilely trying to save a favorite latte bowl from breaking, I was forced to put my feet (and hand) up for the rest of the weekend…which while painful, wasn’t entirely a bad thing. Anyhow, I still intend to keep posting around here unless my finger decides that it has other plans. But I just might have to keep the posts short and sweet to be on the safe side.

So without further ado, here are six gorgeous handcrafted goods that I’m swooning over for early Fall. I hope you love them just as much as I do! xo Ez

1. No. 9899 Floral Photographic Print $30 / Kari Herer | 2. Personalized Initials Necklace $24 / Edor (a lovely Creature Comforts sponsor) | 3. Linen Kitchen Apron $68 / StudioPatro | 4. Spiced Cider Soy Candle $15 / Theme Fragrance | 5. Triangles Tray $36 / Oelwein | 6. Ceramic Coffee Cup Set $106 / BuscuitCuit

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  1. Alecia / / Reply

    Oh no! Your poor finger :( Yes I do love them all – that flower print is a favorite of mine :)


  2. Jessica Christian / / Reply

    I love this collage. It is actually putting me in the mood, so romantic & exotic collection. Especially the # 3 and # 2 are like my super favorite! I am kinda love struck on the apron. *day dreaming*
    Thanks for sharing this
    Jessica x

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