The Business Cards of Alt Summit 2013


I collected a massive stack of business cards while at Alt Summit this year (yay) and have been looking forward to sharing them with you here this week. Just like last year’s roundup, I tried to sort the cards into collections by theme and have included links to each of the cards so that you can discover more from each blogger/business if you’d like. Oh, and you can cick on each image to see the cards enlarged. xo Ez


Black & Metallic: Michelle Edgemont | All Sorts of Pretty | Lovely Indeed | Making it Lovely | Ticket Chocolate | Fresh Tangerine | Visual Supply Co. | Squirrelly Minds | And Then We Saved


Circles & Squares: A Pair of Pears | One Good Thing by Jillee | A Golden Afternoon | Inward Facing Girl | Design Crush | La La Lovely | Shauna Younge | Mailchimp | Somewhere Splendid | Terra Savvy | Confettipop


Cards with a Gift: Damask Love | Vintage Whites Market | Frock Files | Striped Cat Studio | A Fabulous FeteOne Little Minute | The Proper Pinwheel | Sugar & Cloth | See Jane Blog / Franny | Hank & Hunt (below)

altbizcards1311 altbizcards135

Awesomely Unconventional: StudioDIY (paper honeycomb ball) | Oleander + Palm (lavender sachet) | Mailchimp for Bloggers (wildflower seeds) | We Love Citrus (Heart mirror) | The Cuisinerd (hamburger yo-yo) | The Paper Mama (wooden Corgi pin) | Artifact Uprising (wooden card showcasing the company’s signature recycled wood) | The House that Lars Built (stamped tickets)


Creative Classic: Kitchen Nomad | The Cuisinerd | Minted | Christine Fife Interiors | Darling Studio | Bunny & Dolly | This Little StreetDamask Love | Serena & Lily | Ellinee | Chris Olson | Design Darling | The Hourglass Files | Peck Life


Letterpress: Moxi | Alexandra Hedin | Wednesday | Plastolux | YuppieLove | Leslie Fandrich | Igloo Letterpress | Hank & Hunt | Cooper House | A Blog About Love | Courtney Callahan Paper | Honey of a Thousand Flowers


Bonus Details: A lot of cards this year featured a tiny pop of color along each edge. This is such a fun way to add a bit of chic style to a design, and I hope this is a trend that keeps picking up steam!

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Get Carded

One Good Thing: The Small Print: Botanical Series

Leslie – Free Printable Striped Note Card

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  1. Jillee / / Reply

    I love you EZ! :-) But then you already know that! lol. Did you get my "love note" from the Go Mighty party?? Thank you for featuring my calling card! Made my week!!! xo

  2. Shauna / / Reply

    Hi Ez, thanks for including my Dessert Meets Design business card. I hope you liked the chocolate inside!

  3. Elizabeth V. / / Reply

    Oh yay! I'm so glad you did this again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Angel Y. / / Reply

    This is always one of my favorite Alt roundups! I'm glad you decided to share again. I really hope edge-painted cards are here to stay. Love them!

  5. Brittni / / Reply

    Looks like you snagged some amazing cards this year Ez. The corgi pin is so, so cute! Saw a couple of people walking around with them at Alt.

  6. Melanie / / Reply

    Hi Ez! Thanks for including my card in your roundup. :) I'm so glad that I found you on the last day!

  7. Tanya / / Reply

    Looking through all these business card round up posts I can't help but think "Oh I wish I got that one, and that one!"
    Thanks so much for including mine and it was so lovely meeting you. Hopefully next time we can chat more! (So hard with so much going on isn't it?)

  8. christine / / Reply

    Nice round-up, Ez! You are so good at sorting. I started to go through mine, but they ended up back in a pouch. For now. xo

  9. Aimee / / Reply

    This is one of my FAVORITE posts EVER! I will have the most fun later tonight visiting everyone's sites. As a print designer who also works for a commercial printer I see A TON of business cards come through the shop. Sadly, most are not as exciting as the ones you've featured. The odd shaped cards always get me…they are great to look at but not as user friendly (if you are an organizing fiend like me). The cards with gift are the best, in my opinion…because I am 5 and I like presents/toys. Thanks!

  10. Zoe / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing! As I'm brainstorming about my OEM business cards at this very moment I'm so happy I found your pretty stack!
    xo Zoe

  11. Kendra / / Reply

    I work at a print shop and let me tell you, I see a lot of hideous business cards than I do nice ones like these. I wish people put as much effort into their business cards as these people did.

  12. Becca / / Reply

    "And Then We Saved" caught my eye out of curiosity as to what it could possibly be, so I clicked the link and absolutely LOVE her header! SO CUTE!! Great business cards all around though, provides some much needed inspiration for my blog and my photography business. Thanks for sharing, Ez!

