Free: Love + Kisses Photoshop Brush Set

I look kind of funny in lipstick. No really, I’m not being mean to myself…just stating a fact. I think this unfortunate truth has something to do with my cartoonishly bowed top lip. The peaks are as pointed as mountain tops which isn’t much of an issue in my standard clear lip gloss, but throw on anything with color and those points make me look like a lady who is trying just a tad too hard.

Even with this knowledge firmly planted in my mind, I was still lured in by the array of stunningly vibrant lipstick colors on display at Target last weekend. In my momentarily dazzled state I managed to convince myself that somehow in these new bolder shades, I would surely be transformed into a glam chick who rocks a magenta lip like nobody’s business. Well, suffice to say, even though I ended up with three colors so pretty that I could cry, they, as predicted did nothing but draw a neon pink spotlight to my overly-arched kisser. Le sigh!

So while my dreams of breezing around Alt Summit with a color-saturated smile are all but gone, I decided that I could still make that lipstick worth something. Behold the Free Love + Kisses Photoshop Brush Set (download using the button above)! There are two lip prints and several different love-themed words and phrases in the set for good measure. And since they are photoshop brushes, that means you can use them with any color you fancy (they don’t have to be shades of pink and red like mine here). Use the set to spice up a love note, smother a Valentine-themed blog post with, etc. etc. I’d love to hear what you make out of them! xo Ez

P.S. I’ll be leaving for Alt Summit early tomorrow morning. If you’d like you can follow me and my adventures over on instagram (creaturecomforts) and Twitter (creaturecomfort). I’ll see you here for regular posting next week! xx

Photoshop Brushes Tip 1: The lip prints are slightly transparent (it makes them look cool layered over other things)…but if you want them to look darker just click your mouse 3 or more times in one spot to build up the color and make them less transparent.

Photoshop Brushes Tip 2: If you’d like a little help on loading and using photoshop brushes, you can watch my video tutorial: Basic Tips for Using Photoshop Brushes that I created last year. *You can find the Inky Brush Set used in the video right here.

Note: I use Photoshop CS3 and I’m unsure of how these brushes will work with older versions of Photoshop. Fingers crossed that they will work for you.

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  1. tara / / Reply

    I usually look awful in lipstick too, but I found that the Burt's Bees lipcolor chapstick in the plum looks fantastic on me! It's just a little bit of color, so it doesn't look ridiculous.

    And I tried the neon lipstick route because it looked so pretty…..just not on me.

    Have fun at Alt Summit!

  2. Charlotte / / Reply

    Love the brushes. Especially the arch. My lips don't arch which makes me look like a toddler when chosing the wrong colour…

  3. Dina / / Reply

    You come up with the coolest little gifts for us. Thank you for always sharing!

    Also…I am dying to know which lipsticks caught your eye at Target…

    Thanks, Ez, safe travels!

  4. bestofbklyn / / Reply

    I LOVE these. Thank you so much! New reader here, but loving what I've seen so far. Hope you have fun at Alt!

  5. Lori C. / / Reply

    Thanks Ez! I love all of your free downloads. One question, is there a way to save them in photoshop. I have to re download every time I use them. Is that how they work?

    Also, have a lovely time at Alt. I wish I was going to see you there!

    Lori C.

  6. Megan of Dressed By Style / / Reply

    I generally stick to nude lipsticks (Mac has a pretty Hug Me & also Modesty) but would love to be able to rock a red lip! I always feel like it ends up on my teeth though ;)
    Thanks for these super sweet pouty lip brushes! xo

  7. Angela / / Reply

    These are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing! I really like the shape of those lips, considering that mine are so small and my lipstick marks usually look like just two parallel lines. :-(

  8. Leigh / / Reply

    Ez ~ Well i know you don't know me at all, but do i want to encourage you to just be totally brave and wear the bold color that you think is "too much" for you. Why?
    Well 1st, (i went back and looked at a pic of you to be sure) you have a perfectly shaped lip! Many ladies would commit a crime to have the peaks you have. Lovely shape! (not "too" pointy in my opinion) You are a lovely gal!
    2nd, although it's true that bright/bold lip colors make lip-shape stand out more & despite the shape, when you just aren't accustomed to seeing it on your own face, if you're anything like me, it's all the more -yikes, too much! oh lord! i feel foolish!- but that is not the way it looks to others. For myself, i wanted to wear some shade of red as a "pop" color but i have ALWAYS worn natural/earthy colors, colors that were more complimentary than bold… and even once i settled on a shade that suited my skin & hair (it's called Poppy), i felt so silly! Like LOOK AT ME- sheesh. (i have strong arches in my upper lip as well) But i wore it when i was going to just be arround a few people, girl friends, and i asked them (b/c my hubby's opinion was not enough to soothe my uncertainty) if i could actually "rock this" or fall back to ol' faithful… i got good feedback even though i felt so self-conscience. Then i wore it "out" to do stuff & later to a convention & i got so many random compliments on my bold lip! Surprise! So i really think you should go for it! Perhaps just at least one of the days at Alt! It will grow on you, i promise! I know lipstick can seem like a silly thing to be nervous about to some people, but anything drastic that we wear feels awkward at least to us, at first. You'll be lovely! I know it!

  9. Rowena / / Reply

    These are really wonderful! Thank so much for sharing EZ!
    Have an amazing time at ALT!

  10. Albertina / / Reply

    Thank you for the lips brush freebie. I used it to do a valentine's t-shirt for my daughter and am posting about it tomorrow. Of course I mentioned your wonderful blog which I'm beyond thrilled to have discovered.

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  12. Lorina / / Reply

    Hi :)
    I love love loveeee the je t’aime font in these brushes, what is it? I’ve been looking everywhere for this font and finally found the source of where I got my brushes.

    It’s perfect! :D

    Thank you,
    Lorina Daiana

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