Inspired by Surface Designer Elizabeth Olwen

One of the things I’m really looking forward to at Alt Summit next week is a pattern design workshop that I signed up for. I am constantly inspired and amazed by all the gorgeous and imaginative prints and patterns out in the world, and relish the thought of being even one tiny step closer to understanding the hows and whys of their creation. I did share one quick post a little while ago about Creating Seamless Patterns in Photoshop…but I’m hoping to learn even more (then I can come back and share it with you guys).

But anyhow, I digress. Today I want to share the work of an incredibly talented surface designer with you. Elizabeth Olwen got in touch this past holiday season to share her pattern designs, and I’m afraid that even though I instantly fell in love with her aesthetic and incredible eye for composition and color, I was too swamped with holiday obligations to do much more than bookmark for later.

Ahh, but today at last, I am finally getting to point you in her direction…so all is not lost! Hooray! First check out Elizabeth’s website for a beautiful sampling of her work, and her blog for regular pattern updates (so inspiring). Then be sure to stop by her Society6 shop where she sells prints, pillows, and other goods, and finally swing on by Wallpapered to see the brand new line of wallpapers they offer featuring her prints! So, so good!

I hope Elizabeth’s work will inspire you as much as it does for me! xo Ez

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  1. Angel Y. | Static-Romance / / Reply

    I'm so excited to read about Alt's pattern design workshop. I think pattern design is gorgeous and exciting form of design that isn't explored often. Love Elizabeth's work!

  2. val / / Reply

    I love this inspiration! Especially the first design. The colors are so cheery.

    I'll also be attending the pattern design workshop at Alt. I'm interested in what methods we'll learn. I design patterns and illustrations for school products for my day job. So I'm already familiar with digital print making. But I'd like to expand my efforts to other products!

    I look forward to seeing you there!

  3. Annie / / Reply

    Yes indeed. I do like the soft colors and that adorable candy and balloon print is so darn cute. I am inspired. Will check out her website! Thanks!

  4. Leanda / / Reply

    Fabulous work. Just what I need right now. I am having a huge crush on pattern design at the moment!

  5. Piia / / Reply

    I agree, her compositions and color choices are impeccable, so hard to do! Beautiful work!

  6. Heather / / Reply


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  7. Kimberly Kling / / Reply

    I'm in love with Elizabeth Olwen's designs. I don't know where I first learned of her (flickr I think?), but her work is just gorgeous! I'm also in love with surface design in general. I could literally make patterns all day every day. I've decided it's something I want to pursue as a career. I'm so happy for you that you are going to take a class in it! You'll love it!

  8. C.D. Beatrice Clay / / Reply

    SWOONIFUL!!! I am learning as much as I can about making seamless patterns. I can't wait to send my little doodles off to Spoonflower! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth's work.

  9. Polina / / Reply

    All of these patterns are sp cute… I even don’t know which one I like the most)

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