The Daily Find: Flavored Marshmallows

dailyfindflavoredmarshmallows513Not many treats will make you feel as nostalgic for the summertime as a toasted marshmallow can. And while the old classic is great, these unique flavor adapatations by Wondermade have really caught my attention. The packaging makes them perfectly gift-worthy too! Which flavor would you gobble up first? The Rose Raspberry and Bourbon flavors are sounding especially sweet to me! Find all of the delicious varieties currently available ($7.50 each) at Wondermade.

Psst…if you’re curious about their awesome packaging design, you can read more about it here.

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  1. Nathan / / Reply

    Thanks for the writeup! We so appreciate the kind words and encouragement.
    We created a coupon for anyone heading over to buy marshmallows – just type in “creaturecomforts” and we’ll give you 20% off.
    Again, thanks!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      How thoughtful! Thank you Nathan! I’m going to swing by and snag a few boxes right now! -Ez

  2. Ursula Rosien / / Reply

    I am ALWAYS looking for marshmallows other than the ones you find at grocery stores full of artificial flavors! Where can I find these? Now, the packaging alone makes me want to buy them ;)

  3. Olive / / Reply

    Oh god : honey marshmallows. Cant beleive those exist. I already was doing (nature) marshmallows dipped in honey liquor before burned in the fire. Thanks for sharing!

    Olive xox

  4. Hayley / / Reply

    Oh my goodness these babies are so good! In autumn their Pumpkin marshmallows were my very favorite. I cant wait to get ahold of these spring flavors and try them out.

  5. Bobbi / / Reply

    Lavender marshmallows sound wonderful! Really any flavor marshmallows sound wonderful:)

  6. Lisa L. / / Reply

    I’ve tried another brand of flavored marshmallows and they are insanely delicious! These sound just the same, and definitely worth trying. YUM!

    Mostly Lisa

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