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If you’re a part of the Instagram craze then you’re going to want to bookmark Printstagram…a company who cleverly transforms your pretty little shots into everything from mini prints and tiny books, to posters, stickerst-shirts, and more. Just think of how much easier this year’s holiday shopping will be with these guys on call! I haven’t ordered any products from them just yet (so I can’t personally vouch for quality), but I’m hoping to give them a try soon. If you’ve printed with Printstagram I’d love to hear what you think! xo Ez

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  1. Rachel / / Reply

    I just ordered some of their prints and I was so impressed with the paper quality and speedy turnaround that I ordered some more. The paper is deliciously satiny.

  2. Robin / / Reply

    I can't speak to the quality quite yet, but I placed an order 4 weeks ago and still haven't received the prints. They do say it takes between 2-5 weeks so it's still within the time frame, but considering they are based in San Francisco and I live across the bay it seems a bit ridiculous. Although the selection of products is great I'm not sure I would order from them again. If you do allow at least 5 weeks!! If anyone has an alternative I'd like to know!

  3. Hollyanne / / Reply

    I ordered some mini prints awhile back and the quality is outstanding. However, it did take quite a while for them to come…I think about 4 weeks. I believe they are still running a relatively small operation and they do say it takes time to get to you, but I thought it was a little long…

  4. erinkathleen / / Reply

    I've ordered the miniprints twice now, and I love them! The quality was much better than I was expecting, because they're relatively cheap compared to all the other instagram prints out there. The paper was so satiny smooth, and the photos printed so well! I want to print all 1,000+ of my photos! But they did take a long time to show up. I recommend ordering them and then forgetting about them – it makes for a really special mail day about a month later! :)

  5. Alison / / Reply

    I ordered the miniprints also and the the quality was really nice. Like others have said it took forever and a day (or it seemed like it) for them to come. They turned out really cute though!

  6. Ez / / Reply

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your great feedback on this company. I'm excited to hear about the quality, but bummed about the slow shipping time. At least they do inform customers of that fact. I guess we better place our Xmas orders really early! ;-) xo Ez

  7. Thomas / / Reply

    Thanks for writing about us! I'm so glad you liked the quality. I just wanted to let you know we are making significant improvements in our shipping times right now. Most people now are getting their products in 2 weeks or less.
    xoxo Thomas @ social print studio / printstagram

  8. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi and let us know about your shipping improvements Thomas! I'm excited to experience the quality of your products first-hand very soon. -Ez

  9. Emily / / Reply

    Thank you for posting this! I am gleefully ordering the Tiny Book now! :-)

  10. Bailey / / Reply

    I just got my order yesterday. They arrived in less than two weeks. I ordered the mini 2×2 squares. Love them. Quality is fantastic. It was a tiny box of happiness!

  11. Laurie / / Reply

    Oh dear… I actually feel like crying because this 60 year old lady is now even MORE out of the technological loop… and has no earthly idea of what Instagram is.. and now hears raving reviews of Printagram… oh dear…. my 'things I'm afraid to tell you" list just keeps getting longer!… that's how I found my way to this blog page…lol. Ok.. gonna go do a search of 'instagram' and see what that is all about….. and will visit the website of Printagrama and see what that is all about…. my poor old brain is going to be so mad at me at the end of this week. Glad you asked the question and gave me something new to learn…. I thnk!…lol Have a great day.

  12. JSKF / / Reply

    I coordinated my sisters wedding this past March. She had a melt down about not having cool favors so I suggested that she get a Printstagram mini-book with pictures of her and her fiance. She was able to decide the order – for example the first picture was of the invitation and the last picture was of her and her fiance holding up a thank you sign. She and I put together the pictures, emailed them to Printstagram, and worked with them to get a custom color (white). They also allowed my husband to design a custom front cover that matched the invitation (he's a graphic designer and did all the printed materials). We ordered 100 books on very very short notice but Printstagram made them quickly and got them to us a few days before the wedding. Mnay people commented that it was the best favor that they have ever seen. They also have magnets on the back so you can stick them on your fridge. I love Prinstagram!!!!

