DIY Faux Polaroid Coasters from Darkroom and Dearly

Hi friends! I want to thank you all so much for your amazing support and encouragement yesterday. It’s always scary to share something personal online, but every time I have over the years I have quickly been reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to be surrounded by such an amazing community of genuinely kind and inspiring individuals such as you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In any event, I’m not quite on top of things enough to have a new Creature Comforts DIY post done already, but luckily I came across these amazing DIY Faux Polaroid Coasters on Darkroom and Dearly a while back, and I think they are just the thing to share today. This finished project would make a wonderful gift (even more so if the gift recipient is a photo enthusiast), and I absolutely love how easily they can be customized to suit just about any one (i.e. photos of the grandkids for nana, shots of the seashore for your land-locked friend, etc.). Pop over to Darkroom and Dearly for the full DIY. xo Ez