Three Things I’m Loving Right Now


Hi friends! I’m just popping in quickly to share three things that I’m loving right now before my daughter head out to take advantage the beach while we still can (she heads back to school next week—eek)! Thanks for stopping by today! xo Ez

  1. I tried out this Lemon, Ricotta, & Almond Flourless Cake Recipe over the weekend, and while I adapted it a tad and ended up with an oddly textured cake, the flavor was delicious. I’ll definitely be making it again…with all of the required ingredients next time. Yum!
  2. These Tailored Lunch Bags (treated with beeswax so that they are moisture resistant) are so great that they almost make me wish that I was going back to school (or worked outside of the home), so I had a valid excuse to own one.
  3. The incredible Cabin Makeover by Sarah Sherman (Smitten Studio) is so impressive that I just about fall out of my chair every time she shares a new before and after post. I just have one question: When can I move in?!
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Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

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  1. Monica / / Reply

    a lemon, ricotta and almond flourless cake sounds delicious! that’s the tricky thing about flourless cakes… if you don’t use all of the exact ingredients, it’s hard to get a nice texture.


  2. Carla / / Reply

    I want to try a flour less cake recipe. Perhaps I’ll put this one on my list.

    The cabin looks beautiful.

  3. Tina@Traveling Mama / / Reply

    I am always so appreciative of the flourless/gluten free links you give because one of my dear friends cannot eat gluten and I am always trying to hunt down something to treat her to when she comes for a visit!

  4. sue bohorquez / / Reply

    I love a good chocolate flourless cake with a raspberry topping, but it can be heavy… this lemon ricotta cake is a must try!

  5. Amy / / Reply

    Ah! That cabin! Even just that tallboy. I have really daggy one which needs a makeover – that shot will now be my inspiration! x

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