Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

Phew, this has been a long week…anyone else feeling me on that?! Over the coming weekend I’m looking forward to finally unpacking my suitcases from Alt, catching up on neglected housework, and gearing up for the rest of the month (good things to come). But before I dash off and bury myself in loads of laundry and to-do lists, I wanted to share three things that I’m loving right now. Maybe you’ll fall in love too!

1. Tuna aka Tunameltsmyheart — Move over Grumpy Cat…the cutest little mug taking over the interwebs (@tunameltsmyheart on instagram) is Tuna. This precious little Chiweenie was born with an aggressive overbite/lower jawline-dysfunction, and never fails to brighten the life of everyone he meets with his unique smile.

True story: I was having a bit of a depressive moment last week and was struggling to shake it. After crying for about an hour (so ridiculous) I decided that if anything could snap me out of my funk, it was going to be Tuna’s grinning face. So I popped onto instagram and within minutes I was feeling world’s better. And I swear I’m not a stalker, but Tuna’s little face seemed like the perfect subject to draw, so while I was stuck in the airport last weekend I made a little sketch of him sporting his spiffy bow tie (you might have seen it in progress over on my Instagram). I used the Procreate App (for iPad) and a cheap-o stylus from Target (if you are curious).

2. Nutella Rice Krispie Treats — You can thank me later. Just run into your kitchen and make these right now! Oh. My. Goodness. So. Good! Thanks Pioneer Woman for the kickin’ recipe! If you’d like, you can substitute Gluten-free Rice Krispies Cereal (like I did) in place of classic Rice Krispie Cereal (who knew that the old standby has gluten in it).

3. Lana Del Rey — I’m late on this bandwagon (as I generally am with these things) but I’m obsessed, and can’t get enough of Lana’s unique vocals and haunting lyrics. Love! (image source)

Have a gorgeous weekend friends! xo Ez

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Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

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  1. Michelle / / Reply

    Cute animals are the best antidote for depression. It works for me too! I hope you're feeling better now, Ez!

  2. Emily / / Reply

    Oh Nutella. Yumm-o. Wish I wasn't trying to cut back on the ol' sugar. Perhaps I shall make an exception!

  3. Lauren / / Reply

    Love the Tuna portrait! Especially the wispy little whisker detail — made me smile. :) Also thanks for sharing your tools — because I live under a rock I had not tried the Procreate App… Just DLed and have been playing for the last three hours… thanks so much for the rec!

  4. Catherine Parks / / Reply

    I really love Lana Del Rey, and sometimes I ask myself why…only because her lyrics are really dark! But I just love her sound!!

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