  13. Thomas / / Reply

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Wow, I absolutely love this story! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Thanks so much for the kind words and support! I'll let the team know.
    XOXO, Thomas
    Social Print Studio

  14. Rach / / Reply

    I run a small company too, and work my ass off to get product out the door. People need to be patient when ordering from small, US (or other western countries) businesses. Support your local companies who are working so hard to provide quality. Quality is the key. I find our most impatient customers by far are Americans, while the Japanese are more than happy to wait for quality. Why do we think we need everything in 2 weeks? Think about the set up, packaging, ordering, creating process. It's very hard to grow a small business from nothing, especially a Mom & Pop. Happy to hear Printsagram is improving production, but people, be patient. Us small businesses try really hard to gain & keep customers, working hours much longer than we get paid for, to provide products incomparable in quality from large-run companies set up in India or China.

  15. fiona / / Reply

    I ordered some and was delighted with the lovely quality. They came in about a fortnigHt, all the way from their printer in Taipei! However, I emailed the company after my order was submitted as I got an automated message saying there was a problem with the order after I'd paid. I never did get a response. But the photos are fabulous and I love the feel of the card.

  16. Robin / / Reply

    FYI- here's a tip I just found out today about shipping also. It is shipped as an international package and therefore requires a signature when it is delivered (at least it did for me, correct me if I am wrong Prinstagram!) so don't have it delivered to your house if you aren't able to sign for it. Now I have to shlep over the post office and take PTO to do it!! Although from what I've read it might be worth it!
    Customer service has been great though! Thanks Taymoor!

  17. Karina / / Reply

    I live in Norway and it took 10 days to get the prints and I LOVE them!!!!!! The package seemed to be shipped from Taiwan.. I recommend this to everyone! :)

  18. Emily / / Reply

    I just got some 4×4 prints a few days ago. They are fabulous. The print and paper quality is outstanding for the price and well worth the wait. Although, my wait was not more than 2 weeks. Highly recommend!

  19. Jutta / / Reply

    That looks really sweet! Have you heard about Stickygram? They make Instagram pictures into magnets. I ordered a batch of baby photos to give my family :) You can find it here

  20. Thomas / / Reply

    Jutta, that's cute. I have heard of stickygram. Have you seen our magnets? They come in the form of miniature books! Take a look at one of our customers posts:
    I'd also like to thank everyone for the kind words and support. We really appreciate this blog for the huge shout out to Social Print Studio and Printstagram! Thank you so much!!!
    Ps. Ez, we'd love to hook you up. Feel free to email me directly.

  21. Jo / / Reply

    I am in agreement with the above posters… I have ordered from Printstagram twice now – just for the mini-prints and LOVE them! You do need to be patient for the delivery time… but they are so worth it! I'm getting ready to order the tiny books… but this is one company that is TRULY awesome!! love them!

  22. Allie / / Reply

    I purchased three sets of the Prinstagram squares — one set of 48 mini squares and one of 24 large squares on my personal Instagram account and then one set of 48 mini squares using my boyfriend's account. Great! We were planning to make a mural of our photos to hang over our bed.

    Until I read this post and saw that the package would be coming Internationally and would need to be signed for. You can't sign for packages in my apartment building. And package tracking wasn't available at all. Lame! So I was left to wait patiently to see if they package would arrive. One package arrived after one month, but the other package never did. I had a bad experience with a customer service rep who insisted the two orders were packed together, which they weren't. Eventually, they just refunded my money when the package never showed up.

    I'm still going to give them one more try as it seems that changes to shipping and customer service have been made, and we really do want to install that photo mural. I love supporting start-up businesses, but you must be transparent about issues and complications up front, and not *after* money has been exchanged. Had I known there was no package tracking or that the prints would be shipped from Taiwan, I would have reconsidered my options.

  23. Amanda / / Reply

    I just received my order from Printstagram and I will definitely be ordering more from them. I bought the Squares 24/$12 4X4 and loved them. Great quality! Some went right up on my fridge. Definitely recommend this website for any instagram lovers! I didn't have to wait long for my purchase either. Placed my order on 9/5 and received it on 9/12! :)

  24. bulletsweetp / / Reply

    I have to say I am baffled by all the positive reviews of print quality here. I ordered the 48 2×2 squares and though the card-like stock is very nice, I found the actual print quality to be unacceptable. Blurry and colors all washed out. I wonder if there was some temporary problem just for my order or if something changed since all these other reviews..?

