The Daily Find: Wooden Dot Coat Hooks

dailyfindwooddotwallhooksSince we live in a geodesic dome, the majority of walls in our home are made of concrete. Attempts to hang anything on them have been like trying to drill through a prison cell (minus the bars of course). However, this rather cumbersome detail doesn’t stop me from dreaming of walls decorated with lovely art prints and my latest favorite: Wooden Dot Coat Hooks ($9.95 for 3) from CB2. They are as functional as they are pretty to look at…and you all know how I love anything that suits both those purposes!

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  1. Sarah L / / Reply

    Beautiful hooks. I too have 50% concrete walls to deal with. I like to think that it’s just a challenge I have to overcome to create a beautiful space! :)

  2. Cait / / Reply

    I have cement walls, and finally discovered masonry nails, they make all the difference; I also bought a heavier hammer to drive them in. When I need something more heavy duty, I borrow my neighbor’s drill and break out the masonry drill bits, screw and anchors. I finally have things up on my walls and it is wonderful!

  3. Morgan / / Reply

    These are lovely. I used to live in a Geodesic dome and they would have really come in handy. I used to just hang everything off the backs of chairs. Not exactly beautifully organized. :)

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