The Daily Find: Gentle Reminders Pencil Set

thefindgentlereminderspencilsIf only all “reminders” came in the form of a vibrantly hued set of pencils, such as these Gentle Reminders Pencil Sets ($12 for a set of 6) from Amanda Catherine Designs.

In fact I’m quite certain that the monthly utility notice would capture my complete attention if presented in this manner. I might even go so far as to suggest that Amanda create a new set for the parents of teenagers…the “not-so gentle reminders” pencils. With captions such as, “turn that music down” or “pick up your room already,” I’m sure they’d be a big hit…or at the very least provide a good chuckle for the parent on the verge going bonkers!

While there are no sets for desperate parents just yet, there are a bunch of other great designs to choose from. You can find them in the Amanda Catherine Designs shop.