DIY Flower-Filled Flower Girl Baskets with Flower Muse

fmflowergirl1Hi friends! It’s time for the third installment of the DIY wedding floral tests that I created for my sister’s upcoming wedding, using stunning blooms from Flower Muse. Hooray!

Over the past couple of weeks I tried my hand at DIY Bridal Bouquets and DIY Boutonnieres and Corsages (so much fun)…and this time I tested out a design for the Flower Girl Baskets. Since the two flower girls are quite young and might struggle to throw petals in an orderly fashion, my sister decided that she’d like them to carry flower filled baskets instead (a brilliant plan if you ask me). My sister lives in Michigan, and I don’t have easy access to her wedding supplies, so I just picked up a few small baskets from my local craft store to test out the arrangement concept. The baskets ended up being a little too heavy for toddlers to carry easily, so for the actual day we’ll be scaling the size down a bit. We don’t want to have two little girls toppling over in the isle! In any event, I really love the way these baskets turned out, and how they mirror the floral palette that my sister has chosen in such a delicate way. And best of all…they utilize the smaller blooms and greens that were leftover from creating the bouquets, so we are really getting a lot out of the beautiful Flower Muse florals that we ordered (perfect for budget conscious brides).

DIY Flower-filled flower Girl Basket 

For this arrangement I used the following blooms and greens from Flower Muse:

Even though these baskets were created with a wedding in mind, you could easily use the same process with any deep vase-like vessel or basket to create gorgeous arrangements for your next party or to give as a thoughtful gift.

Be sure to check out my post with Basic Floral Prepping Tips for DIY Arrangements for some helpful tips.DIYflowergirlbasketflowermuseflowermusesponsorbuttonThis post was kindly sponsored and made possible by Flower Muse. Find more from Flower Muse on: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram The DIY project, photos, and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Emily K. / / Reply

    Ez, I am absolutely loving all of these recent floral-arranging posts!! You break them down into such simple steps, I’m beginning to believe even I could create some show-stopping arrangements :) Thanks for the inspiration, and the easy-to-follow instructions!

  2. Alana / / Reply

    Beautiful, I love the colours you have used. Thanks for sharing such a lovely DIY.

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