High + Low: The Leather Backpack

For our first High + Low, I drew inspiration from the Back to School craze. Even though my days of student life are long gone, I always fall victim to it! There are quite a few stunning backpacks out there these days, but the price tag usually scares me off. I’ve been coveting this Leather Transport Rucksack from Madewell since I first laid eyes on it: simple design in a great brown leather with brass details, perfect for fall. I knew there had to be others like it for less, and lucked out in finding three great options. I don’t know about you, but when given a stylish, less expensive, handmade alternative, I take it! – Julie

I’d also love to hear from CC readers. If there’s an item you’re seeking affordable alternatives to, comment below with the item and link. You might see it in an upcoming post!

The Leather Transport Rucksack $248- Madewell | Large Washed Clip Backpack $57- Topshop | Vintage leather rucksack $125- Annie Haul | Handmade leather backpack $150- Studio 731

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  1. {plum} / / Reply

    what delightful timing!

    Out of the blue, an thought occurred to me on my walk along a corridor to my desk at work. "I need a leather backpack."

    It spurred from an earlier moment of tidy-ing up my laundry room when I hung up a manly-looking, grey, not-very-attractive all purpose backpack/diaper bag I've been using. Well, since my littlest is now 2, the need for a large, utilitarian backpack is going by the wayside.

    "I need a leather backpack", was folllowed by, "but I don't want to spend a lot of money".

    enter, you!
    Bravo on timing.

    ~ d.

  2. Melissa / / Reply

    YAY! Julie!! I love that Julie is guest posting here!! Two beautiful gals together! Yippee! Love this round up, such great looking bags!

  3. Marichelle / / Reply

    Lovin' High + Low already! I can never have enough bags, great finds!! xo

  4. Julie Doan / / Reply

    I'm so glad you're is liking High + Low! Thank you, all :)

    {plum}: I love it when that happens! I hope you find a bag you love.

    Susan: I adore peruvian textiles! A great find.

    Amy: Those are gorgeous dresses. I'll see what I can do!

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