A Subtle Golden Touch

Lately (for far too long actually) I’ve been crushing on glamorous little pops of metallic gold on everything from home accessories to fashion. I especially love it when the gilding is done in an understated or unexpected way…like a sprinkle of gold studs on the heel of a pair of black flats or a gold stapler on a desk. Pretty! 

For Any Room: Love Print by Jennifer RamosTwine

For the Dining Room: Rose Gold Flatware | Ceramic Heart MugWest Elm

For the Washroom: Gold Frosted Linen Makeup ClutchGift Shop BrooklynNail VarnishSephora | Gold Eye PencilSephora

For the Living Room: Hand Painted PillowMe Longings Studio

For the Office: Acrylic Clip Board (via) – Russell + Hazel | Gold Floral Pattern + Painted Stripe Cards by Rifle Paper Co. - Greer Chicago | Acrylic Stapler (via) – Russell + Hazel

For the closet: Superstar BobbiBan.do | Eternnal FlatsZappos

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  1. Emily / / Reply

    I'm with ya sister! Gold!! It's to die for… LOVE all your picks for this post – especially that pillow.

  2. Zoe / / Reply

    I'm totally with you, I just love golden details these days! I think we all need a little more glamour in our lives!
    xo Zoe

  3. indreams / / Reply

    i've been lusting after that cutlery set from west elm since i first laid eyes on it. trying to convince everyone that it's worth its price is a different story…siiiigh.

    and yes, little pops of gold are dangerous around me…i can safely say i want everything on this page! haha.

  4. Gosia / / Reply

    This seems to be catchy. I love grey but I picked a metallic GOLD planner in your giveaway! Why? I've never been a bling-bling person really

  5. Chanee / / Reply

    A beautiful shimmery collection! Thank you dearly for including my pillow cover. Cheers!

  6. Gina / / Reply

    Great pics, indeed! Metallics are here to stay and they are truly inspiring and addictive :)

  7. Annie / / Reply

    Oh! Me too! Target has gold striped and gold patterned calendar books. I had my eye on them over 2 visits and finally grabbed one! Love your blog and faithfully follow it!

  8. Steph - The Event Crashers / / Reply

    I've honestly never been a huge fan of gold. Silver was my go to and I dreaded combining silver and gold in the same outfit. But these inspiration photos are really making me think even I can handle a little bit more gold in my life. Thank you!

  9. Katie / / Reply

    Funny–I've had the same obsession, too, even though I always preferred silver in the past. I've also had a thing for rose gold hues that's getting worse every day.

  10. Sanae / / Reply

    I'm loving gold too! I just made my daughter a blouse out of linen with embroidered gold polka dots. So fun!

  11. Melanie / / Reply

    You know how things keep turning up in your life, like the world is sending you a message or something? That's how I feel about that gold stapler. :)

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