Real Review: Good Looks App

With my daughter’s first day of school only a week away, I’ve been pestering encouraging her to organize her favorite fashion looks ahead of time. I’d love to say that my nagging encouragement is motivated purely by a desire to further cultivate her love of fashion…but in fact it’s a sanity-saving strategy. You can image (or maybe remember from your teen years) how long it can take to get out the door in the morning…especially when the fashion gods seem to be working against you and you suddenly have “nothing to wear.”

So I had the idea that we could photograph her in her favorite ensembles and then print the images out, so that she’d have an easy go-to reference book for those days when the fashion gods don’t seem to be as friendly. I was super excited about my idea (even though it did seem like a lot of work), my teen wasn’t as thrilled by the idea of such an undertaking. But then by pure chance, the crew behind the Good Looks App emailed me to tell me about their brilliant fashion look organizer. Kismet! You don’t even know how quickly I bounced over to the App Store to download it.

I’ve had it for a few days now and thought it would be be worth a little review. I’d love to use it for myself but since my entire wardrobe consists almost completely of black tops and bottoms, I’m pretty sure I’ll manage on my own. The real test will come when we start using it for my daughter in a few days. Fingers crossed.


  • Good Looks is an uncomplicated app that shouldn’t take more than a moment or two to learn.
  • You can upload images directly from your phone or your camera roll (great if you have older images that you want to add in and don’t want to take a new photo).
  • Organize your looks by season, formality, and add tags for easy reference (i.e. denim, sandals, turquoise, etc.). You can also include a comment about your look if you want (maybe what accessories you wore).
  • Schedule to re-wear looks in your Good Looks calendar so you’re always one step ahead! 


  • The weather forecast for my fashion calendar/planner doesn’t seem to work and I’m not sure how to fix it. I don’t think that feature is vital to the app however…so it’s not really that big of an issue in my book.
  • The photo uploader does not give you a specific size to use and you are unable to select the portion of the image to use for the look (mostly an issue if you are using photos that have been cropped or edited before uploading into the app). This resulted in a few headless photos for me…not the end of the world, but I would love for the photo functionality to work a bit better.
  • In a perfect world, the app would include slider functionality to allow you to mix and match different looks. For example, you could photograph your accessories and then mix and match them with your stellar outfits! That would make this app truly fabulous!

Overall opinion: From what I’ve seen so far, and for the price (under $2) I think this is a great little app that will certainly be worth it’s weight in gold if we are saved from even one morning meltdown this school year! If you’re interested in reading/seeing more you can check out the app right here.

Photo credit (center instagram image): Christine a.k.a. ‘milestostyle’ (on instagram).

P.S. As with all of my “Real Reviews” I have not received any compensation (monetary or otherwise) for my opinions.

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  1. Didi / / Reply

    EZ you are looking great! Your daughter is so lucky to have a young, hip Mom to help out! I recall saying to my Mom "No one wears *this*" to which she'd reply "That's because they don't have *it*!" *It*, being whichever item I deemed outmoded or undesirable in my wardrobe. That App sounds like a lot of fun, but, I likewise have mostly black in my wardrobe!

  2. Jess / / Reply

    How cool – i actually currently write down my daily outfit in my good ol' (fashioned) planner at work…but it would be nice to have it on the go, to help when shopping too! haha

  3. Amy Parker / / Reply

    So glad you like the app! Fingers crossed that your daughter likes it too!

    The weather functionality is dependent on location services – you can check if those are turned on under Settings : Location Services, then find the Good Looks icon. If that doesn't fix the problem, let me know – it might be something that's affecting more people.

  4. Rach @ Penelope and Pip / / Reply

    Thanks so much Ez! Such a gret idea – I'm always mixing things in my wardrobe and not remembering what looked good. And being a teacher I have the same problem as the kids – whats going to look cool today!!

  5. Katie / / Reply

    I saw a sweet little set-up in a kid's room where they put hooks up on the wall, each labeled according to the day of the week–perhaps that would be helpful, too! I think I'm going to start using such a system myself.

  6. Corinne / / Reply

    I'm busy helping my 11 year old daughter pack for her first trip to Italy with her grandparents and like the idea of trying on outfits and taking snaps of them. I'll just print them out small on an A4 and slip it into the suitcase. She may not end up using it, but it will give some ideas if she's stuck… (We're lucky she wears a uniform to school so we never have the 'what to wear' issue on school days)

  7. Melissa / / Reply

    Oh, and uh…I need a close up shot of that lovely tangle of bracelets you are wearing on your left arm in the shot! Go ahead……I'll wait…..on Instagram….no rush….humpf. :)

  8. CharChar / / Reply

    I have been wanting to do something like this for awhile as well! I'm super excited to spend a day trying on ever single outfit I can possibly create, haha. How fortunate that I ran into this post, and that they happened to email you when you needed it!

  9. Melissa Lund / / Reply

    Thanks for posting this. I just downloaded the app and can now organize my outfit photos that I have taken over the last year. Such a great idea! This might help me get through those occasional rough mornings that I have not outgrown :)

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