Color Inspiration Daily: 08. 29. 12

I was looking for an inspiring image to share today over on Society6 when I noticed this grouping of favorites I had previously collected. Their lovely color palette jumped right out at me, and even though I already shared two of the photos here on CC individually, I decided that as a group they were too pretty to ignore. Check out the links below for full sized views of each print or to purchase them. xo Ez

1. Hush Now by Christine Lindstrom | 2. Out of Focus by Budi Satria Kwan | 3. Dream Big Dreams by Libertad Lead Photography | 4. The Lady in Pink by Twiggs Photography | 5. Sweet Dreams by Twiggs Photography | 6. Apricot by Elle Moss | 7. Bluejay by Sheena Colleen | 8. Pink Cassette Tapes by Sheena Colleen | 9. Chanel Iman by Paperfashion