DIY Idea: Sequin Strand Gift Embellishment

diysequingiftembellishment1Hi friends! Today I want to share a quick and easy way that I like to dress up a plain gift using only a few basic materials. To create your own DIY Sequin Strand Gift Embellishment you will need:

  • SEQUINS | Available at craft supply stores. The ones I used are larger than a standard-size sequin, but you can use any size (or colors) that you’d like.
  • TWINE OR THREAD | Look for twine that will fit through the hole in the center of your sequins. Embroidery floss might work well (depending upon the size of your sequins). You don’t want the twine to be too think or it could snap while working with it.
  • SEWING NEEDLE | Make sure that the eye of your needle is large enough for you to thread your twine through. I used a small-ish embroidery needle
  • PRE-WRAPPED GIFT | I purchased the kraft paper wrapping paper on this present at Target.

diysequingiftembellishment2First, thread your needle with a length of twine (make sure you have enough to wrap around your gift one or more times) and begin stringing sequins onto it. You can use as many or as few sequins as you’d like. Don’t worry about spacing the sequins out until you are ready to tie the strand on your gift.

diysequingiftembellishment3Once you are satisfied with the amount of sequins on your string, begin separating any sequins that are clumped together…they don’t have to be evenly spaced. Now wrap your sequin strand around your gift as many times as you’d like and tie the ends in a knot (on the underside of the gift) or in a bow (on top of the gift). I like to make sure that all my sequins are laying in one direction, but play around with the presentation until it looks good to you.

diysequingiftembellishment4Now you’re ready to give your gift! Wasn’t that simple?! xo Ez

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