A Hands-on Approach to Label Design with John Contino

label_design_jon_continoGosh, Skillshare just keeps knocking my socks off with the amazing classes they have to offer! I’ve already shared my love for the Illustration Class I took with Brad Woodard, and my excitement for the upcoming Adobe Illustrator class he is teaching as well…and now a brilliant new session has been added to my self-chosen (that’s the best kind, right) “schooling schedule,” Illustration & Lettering: A Hands-on Approach to Label Design with Jon Contino!

If you are even mildly obsessed with packaging design and hand-lettering (or a lot obsessed like I am), then you surely need no introduction to Jon Contino’s incredible work. To have the opportunity to be a student in his class…and only pay a pittance for the experience is mind-bogglingly awesome.

But here’s one better for you. I got it touch with Jon to ask if he’d be willing to share a special promo discount with you, and he said “yes!” What a generous guy! So hurry on over to sign up while there are still spots open, and use promo code: “CREATURE” to save 20% off the session! The discount will bring your grand total to a mere $16 for a learning experience that is going to be worth far more than 10x that!

I hope to see you in class! xo Ez

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  1. Sondra / / Reply

    Or if you are a first time student they give you a $10 discount, so the class only costs $10! Woohoo!

    I saw your previous post on the class you took with Brad Woodard and I am so thankful for the information and the introduction to Skillshare. I signed up for Brad’s second class and I can’t wait!! Thanks for sharing these resources.

    • Stephanie / / Reply

      Hi Sondra! Do you know what the first time student discount code is? I just signed up for Skillshare, but haven’t seen a code for first time students yet. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Amelia Herbertson / / Reply

    I just signed up! Thank you so much for this post, Ez! I have only just discovered Skillshare, it is such an amazing concept. I love Jon’s work and I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn from such a brilliant and talented illustrator! x

  3. Laura / / Reply

    Yay! I’m signed up :) First time student promo code was $10 off with the 20% off making it only $8. Sweet deal, thanks Ez!

  4. Annette / / Reply

    I’m taking the Illustrator class this Friday thanks to your recommendation (and discount!). I’ve never taken an online course, but am looking forward to it.

  5. kaylee / / Reply

    Ez! Thank you so much for introducing me to Skillshare! I recently just finished a class taught by Dominic Flask and it was AMAZING!! I learned so much! I’m seriously considering signing up for this one too. The Skillshare team & fellow classmates are so wonderful & supportive. :)

  6. kayla / / Reply

    Hooray! I’d been wanting to sign up for this class since Skillshare sent me an email awhile back about it. Just signed up with your discount code, so thanks! See you in class! :)

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