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Several weeks ago I ordered a copy of the new Heather Ross Prints book. I eagerly awaited its arrival and no sooner had it hit my doorstep than it was unwrapped from its box and voraciously flipped through. The book features an extensive number of awesome DIY projects using Heather Ross’ patterns in applications from wallpaper, and sewn crafts, to printables (yes there is a disc included with all the patterns and printables she uses). It’s truly worth its weight in gold!. But what truly sold me was the portion of the book where Heather shares her design process, and gives a thorough Photoshop tutorial for those who are interested in learning. I literally could not wait to try!

Here’s what I made. I first decided on a magic show theme, and after sketching up some ideas I followed each step in the book carefully (from raw sketching to Photoshop editing) until finally by the end of the day I had created my very own print!

I sent it off to Spoonflower to be printed onto fabric, and then just last week it arrived! Of course I had to make another print to go along with it since the first one was so fun!

I enjoyed the print making process so much and I hope I have a lot more time to work on learning the craft in the coming months.

Note: There were horrible lighting conditions when I took this photo. The actual fabric is much more vibrant and true to the original design colors.

If you’d like to see more of what you’ll find inside Heather Ross’ book, you can find a post about it on her blog.

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  1. Ang-e / / Reply

    So now we need a link to your Spoonflower account so we can buy it too! ;)

  2. Jen R / / Reply

    Oh, that is SO SO SO CUTE!!! Tell me, I'm dying to know what version of photoshop do you need to use? Is the trial thing enough, or do you need to buy it. I keep hesitating, because we don't have the software!

  3. C.D. Beatrice Clay / / Reply

    Yaassssss! I LOVE THIS! I love textiles and often wondered how folks get their pretty sketches on fabric. Yep, I have dreams of designing some homegoods one day. I am defnitely ordering this book!! Thanks for sharing your process Ez.

  4. Miss B. / / Reply

    SO FUN! I love seeing the illustration translated to the fabric, it's like magic:) Beautiful job Ez!

  5. Eadaoin / / Reply

    Ez these are just so lovely, and your first go at making prints too, you obviously have a talent for it :) The patterns look very sweet, will you post more photos of both of them at any stage, I'd love to see more of this one and also to see how the other one turned out?

  6. Eadaoin / / Reply

    Ez these are just so lovely, and your first go at making prints too, you obviously have a talent for it :) The patterns look very sweet, will you post more photos of both of them at any stage, I'd love to see more of this one and also to see how the other one turned out?

  7. marné / / Reply

    Oh, this is wonderful! I love Heather Ross's designs and have had a goal to design some fabric via Spoonflower forever. I am going to have to get this book.

    Your fabrics are completely adorable, I can't wait to see what you make :)

  8. Charissa - The Gifted Blog / / Reply

    Your prints turned out great! I work at a sewing studio and some of our customers have used Spoonflower to make their own fabric designs. It seems like a good company – I've heard they have really low minimums so you can test out your designs before buying a whole bolt.

    I look forward to see what your fabrics become in future projects. Or maybe you just feel like framing them? They are definitely cute enough!

  9. indreams / / Reply

    SO COOL!!! aah! that's amazing! :)

    i'm also curious about spoonflower…how do you find the quality of their fabric? i'm thinking of getting some made up myself…!

  10. Sanae / / Reply

    SO CUTE!!!! What a coincidence – I was in a bookstore and happened to see Heather's book today and was completely smitten with the idea of creating my own fabric pattern. Your designs are far more adorable than what I had in mind, though!

  11. Jacqui / / Reply

    Amazing! Truly inspired to try now. I don't have this book but one by True Up's Kimberly Kight which also details the process. I haven't tried it since I cannot draw to save myself. But now that spoonflower is offering wallpaper (eeeeek) I am really keen to give it a go. Can't promise such spectacular results though!

  12. Tan / / Reply

    Wow! That's incredible! So you were able to make that print in photoshop rather than illustrator?

  13. anna / / Reply

    yep yep! let me know when you sign your fabric design contract!!! beautiful!

  14. Trude / / Reply

    Your prints turned out sooo cute! Love your aesthetic. :) I had no idea a book like this existed, can't wait to play!

  15. mel / / Reply

    they look great!
    the funny part about the book cover is: ross is the word for horse here in switzerland. :)

  16. Merissa / / Reply

    Oh my! I just saw this post and hopped on over to Heather's blog. I just ordered my copy. I totally cannot wait to try it too :) Your fabric and prints came out so cuuute!

  17. Ez / / Reply

    You guys are the best! Thank you all so much for your kind words about my first prints! I'm even more excited to keep experimenting with the technique now! xox Ez

    P.S. For those of you that asked, I haven't made these fabrics available for sale yet, but I will let you know if that happens! :-)

    P.P.S. I believe that Heather's technique is demonstrated using Photoshop CS5, but I have CS3 and all her steps worked fine for me. I'm not sure how it would work in other versions of Photoshop.

    P.P.P.S. I should have also mentioned above, that once you sketch your design on paper you will need to use a Bamboo tablet to "draw" your design into photoshop (this is done using a scan of your sketch which you trace over), so it's not as hard as it sounds. You can use the mouse on your computer, but it is much harder, and not nearly as enjoyable. It's worth the cost of the Bamboo Tablet in my opinion.

  18. robyn / / Reply

    eeeeee! Thank you so much for sharing this book. I've played around with pattern making before but have always wanted to create a fully finished pattern and get it printed at Spoonflower. I am heading over to Barnes and Noble right after to work to pick this book up :D

  19. Kate Farrall / / Reply

    Thank you for showing your prints! They are beautiful and now make me really want to try out the book! Also thank you for the note about CS3 working fine and really needing a wacom tablet. Very helpful to know. …please keep making prints! You've got a knack for it. -Kate

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