Pinterest Picks: 20 Valentine DIY Projects + Printables

Hello friends! It’s Tuesday…so how about a heaping helping of sugary-sweet Valentine’s Day inspiration?! Are you in? Even if you don’t have plans to celebrate the day o’ love, don’t miss out on the tasty recipes that I included at the bottom of this roundup. The Nutella-stuffed French Toast is so good it should be illegal. I’m serious! xo Ez

1. DIY Fringed 3-D Heart (via) | 2. Fabric Arrow Banner DIY | 3. Valentine’s Day in a Box (via) | 4. Send a Valentine’s Day Care Package (via) | 5. DIY Love Struck Arrows (via) | 6. DIY Hand Warmers (via) | 7. DIY Paper Heart Garland (via) | 8. DIY Gold Mylar Heart Pinata (via) | 9. How to Make a Floating Heart Background | 10. DIY Pom Pom Tablecloth (via)

11. Glitter Heart Cake Topper (via) | 12. Free Printable Mini Valentines | 13. Giant Geometric Wall Heart (via) | 14. Tree Heart Installation (via) | 15. DIY Wall of 3-D Paper Hearts (via) | 16. DIY Love Letter Gift Wrap (via) | 17. Brownie Hearts & Brownie Bites (via) | 18. Chantilly Cream Pavlova Hearts (via) | 19. Heart Milk Cubes | 20. Nutella-stuffed French Toast with Fresh Strawberries (via) – I can personally vouch for this recipe. It is scrumptious!