5 Minute DIY: Gilded Pattern Votive Holders and Bud Vases

diygildedpatternvotiveholdersHello lovelies! I’ve been eagerly looking forward to sharing today’s DIY project with you: Gilded Pattern Votive Holders and Bud Vases! This is a project this is incredibly quick and easy to achieve, and yields results that don’t even hint at how simple they are to make. A total winner in my book! In fact after making my first set of three, I immediately had to run out and buy more blank glass vessels so that I could keep going. I hope you’ll enjoy making your own set(s) as much as I did!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Pen-touch Permanent Quick-Dry Pen in Gold, by Sakura – found at craft stores | I used the 2.0mm (Medium Point) size for mine, but the smaller tips they offer will also work (though it will take you more time to color in a larger pattern)
  • Glass votive holders with smooth (non-ridged) sides – available at craft and home goods stores | I found mine for about a dollar a piece at Michael’s
  • Scrap paper
  • Gift Packaging (optional) | I reused an old box for the packaging shown below
  • Votive candles (optional)
  • Flowers (optional)

diygildedvotivespatternIf your pen is new you will need to prime it to get the ink flowing. Follow the directions on the side of the pen. Once it’s working you might like to doodle a few basic ideas on a piece of scrap paper. The simpler your pattern is, the easier your project will be. And simple does look lovely…so don’t feel like you need to rack your brain for a complex idea.

diygildedvotives24Make sure that your votive holder is clean and dry. Begin drawing your desired pattern onto the outside of the glass. Something as basic as polka dots will take you just a minute or so to complete. The ink will dry quickly, but still take care not to smudge the design while you work your way around the glass. Set aside until fully dry. If you make a mistake you can wash the design off with the coarse side of a sponge, dish soap, and some elbow grease.

diygildedvotives34If you want to get a bit fancier with your patterns, you can. The sky is the limit!

diygildedvotives74Remember that the candlelight will be shining through the open spaces (the portions not blocked by ink)…this might influence your final design decision. Once your candle holders are dry, pop a votive candle inside each and enjoy your handiwork!

diygildedvase14diygildedvase24Another use for these pretty vessels: bud vases! Pour in a touch of water, place a posy or two inside each, and you’ve got an instant arrangement for your dinning room table or desk. Imagine creating a huge assortment of these to adorn tables at an afternoon wedding reception (use them as votive candle holders for an evening affair)! Gorgeous!

diygildedvotivesgift4Your patterned votive holders / bud vases will also make great last minute gifts! Present a grouping of two or more inside a box that is wrapped up with twine. For an extra thoughtful touch, include votive candles or a handful of blooms (whichever suits your gift recipient best). xo Ez

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