A Story About A DIY Table and Four Awesome Chairs

Hi guys. Sorry for the late post today. It took me longer than anticipated to write this up. Anyhow, as promised, I want to share some photos and a bit about the process of creating my DIY table…including some tips I learned along the way.

This project was a mishmash of two different DIY table tutorials that I fell in love with — this DIY Table from Stylizimo and this version from Our Vintage Home Love. I went into this with very little knowledge when it comes to building things with wood, and while the end results are probably far from perfect, I love my new table…wonkiness and all.

Here are some of the process shots I took and shared over on instagram with detailed notes on each step:

  • The total cost for supplies for this project including the wood (not including the legs) came to $140. I purchased everything (except for a power drill/screwdriver and leather work gloves that I already owned) at Home Depot (I’ll include a full list of supplies at the end of this post). The great thing about their store is that they will cut the wood you need to the exact size specifications that you want for no extra charge. Note: You do have to buy the wood at the cost of the full board regardless of what size you have it cut to. That is probably a no-brainer, but I didn’t know that until checkout. For my table I had five 2×8 untreated boards cut to 6′ each and then two 1×4 boards (thanks Chris for the updated info) cut into 4 portions of 3′ each (I only ended up using 3 of them). The table legs are from IKEA (purchased online) and including shipping came to $40.
  • I was so glad that I purchased an electric sander. It would have taken me weeks to sand the boards down by hand. With the sander it took me two afternoons (it was also blazing hot outside, so I probably could have done it easily in one afternoon if it had been cooler out). I followed the sanding grit recommendations on Our Vintage Home Love, and it worked really well.

  • I found sanding to be really enjoyable (maybe I’m a bit nutty). Seeing my finished and oh-so-smooth boards all stacked up and ready to be made into a table was really satisfying.
  • I wanted to achieve a similar stain on my table that Stylizimo did on hers, but wasn’t able to find the brand that she used. Fortunately after a bit of online research I discovered that Minwax makes a grey stain that looked like a decent match. I stained and waxed according to the directions on Our Vintage Home Love…but only used one coat of stain (left on for the minimum amount of time) and did not sand after staining. The end results are probably a bit more grey than I would like, but I do think it has a really nice aged wood look…which is what I was going for.

  • A note about staining and waxing…it is really messy (and stinky), so be sure work in a ventilated area, wear proper work clothing, and protect the surface you are working on as well. I had grey stain leftover on my legs and toes for days (most of it came off with nail polish remover thankfully).
  • Once the wax was dry my daughter helped me bring the boards inside and we laid them out to be assembled. Unfortunately I quickly discovered that the screws I’d purchased were not long enough, so I had to run out and get longer ones. I decided to use my support boards in three positions across the bottom of the tabletop. They are arranged with two of the boards at 9″ in from the ends, and the third board centered between those (at around 21.5″). The finished table top is pretty heavy…so you will definitely need assistance to place it on the legs. If I were to do this all over again, I might try thinner boards (although it seems like those might warp easily over time).

Another note: I was overly-excited about having the table set up in my house and made the mistake of bringing it in directly after the wax/stain had dried. The fumes were so overpowering after an hour that we ended up having to take it back outside for another two days so that it could properly outgas. Pew!

Here are two peeks at the underside of the table. You can see that I got a little bit excited while using the power screwdriver. It seemed safer to err on the overzealous side…I definitely don’t want one of these boards coming off on my legs while I’m eating breakfast!

When selecting boards it is also a good idea to visually inspect each one before having it cut. I didn’t happen to notice that one of my boards was super rough and chipped along the edge and it was quite the task to sand it down. I actually like the aged effect that it has going on, but I thought it was worth mentioning incase you want something a bit smoother.

And there you have it. A very labour-intensive DIY, but one that I am extremely happy with. I can’t really even describe how gratifying it is to sit down to a meal at a table that you personally created and worked so hard on! Definitely worth $180 in my opinion!

