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Beauty crosses all language barriers, so even without an English translation I am still thoroughly inspired by the Likainen Parketti blog written by Netta-Lee for Lily (first spotted via this pin). I just love the clean modern look of her beautiful home that she shares in snippets throughout her posts. It’s the sort of space I dream of having some day, so I’m bookmarking her posts like crazy for future inspiration. See all of Netta-Lee’s posts right here.

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  1. tasselflower (Mervi) / / Reply

    Looks good. Had to stop by and tell a couple of things, as another Finn.

    First of all Likainen Parketti means Dirty Parquet (heh). Second of all Lily is a site where anyone can start a fashion or design blog. Pretty neat. There are some other cute blogs there too. Worth of checking them out!

  2. Ez / / Reply

    Oh wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing those extra details with us Mervi! I appreciate it so much! xo Ez

  3. how2home / / Reply

    Simple and very striking. This home is stunning. The contrast of white and black is super eye catching. My better half would love this!

  4. Zahid / / Reply

    Beautiful footage, very whimsical. I think I would have liked it even more if it was just the footage & music, so I could create my own narrative while watching. Either way, lovely film, thank you for sharing.
    check it

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