Good Taste: Blackberry Nectarine Cobbler + Homemade Vanilla Blackberry Swirl Ice Cream


Last weekend my daughter and I decided to put our blackberry harvest to good use with two delicious recipes. First we dusted off our ice cream maker and created Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe with an added Blackberry Swirl from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home cookbook.


I grew up eating (and loving) Häagen-Dazs, but once I tasted Jeni’s ice cream, that and all other ice creams were spoiled for me. While not quite as luxurious as one of her $10-$14 pints, the recipes in her book come pretty darn close to measuring up. I’ve personally never created ice cream with such fantastic texture and taste! I can’t wait to try out additional recipes soon! If you’re an ice cream fan I can’t recommend her book enough.


Next up we followed the Blackberry Cobbler recipe that I shared in my Ultimate Blackberry Recipe Roundup, adding in some fresh nectarines for contrast. I loved how easy this one was to whip up. Tip: to make it gluten-free, simply replaced the flour with your favorite all-purpose gluten-free flour (we use Carol’s brand), and be sure your vanilla is gluten-free too.


Both the cobbler and ice cream were absolutely scrumptious…especially when served together! I had it for dessert (and breakfast…shhh…every day until it was gone)!


What was the last tasty recipe you cooked up? I’m always looking for delicious new things to try.  xo Ez

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  1. Ursula Rosien / / Reply

    I’m drooling over these pics! I’ve been trying one recipe from a newsletter that I get from SweetPaul with hummus and mint. I can’t wait! Thank you for making me so hungry now! :)

  2. Dee Wilcox / / Reply

    This looks delicious, Ez! I have Jeni’s cook book, too. I bought it so I could make her salty caramel macaroon ice cream sandwiches. So good. The strawberry ice cream recipe is great, too.

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