Ohhh…and the chairs! I spotted these White Tabouret Stacking Chairs from Overstock.com over on Pinterest, and at $180 for 4 chairs (and tons of positive reviews) I couldn’t pass them up (plus it was only $2 for shipping). They are surprisingly comfortable…the curve of the back is just right, and are a great weight and size. The only negative I have to say about them is that one of the chairs has plastic shipping material melted onto the leg and we are having a hard time getting it off. I’m sure this has more to do with the scorching 115 degree temperatures we’ve been having (probably hotter in the back of a shipping truck) than anything on Overstock’s part. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to remove it with some special cleaners and a bit of elbow grease.

DIY table supply list:

  • Five 2×8 boards cut to 6′ in length
  • Three 1×4 boards cut to 3′ in length
  • Ryobi Sander
  • Sanding paper in 220 and 150 grit (make sure you have plenty on hand)
  • Leather / cloth work gloves
  • Rubber gloves (for use while staining/waxing)
  • Drop cloth (I used a plastic cloth because it was the most affordable option)
  • Clean cotton rags (you will need quite a few)
  • Tack cloth (a sticky cloth sold in the painting section, used to pick up fine dust particles before staining)
  • Wood Screws, 1-3/4″ (as you saw earlier…I used a lot)
  • Power screwdriver
  • Paintbrush – I used a 3″ brush made for use with stains
  • Minwax Wood Finish in Classic Gray 271
  • Minwax Paste Finishing Wax in Natural
  • Vika Lerberg Trestle Legs from IKEA 
  • You will also need some sort of a sawhorse or raised work surface that can get messy when sanding and staining. I used an old desk (for the sanding portion) and two scrap blocks of wood (for the staining portion).
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  1. Morielle / / Reply

    I'm SO impressed that you did this!!!!!!!!! It looks incredible and I am jealous :) I'm totally blown away!

  2. Jee / / Reply

    AMAZING! I love the color of the stain. So much work, but the effort sure looks worth it.

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Awww…thank you so much sister! We love and miss you guys! xo

  4. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Jee! It was definitely a lot of work, but we are really enjoying the end result! xo Ez

  5. Emily / / Reply

    Oh wow, I love this! I've been looking for an affordable industrial-chic table and this is perfect.

  6. Jennifer / / Reply

    It looks amazing! My husband recently built us a dining table and I witnessed just how much work is involved. I don't think I could make one all by myself. Those chairs look great with it too! We are still working on finding chairs for ours.

  7. Monsterscircus / / Reply

    So great job! It looks amazing and what a Nice combination with the chairs! Wondeful pictures and love the colour of your nail polish :-)

  8. indreams / / Reply

    yowzah!! that sounds like it was quite the ordeal…but obviously it was totally worth it, because that table is GORGEOUS!! :) high five!

  9. Yelena / / Reply

    Hi Ez!
    Thank you for sharing the DYI. I am sure it was quite an undertaking for you to make this gorgeous table from start to finish. The results are truly remarkable and inspirational. I love the look and feel and pairing the table with this particular chair design is a great idea.

    I only wanted to verify the dimensions you cut your boards to. You say the boards were 2 x 8 cut to 6" and the shorter cut for support was 3". Did you mean 6' and 3' respectfully? Just wanted to make sure the measurements are in feet, not inches for these two cuts. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I hope you are enjoying the homemade meals at that table every day!

  10. Ez / / Reply

    Oh gosh…how embarrassing Yelena! I basically instructed you to build a table for a mouse! Thank goodness you caught that! You are correct. The measurements were meant to be in feet, not inches. If in doubt, feel free to refer to the two table DIYs that I followed. xo Ez

  11. Cat S. / / Reply

    Beautiful! I considered making this table too, before my grandfather gave us one to have for our new place, so it's really cool to see someone else do it from step one.

    Incidentally, we also just ordered the same chairs and we could get the plastic off one batch, but our second set was banged up and also had the problem with the melted plastic that simply wouldn't come off. Unfortunately, it is not only difficult to get the plastic off (we've tried scraping, using goo be gone, etc. and it won't come off) but and where we did get it off, it left a purpleish stain from the color of the plastic. We ordered a replacement set, but in case it has melted plastic too, if you figure out some way to get the plastic off, let us know, if you don't mind! We'd love to get your advice on that too…

  12. C.D. Beatrice Clay / / Reply

    Awesome table! and once again my friend, TWINSIES!!! First the half way to heaven peanut butter cookies and now the numbered jars! I have those little ceramic numbered jars 1-9 from the Christmas Tree Shops!!! I love 'em!

