Easy DIY Block Stamps + A Watercolor Gift

easy-diy-block-stampOne of the things I’m most excited about for our trip to the East Coast this weekend is the chance to meet my dear friend’s daughter Lucy, who is turning one this week! One…and this will be my first time meeting her! How does time go by so quickly?!

lucybear-framed-art0713Anyhow…a few months ago my friend asked if I would illustrate Lucy’s party invitations (such an honor), and since I couldn’t exactly arrive for her big day empty-handed, I decided to watercolor a sweet baby bear that could double as both a gift and the invite illustration.

lucybear-art-detail713 I first sketched the design in pencil, applied watercolor, and then finished the piece by adding a bit of a gilded touch (my latest obsession) using my favorite gold paint pen.

When the painting was done, I decided that I wanted the gift presentation to have an extra special touch, and stamped up some wrapping paper to coordinate with the stars on my watercolor. I quickly photographed and listed the steps in a slideshow below so you can create your own easy DIY Block Stamps next time you’re in the mood for something crafty.

You will need:

  • Plain Gift Wrap | I only tested my stamps on non-glossy paper, purchased at Michael’s and Target…so I can’t vouch for how well they would work on standard glossy paper
  • 2mm Thick Sticky Back Foam Sheets | These are available at craft stores and look very similar to the non-sticky back variety. Make sure that the ones you get have one foam side and one sticky side (protected with a sheet of peel off paper)
  • Wooden block | Available in craft stores, or you could probably use a piece of smooth scrap wood
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stamp pad or block printing ink (such a Speedball water soluble ink – this is what I used for this project)
  • Brayer (optional) | This handy rolling tool is great for smooth ink application on stamps. I highly recommend it, although it is not entirely necessary.

stamped-gift-wrappedI hope you have a blast whipping up some of your own stamps soon! You can find more DIY projects in the Creature Comforts’ DIY Gallery. Enjoy! xo Ez

P.S. I’ll be away until Tuesday of next week. Don’t forget that you can keep me company during my trip over on Instagram. See you again soon!

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  1. Sarah / / Reply

    What brand of gold paint pen do you use? I could use a good one!

  2. Gwendolyn / / Reply

    that is just beautiful! i love how you wrapped it with the ribbons and twine too. thanks for sharing this!

  3. tara / / Reply

    Oh my god! I love the print AND the block stamp! The print is super adorable though! I think it will be so adorable! And what a fun idea to make a stamp! I can’t wait to do this! I love craft projects like these!

  4. Em K G / / Reply

    So, so adorable! I love handmade wrapping paper.


  5. Nadia / / Reply

    This bear is so lovely ! and what a sweet present for the baby girl !

  6. Pauline / / Reply

    Cute print! And the stamp looks like a great craft project – I can see how you could do many different variations of it, which is always fun!

  7. Masha / / Reply

    What a beautiful gift! And thank you for the nice DIY idea.
    Happy Friday, Masha

  8. Sall-e / / Reply

    Neat! Thanks for the creative ideas. I look forward to following your blog and seeing more DIY creations.

  9. Emily / / Reply

    You make it all sound so simple! You just have a wicked amount of skill, creativity and artistic talent. LOVE the sweet little bear. What a perfect and special gift.

  10. Margaux / / Reply

    This baby bear is adorable!!!
    This is a wonderful gift! :-)

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  12. Rach / / Reply

    i LOVE bears and the one you painted is adorable. i love the style and the gold is a lovely touch. thanks for sharing!

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  14. a firefly pixie / / Reply

    You may have guessed, but I’m a big ole sucker for fireflies! (We called them lightning bugs growing up here in the South, but the name Firefly kinda entranced me somewhere along the way.) This is my first time seeing your amazing work–and thanks for the tutorial!–and this post wound up being my second click on your site. Happy!

    I saw the comment above asking about what gold paint pen you use, and I would love to know the answer, too, if you don’t mind. The ones I have found so far leave fat, mooshy lines, but yours are so fine and nicely behaved, gilding without globbing. Could you pass the word?

    I’ll be back soon to see more. You have an incredible gift!

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