Book Review: The Flower Recipe Book

theflowerrecipebookMy goodness! This has certainly been an eventful week! First the relaunch of Creature Comforts (thank you all for your kind comments and support) and then yesterday after a month’s delay, our moving truck finally showed up with most of our belongings intact! To say that my daughter and I are elated would be the understatement of the century. I’ll be sharing more about our experience in a post next week—a cautionary tale with details about the companies we worked with so that you can keep yourself and those you love as far away from them as possible. But for now…I’d like to direct your attention to something far more lovely: The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo of Studio Choo. Let’s take a little peek, shall we?

flowerrecipebookreviewI’ve been a huge fan of Studio Choo for many years, and decided that I just couldn’t pass on picking up a copy of their book last weekend. While I haven’t had time to devour every single “recipe” in its entirety, every one that I’ve read so far has inspired me to no end.

My favorite aspect of the book (other than the gorgeous floral photos on every page) is they way that Alethea and Jill demonstrate multiple arrangement “recipes” for nearly every flower “ingredient” featured…all with a simple, user-friendly approach. They include 2-3 “recipes” broken down like so: Recipe 1: On it’s Own, Recipe 2: With Company, Recipe 3: Special Occasion. So no matter what your skill level or floral decor needs (a simple bloom to brighten your desk or a stunning centerpiece for a dinner party), you are going to find more than enough inspiration to fuel your creative floral designing endeavors. For someone who has only just gotten their feet wet in the world of flower arranging, this book is a welcome treat!

The Flower Recipe Book is published by Artisan Books, and is available in the Studio Choo online shop or at a fine bookstore near you too.

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  1. Amanda T / / Reply

    Oh you are too cute. I love that little gif of the book flip-through. So clever! I am a sucker for flowers and recipe books, so I will definitely pick that up!

    So thankful that you got your stuff back! While that I am sure is one of the most frustrating experiences imaginable, life events like that never happen in vain. You seem to have already grown so much from other trials in your life, so I can’t wait to see how this grows you, too. Enjoy unpacking!

  2. Dee / / Reply

    Oh, thank heavens the truck turned up. I have been in the process of moving house myself, and you have been much on my mind , especially as I stood in the driveway of my new house 2 weeks ago, waiting for the furniture van to arrive. Mine turned up, and now I am delighted to hear that yours did, too. Can’t wait to hear the story!!!!!!

  3. Lily / / Reply

    Oh dear…am so relieved that your truck reappeared again!
    And keep in mind: just make some scans of the baby fotos of your daughter! Just in case! =)

    All best for the two of you and happy “un-packing”!


  4. Jamie / / Reply

    Yay I’m so glad that you guys got your things from the moving truck! That’s so exciting, I’m so happy for you! You went through a terrible ordeal but I’m glad that it worked out eventually!

  5. AJ / / Reply

    I’m so glad to hear all this good news, Ez! I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time (and recently started following your wonderful Instagram). I am so glad you and your daughter are making such a wonderful new start in California!

  6. martha brown / / Reply

    Thank goodness your contents arrived! I am moving some things across canada at the end of June and I was ready to book my mover when I read about your missing truck.. So I’ve been researching movers ever since! (the one that I was about to select has SO MANY negative reviews!). I am moving some things to a summer home, which will be empty, and it would be a sorry vacation if I have no furniture! But at least now I have my head wrapped around the possibility that it could happen, so I will be driving with a few plates, utensils, and a pot!(as well as my art supplies). I look forward to reading your whole expose. And I’m so sorry that it happened….

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