Easy DIY Metallic Paint Pen Nail Art

diymetallicartnailsAs often happens when I’m procrastinating to avoid working on something that I’d rather not do, I doodle…usually with anything or on any surface available. The other day I was putting off an impending deadline and spotted my favorite metallic paint pens sitting near a couple of bottles of nail polish that my daughter had left out the night before.

diymetallicnailstriangleFive minutes later, I had some fancy looking fingernails. Aren’t they fun!? If you’re interested, keep scrolling down for a quick how-to featuring the lilac and gold design that my daughter created. Of course you can make the look suit your taste with any color polish you prefer.

diymetallicpennailsstep1You will need:

  • Nail Polish | Choose any color you’d like – we used Full Steam Ahead (Essie) and Licorice (Essie) here.
  • Nail Polish Top Coat | I like Sally Hansen Double Duty the best
  • Pen-touch Metallic Paint Pen(s) by Sakura | available at craft stores in assorted sizes (gold and silver). I used the 2.0mm for larger dots and .7mm for tiny dots and the triangle design.

diymetallicpennailsstep2Please note: To prevent staining, these paint pens should only be applied to painted nails, and not directly onto the nail itself. When removing design, soak nails in nail polish remover, and gently scrub off the paint pen design until it is fully removed.

diymetallicpennailsstep3I’m not a nail art pro by any means. If you know of any similar metallic pens with a high-gloss look that are designed specifically for nails or other favorite nail products you can recommend, I’d love to hear about them! xo Ez

diymetallicnails1Special thanks to my awesome daughter for loaning me the use of her hands and nails for most of the photos in this post.