DIY Boutonnieres and Corsages with Flower Muse

diyboutonnieresmain There are probably just about as many ways to make boutonnières and corsages as there are wedding themes. This should be a relief to any of you who might want to create your own wedding florals, because with so many ways to accomplish the same thing, you’re sure to get it right! But in the interest of simplicity, today I’ll just be sharing the basic DIY steps for the version that I created during the test session for my sister’s upcoming wedding, with gorgeous flowers from Flower Muse. Let’s dive in!

boutonnierandcorsagetipAs I mentioned in my DIY Bridal Bouquets post last week, you can save small flowers, buds, and greenery as you are working on your larger arrangements (such as bouquets), and then turn those blooms into pretty little posies for the wedding party and/or attendees to wear. This is a great way to stretch a small wedding budget out!

DIY BOUTONNIERES & Corsages in 5 easy Steps

For these corsages and boutonieres I used:

  • White Majolica Spray Roses | a beautiful budget-friendly option
  • Assorted Greens
  • Wax Flower | available by request
  • Queen Anne’s Lace | available by request
  • Lisianthus (light purple) | available by request

After consulting with my sister and brother-in-law, we decided that subtle understated boutonnieres will work best for the fellas at their wedding. The women’s corsages will be diferentiated through the use of a colorful bloom or two. While each piece may use different blooms, the look of each corsage and boutonniere will be made similar through the use of their white, purple, and peach color palette. It’s going to be gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what we’ll come up with for everyone on the actual wedding day!

Stay tuned next week for another DIY wedding arrangement that we’ll be using for my sister’s wedding in June.

flowermusesponsorbuttonThis post was kindly sponsored and made possible by Flower Muse. Find more from Flower Muse on: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram The DIY project, photos, and opinions expressed are my own.