  13. tara / / Reply

    Wow! Those are gorgeous business cards!! I want some! (I don't even have boring business cards…)

  14. Shauna / / Reply

    Kendra, my card is the Dessert Meet Designs one in the squares and rounds category, and let me tell you, working out the logistics of flying with tons of chocolate, hoping it doesn't melt or break in transit is enough to drive anyone crazy. It takes a group as nutty as us Alt attendees to even come up with some of these whacky ideas. My everyday biz cards are much more practical, probably the stuff that makes you yawn. :D

  15. Emily @ Peck Life / / Reply

    Thank you for feauturing my card! I remember seeing this same post last year after Alt and thinking to myself… "i'm gonna make this happen and go in 2013". I can't believe it all came true! It was such a dream to finally meet you. <3

  16. Jen Suydam / / Reply

    Haha, what! Oh my gosh, that is a lot of work. You are awesome. Thank you for sharing all of those beautiful cards with us! I look forward to checking out the businesses this weekend! It'll take some time.. :)

  17. Helena / / Reply

    What a lovely way to promote other fellows and they are so well organized, loved this post and i am going to explore some of them :)

  18. Donna / / Reply

    Igloo Letterpress!!! They're near me! So fun!!! Hope you had fun and learned a lot!

  19. Beth P / / Reply

    Thank you, Ez!
    I had so much fun oogling over the cards and discovering new sites through the links. Thanks for making the effort to include those of us who weren't at Alt! Makes me want to go even more. Maybe next year!
    Enjoy the day!

  20. Sharon Garofalow / / Reply

    Alt felt like such a whirlwind and I felt like I met so many amazing people. But the reality is I didn't even connect with 1/4 of them! The cards were all amazing! The whole things was utterly inspiring!

  21. Lexy | The Proper Pinwheel / / Reply

    Oh girl. Thank you SO much for including my lil' pillow box! Flattered. Seriously. It was so lovely to meet you! I'm sad it was so quick, but whaddayado at Alt? :)

  22. Alexandra Hedin / / Reply

    Ez! Thank you for including me + the edge painting which was a nightmare the first few rounds but ended up AWESOME :) It was so great to meet you in real life.

  23. Amber Kemp-Gerstel / / Reply

    HOLD UP! WAIT A MINUTE!! Me thinks I see my card in the lineup…TWICE! EZ – it was so great meeting you at ALT and this is the icing on the cake…not to mention when you took a photo of my neon orange pumps! Thanks for making ALT awesome!

  24. Alice / / Reply

    This is always my favourite part of your ALT report! Love seeing all the amazing ideas people come up with for their cards. I'm trying to work on my branding at the moment and I need all the inspiration I can get…so thank you so much for this, it really helps!

  25. Liz / / Reply

    Amazing! Can't wait to collect when I go in June – I'll have to step up my game and add some edge painting to my cards; who doesn't love a hot pop of color?

  26. The Cuisinerd / / Reply

    EZ! I'm so glad I got to see you for a few minutes during all the craze. Looking forward to seeing our video debut xo

  27. Maddy @ Somewhere Splendid / / Reply

    Thanks so much for including my coaster for Somewhere Splendid and the fringe business card for Confetti Pop! They both were labors of love in their own right, so I'm so glad you loved it!

  28. Annie / / Reply

    You are so thoughtful to do this categorizing and you are just thoughtful in general! I think these are amazing. For my own branding I was somewhat paralyzed with selecting just one design to represent all that I am. I didn't want to commit to one logo or business card design for life! I finally made peace with the idea and just decided to jump in the pool and go with something!! I designed a logo for my imaginary graphic design business and have to say it came out better than I expected and I am pleased with it. Maybe someday I will take the Plunge into freelance design. For now I will just enjoy these cards that remind me that there is so much creativity and variety in our beautiful world!

  29. Moorea Seal / / Reply

    SO bummed we didn't get to meet up!
    But fingers crossed I will be at the Alt Summit in NYC! How about you?
    Maybe I'll have to send you a present in the mail since I didn't get to give you on in person. :)
    xo Moorea

  30. Katie / / Reply

    Absolutely LOVED seeing all of these creative business cards! Thank you for linking to everyone – can't wait to check out each site! :)

  31. Lizzy / / Reply

    Ez, thanks so much for sharing my card! I'm so honored and now I'm blushing :) Mostly though, I truly enjoyed your TIATTY session, it was the best thing I participated in. Thanks for being so fearless!

  32. Carly / / Reply

    Umm….. Gifts as business cards?! This is a revelation to me, how amazing! And now I realise I've been an advertising slave for far too long…

  33. Amy / / Reply

    Ah, I'm so glad you posted all of these! I am just now in the middle of designing a new business card; these are such great inspiration!

  34. Meli (Blush + Jelly) / / Reply

    Love all the business card inspiration – really puts my card to shame. Think it's time to re-create my business card for something a little more fun!

  35. Jane Rhodes / / Reply

    hey. thanks for including my pom poms in the round-up. gorgeous photos and loved having you as a part-part-part-time roomie. it was good to put a real face to a really awesome blog. always been a fan! xo

  36. Cathie / / Reply

    Love all the creative business cards! Totally beats out any run of the mill conference where everybody's business card looks the same.

  37. chris berry / / Reply

    I have a lot of business cards and it looks exactly like the first picture lol

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