  13. Katie @ Gluten Free Blondie / / Reply

    This is BEYOND stunning!! I can only imagine the gratification of sitting down every day to a beautiful piece of furniture you created. Couldn't wait to read the post as soon as I saw the picture on Instagram!

  14. McKenna Ryan / / Reply

    I love the chairs that you paired with your table. It is unexpected and utterly fantastiic. I am so impressed.

  15. Leanda / / Reply

    Wow! What a great result Ez. Definitely something to be proud of :) And the chairs were a bargain!!

  16. Lucy / / Reply

    This is so fantastic – you really did such a wonderful job on the table! I wish I was as gifted in this way, and you've given such a detailed tutorial that maybe I could even try it myself!

  17. Caroline / / Reply

    This is so beautiful and you are so talented!! I can't wait to see it in person! (someday. when it's not 1,000,000 degrees outside. then I'll come visit you.) xox

  18. Melissa / / Reply

    Omg, it is stunning hunnie! And I LOVE the chairs too! So great, I love the grey you chose and the sweet little numbered pots look great there, with the flowers and your poster! YAY! SO fantastic!

  19. Marian (Sweetopia) / / Reply

    I absolutely *love* your table. Saw it on instagram first and was so excited to see your post! Thanks for such detailed notes; I'll likely be needing them!

  20. Dariela / / Reply

    It looks so professional! I love it and the fact that you did it makes me want to do one for us. Not yet but someday!! I wonder if it works for outdoors, I'm thinking no but I'll go find out in the link you gave. Very very nice Ez!

  21. christina- floresdelsol / / Reply

    i love this DIY! i just ordered the chairs. thank you for the brilliant tip. i even got free shipping and $9 off with a promo code found on retailmenot.com.


  22. Jenny / / Reply

    I love all the work that went into the table and chairs, but I think my favorite thing that I noticed is your poster with the lyrics of "You are my sunshine" hanging on the wall. Brilliant!

  23. Esther / / Reply

    Awesome job! We're trying to find a new kitchen table, but your post has inspired me to want to make my own instead of buying! Thanks for all the tips!

  24. Erin / / Reply

    Obsessed with this and is now on my bucket list of DIY projects for my next home. Thanks!!

  25. Lianna / / Reply

    I LOVE your table! And the use of the trestle legs from IKEA is brilliant! Did you use cedar for your wood? The color and grain is lovely!

  26. Mindy / / Reply

    love it! We have been struggling to find a table the right size and now we can make one! I even have table legs in storage. perfect thanks

  27. Alert Electrical / / Reply

    Thanks for the super detailed tutorial, thinking of making myself a dining table at the moment as I can't find one the right size/shape for what I want anywhere. Shall be trying this out in the next few weeks, although with less beautiful results I'm sure!

  28. May / / Reply

    Awesome table you have here! I'm looking to make something similar out of Ikea's table top :) Did you secure the trestle legs onto the table? If yes, may I know how did you do it? Thanks so much!

  29. Mary / / Reply

    I love this DIY! Question–do the table legs from IKEA screw into the table or simply sit underneath? Have you found them to be a sturdy option? Thanks!

  30. Gina_AcuteDesigns / / Reply

    I was just planning on a rustic/modern look for my dining room and then I stumbled upon this post from Curbly. Love it! An so the look I am going for :).

  31. Devin / / Reply

    Hi! I am tackling this table this weekend…has anyone else tried? I am on the fence to use 1 inch or 2 inch thick boards. Would love feedback!

