Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

threethings82813Hi friends! I’m a busy bee working on getting closer to opening my illustration shop (exciting), so I’m just popping in quickly to share three things that I’m loving right now. I hope you’ll love them too! Thanks for stopping by today! xo Ez

  1. These Dark Chocolate with Fleur de Sel Macaroons look finger-lickin’ good! Swoon! (via)
  2. I couldn’t be more on board with what More Love Letters is doing. Deserving strangers (your heart will break a bit when you read their stories) + caring letter writers (that’s where we come into the pictures) = a whole lot of goodness going out into the world. Goodness for goodness sake! Who doesn’t need a little extra love in their mailbox?!
  3. I want to make these DIY No-Sew Storage Boxes for just about every room in my house. The potential organizational uses are practically endless! (via)
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Three Things I’m Loving Right Now
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  1. Mollie / / Reply

    First, I’m loving any DIY that starts with “no sew”. I do believe learning how to sew would improve my life but for now “no sew” it is. Not to mention I hate clutter and I’m obsessed with storage.

    Also, I haven’t heard of More Love Letters until today. What a great concept/mission! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I wrote down one of the recipients I would like to contribute to their “bundle” and shared this website with a co-worker. It also inspired a blog post for me (I’m including your website for the inspiration).

    Thank you for always being so thoughtful.

  2. Claire (@Kurea_San) / / Reply

    The world needs more love letters – what a heart-warming site. I have a soft spot for love letters, as my husband wrote me a letter a day for a whole year when we were living in separate countries in the early years of our relationship. I have a well-loved suitcase full of them :) Thanks for the smile.

  3. vanillasugarblog / / Reply

    because of you *and project runway), I am getting a sewing machine finally!
    going to beat the winter blues this winter with a small, but cute craft room that will have a sewing machine.
    So excited!
    I LOVE your blog!

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