The Daily Find: Amplifiear – iPad Sound Amplifier

dailyfindaplifiear_ipadsoundampI’m not usually swayed by techy devices…but this Amplifiear — iPad sound amplifying device is too cool. I can’t even tell you how many times my daughter and I have hovered over the screen of my iPad trying to angle our heads just right, so as to actually catch half of the sound coming from the device. Suffice to say, the Amplifiear is now on my to-buy-pronto list. Check out how it works, and all the color options available right here. (via)

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  1. Kristi / / Reply

    This was actually a kickstarter project that I supported… and it’s not nearly as cool as it sounds. (ha ha, pun intended) For starters, you cannot use it with any sort of a case, which is typically the stand that I use. It is very large and cumbersome, not storing easily for travel or use on the go. The concept of better directing the sound from the iPad speakers is a good one, but the speakers themselves are just not strong enough for this to be really effective.

    I used it maybe ten times, then put it in the ever growing pile of kickstarter projects that sounded like a good idea on paper, but the reality was a little different. Don’t waste your money.

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Kristi! I was so hopeful about this product. But not being able to use it with a case/stand would definitely lessen its effectiveness. Bummer! Thanks again.

  2. Bille / / Reply

    Hi! I’m using mine with my case right now. I never put on the foam that comes with the device so that must be the difference between my experience (positive) and the other commenter’s experience. I’ve used it on both the iPad 1 and 2. I gave the amplifiear to my husband for Christmas and we have been happily using it since.

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us Billie…and the tip about not using the foam! Much appreciated! xo Ez

  3. Brook / / Reply

    I just went to purchase one, I’m willing to try it based on the second comment, however shipping to Australia is $92.76. Wowzers. Hence to say, I didn’t buy it.

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Oh my goodness! That’s outrageous! I have to admit that I’m relieved to hear you didn’t shell out that kind of money just for shipping! I recently sent something overseas that cost $70+ but it was a big box filled with books. I can’t imagine that something so tiny would warrant such a fee! Sorry about that! xo Ez

  4. robyn / / Reply

    This reminds me how a few years back the internet was circulating with the suggestion of just simply putting your ipod/iphone into a bowl to amplify the sound. It works really well too. I now have large mugs and bowls in just about every room of the house for that intended purpose. My family joked around about how we should start selling them, marketed as iBowls.

  5. Leigh / / Reply

    well… that does look cool – but i just want to add that i have actually had great success with simply using a post-it and curving the paper a bit. not “cute”, but it’s cheap and easy!!!

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