  32. Ez / / Reply

    Your table turned out so great Sarah! Thanks so much for stopping by to share your link with us! xo Ez

  33. Ez / / Reply

    Hi Devin! I used 2" boards for mine. The finished table top is very heavy, but is much less likely to warp over time like the thinner boards might. If you do use thinner boards, you might consider placing more 1×4 boards across the underside (I used three for mine) so that it doesn't bow. Good luck. Let us know how it turns out! -Ez

  34. Ez / / Reply

    Hi Mary! Sorry for my late reply. The tabletop sits on top of the IKEA legs and doesn't screw in. If you wanted to attach it with some C-shaped brackets (I don't know the technical name) you could certainly do that. Since the tabletop is so heavy, it doesn't move around much on its own. If you have young kids, you might want to find a way to make it a bit more stable though, just to be on the safe side. xo Ez

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  38. Andrea / / Reply

    I love it. So rustic and chic! I love the chairs too. I’ve been trying to convince my husband for a year to get rid of our square counter height table that does not work with our family! It only seats four so when guests come over we all have to squish. Maybe when he sees how easy this is he’ll finally agree to let me do it!

  39. Atb / / Reply

    Very cool. How stable is the table? Can you lean on part of it to stand up without flipping it? Does it shake?

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  42. Kat Crane / / Reply

    Love it!! We built a farm table and used a torch to age it and then stained it. I really like it. You can make the size you need.

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  45. Nicole / / Reply

    This is so pretty! I saw your DIY last night and have almost finished it, I have a bit more sanding to do tomorrow and the staining. How did you secure the legs? Is the top just resting on them, because I noticed there aren’t any holes to drill into. I think I might swap them out for a hairpin style later on, but I love the look. Thanks for the info!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Hi Nicole! We didn’t secure our legs…the tabletop just sits atop the legs. It’s been pretty sturdy, however I do think your idea of attaching them sounds great. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar to ours too.
      Best of luck with your table! I hope you love it as much as we love ours! xo Ez

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  48. Kelly / / Reply

    My husband and I are starting to make our table! We are following your easy instructions and everything is going great. I have a question, where did you get the “You are my sunshine” poster? Did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere? Thanks so much!

  49. Pingback: DIY Patio Table | Paint & Pillows

  50. Emily / / Reply

    Thanks so much for this great tutorial!! I followed it and looove the result. I’ve linked you on my blog, facebook, and instagram. I don’t have a billion followers, but my handful of folks know that you rock! ;)

  51. Lucy VanOrmer / / Reply

    Hi okay starting my own table – thank you – you rock!!!

    Question: it’s been a while since you posted this, how is the table holding up?

    Thank you!!!


    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Hi Lucy! The table is still in great shape. It sat on a moving truck for over a month in the middle of Summer in the South, and there was a bit of warping in the boards because of that…but other than that all is well. We still love it just as much (if not more) than the first day we used it!
      Best of luck to you on your table-making adventures! xo Ez

  52. Lucy Vanormer / / Reply

    Sweet deal! Thank you for the update – helps convince the hubs – im not crazy in doing this, ha ha ha!! (He is supportive, really is, but super new at this adventure!)



  53. Tim Ridley / / Reply

    Thanks for posting, just used your design to build a similar table. I swapped out the Lerberg for the Oddvald Trestles instead.

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  55. Maria / / Reply

    Hi. Your table is beautiful. My husband and are are going to attempt this. Boards are ready. How did you secure the boards? Did you do so using only the 2 table ends and one board under the table, in the center?
    Thanks for your expertise.

  56. Samantha Roberts / / Reply

    I was inspired by your post and have made a table top while waiting for my Ikea trestle legs to arrive in the mail. However, I am curious – how do the legs attach to the table top? Do you just use a drill and screw them together?
    Thank you!

  57. Ez
    Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for all your kind comments everyone! To answer your questions about securing the tabletop to the legs… I actually did not secure mine together. The tabletop itself is quite heavy and doesn’t really move around much at all atop the legs. However if I you have young children in the house (or very large boisterous pets) I would recommend securing the top to the legs using metal brackets from the hardware store (not sure exactly which kind would be best since I did not use them on my table). I hope this helps a bit!

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  59. retta55 / / Reply

    Where did you get your sunshine picture / poster from?

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      It’s a handprinted piece by Kyle & Courtney Harmon from from Art.com

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  61. Juliana Alvarez / / Reply

    Hi there! I’m attempting to do this table next weekend and I had a few questions. Are the boards held together just by the base boards underneath? you didn’t glue or nail the boards side by side, correct?

  62. Pingback: Let’s Not Rush Into Anything – The Dining Room Gallery Wall | Cheers, Susan

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