peace415131Today my heart goes out to all of those were directly effected by yesterday’s tragic events in Boston. I know that it is so hard, but let’s do our best to not allow this act of cowardice to overshadow the incredible heroes that arose in the midst of such an enormous crisis. Let’s focus instead on the countless stories of courage and strength demonstrated by those at the scene, and find inspiration in their bravery. Let’s hug our kids and loved ones tighter, appreciate the gift of this day, and make it count! Are you with me?! xo Ez


“Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering”  -Ida Scott Taylor

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  1. Abbie / / Reply

    This statement is so true, and important. We need to stand tall, and love our neighbors. Let this tragic event bring us closer together.

  2. EB / / Reply

    Writing from Boston. It gives me a little bit of hope every time I read someone who chooses to write about the positive instead of the scary. Thank you for that… <3

  3. Britt / / Reply

    With ya! It’s been amazing, yet again, to see people embrace others. I think it happens more and more in private moments and within families but magnifies in tragedy. Social media has brought together our nation more today than in previous terror probably because we are at loss and fed up. I wish I could single handedly change the hearts of the evil but I will cling to my loves surrounding me and pray for those who do not.

  4. Su / / Reply

    Thanks for writing this post. I’m from Boston, and going through my blog list today I was appalled to find very little mention of the Boston Marathon events from my favorite bloggers. I’m sure they have their reasons for not mentioning it, but frankly things like Shopbop sales are the last thing on my mind and extremely unimportant after the events in our city. I appreciate that you made mention of it as it’s not “business as usual” for us here.

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