Good Taste: PopCorners

popcorners3If you suffer from minimal willpower or an insatiable love of crunchy snacks, I urge you to skedaddle on your merry way and leave this post in the dust.

popcorners5Oh, you’re still here…hooray! Then let me tell you about the tastiest snack to cross my lips in long while. I give you PopCorners! I was first lured into trying these unusual little chips by a friend who appreciates my love for snack foods. For a while I was only able to find the Sea Salt flavor at our local Whole Foods (which was fine by me, because they are delicious), but then I discovered the Kettle flavor, seasoned to taste like kettle corn. Heaven help me! The chips are light and mildly popcorny in flavor with just the right amount of salt and sweetness (for the Kettle variety). I won’t even pretend that I haven’t consumed an entire bag in a day…more than once. Eek! They are just too good. I haven’t spotted them in stores since moving to California (surely I must have overlooked them), which just might be a good thing. At least my hips are happy for the absence!


A side note…this review was not sponsored by PopCorners. I just love their chips and had to share with you. xo Ez

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  1. Carrie / / Reply

    I just ate these very chips last night…by mistake. And what a heavenly mistake it was. I was on a jet blue flight and asked for kettle chips, but was given this instead. Yum-O, indeed.

  2. christine / / Reply

    Oooh, I spotted those at Sprouts market and almost bought them. I wonder if there’s one up north?

    p.s. I love that you are *just up north!* When you’re all settled, let me know so we can play a play date.

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Oh you have to try them Christine! They are SO good! And yes…we have to plan a “date” soon! I can’t wait!

  3. Dee Wilcox / / Reply

    I actually saw these at Urban Market today and almost picked up a bag. Now I will have to try them. ;-)

  4. Megan / / Reply

    I love these! They come in a White Cheddar flavor, too that is so yummy.

  5. Christine / / Reply

    Ez. You have got to be kidding me. First of all I didn’t even realize I’ve been missing out on your posts–my reader suddenly updated with about 10 posts of yours tonight! But I had to stop and login to talk to you about this. You have NO IDEA how obsessed we are with Popcorners.

    We are in southern California. My sister first came home with a giant bag of the white cheddar flavor from Costco (I mean huge) many moons ago. I thought, there’s no way we’re going to eat that many chips! That thing is huge! Apparently the company was at our Costco doing one of those weekend fairs and told her they would only be selling them for a few days. My sister thought they might be putting her on to get her to buy them, and it worked! But to our dismay we demolished those chips in less than a week and they were truly gone when we returned for more.

    Since then we’ve been on a mission. According to the website they’re supposed to be at a nearby Ralphs. No, not the one close by, a different one a little bit further away. We don’t shop at Ralphs. But every couple of months we’ll go in and stare despondently at the natural chips section, Popcorners-less (liars!!). The only place I have ever found them since is at our sort-of nearby Bed Bath & Beyond (what?) in the much smaller, normal-person sized bags. Online I can only find them in packages of the individual vending machine sized bags (useless!). Once I found them at a vending machine at LAX, and the joy lasted a couple of minutes until I ate all those too. We are seriously in love with the white cheddar popcorners and it is our cruel drug addict fate that they are nowhere to be found. Please spread the word. These chips need to be around more!

    Sorry if this was super long-winded and scary obsessive, but if you haven’t tried the white cheddar yet you can only partly understand. Thank you for doing your part. <3

  6. Ashley @GirlyObsessions / / Reply

    I was just catching up on my Reader, and came across this post. So funny, I actually designed this packaging!! And I totally OD’d on these while working on it :) Love your post!!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      So cool Ashley! Nice work on the packaging! And how did you ever make it through that job without gaining 200 lbs? I would have ask for an unending number of sample bags to be sent to my home…for “research” of course. ;-)

  7. Ashley / / Reply

    Yes yes yes!! Cost Plus World Market sells them. :) I am a former employee and therefore a bonafide Popcorners addict.

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