    • Lizinzee / / Reply

      I think the mini prints are cute and the paper is nice. I was not impressed with the print quality at all.

  25. Gracie / / Reply

    Hello, I just want to print a few of my insta pics but the website doesn't give me an option. Just says print all or double all… Help!!

  26. Jodi / / Reply

    I was nervous after reading such mixed reviews on this site but was so impressed!! My order came within a few days and the quality was great. I ordered two sets of the 4 inch squares. The paper texture is great and photo print quality was great even though my camera is not as nice as an iphone. I'm making a border around a room with these and they turned out perfect for what I'm doing.
    I also ordered a set ofmini books that are so cute. Hopefully soon they will allow people to choose the order of photos in the book, I'm not crazy about how the order of photos turned out, especially the cover photo. Though the paper quality and photo quality turned out . I'll be giving a book to my friend's kid for his fourth birthday…it's made up of pictures he's taken on my phone and other photos I've taken of him or the family.
    Overall I'm thrilled to have so many options to print instagram photos. I'm glad to see that the company seems to recognize what needs to improve. Excited to make another order in the future!!!

  27. Alissa / / Reply

    I placed an order for a poster from Printstagram 12 days ago and still have not received it. Because the poster is for an art exhibit I emailed customer service two days ago asking if my order had shipped (they do not provide a tracking number). I was emailed back from their customer service saying there was a problem with my order. I immediately emailed customer service back asking a question and trying to see how I can get my order in in time for the art exhibit, and have yet to receive a response back (it's been two days and I sent two emails). There is no phone number on their website so I'm just waiting for a response to see if I can get something resolved in time for my deadline.

    I found it extremely odd that I was not informed about a problem with my order until I emailed 10 days later….

  28. Kayla / / Reply

    I wish I could comment on the quality of the actual prints—I am commenting here to warn you guys that, uh, their turnaround time is definitely still on the slow side. Their website clearly says "No matter where you are in the world, you will receive your order (except posters) if you order by Dec. 14th." Welllll…I ordered my calendar on Dec. 10th, and while I received confirmation of my order, I haven't heard anything else about it. It's now Friday, Dec. 21. From doing a search on Twitter, I discovered that I am far from the only one waiting for their order—and, I discovered that others who ordered on/around the same day I did have received confirmation emails saying that their order has finished printing. I have received no such email, no tracking information (which makes sense if it truly hasn't even printed yet—eleven days later), no response to the email I sent to the customer service address I provided, not even a return tweet when I tweeted at them. I'm all for small businesses being busy—I only wish their website had some sort of indication that the turnaround time would be longer than this. I never would have ordered if it hadn't blatantly been promised on their website that the shipping would be within 4-10 business days, and "usually on the faster end" of that. And if it did ship already, and I was supposed to be home to sign for it, it would have been super helpful to have tracking information/some idea about when it was expected to arrive. I'm super sad about this, because it is the only gift I'd planned to give my husband on Christmas morning—who needs more than one gift, when it's so sentimental and special? (A personalized calendar full of pics of our 16-month-old/other memories from the past year.) Sigh. Long story short, if you're going to order through Printstagram, only do it if you don't really need it there in time for anything special, and if you don't mind silence on the other end of your tweets and emails. I'm still holding out hope that my order will arrive—eventually—and that it will look fantastic. Unfortunately, my husband won't get to open that special gift on Christmas morning.

  29. Amanda / / Reply

    I’m having a lot of trouble ordering the instagram stickers. I thought it was a really cute idea. $10 for two books with a total of 252 stickers. No matter what I do, I can’t get it to work with me. I chose 126 photos for book one, and then it doesn’t let me fill out book two. So I tried to put all 252 photos together, and now it’s saying I have 2 books (makes sense) but it’s charging me $20? Can someone please help? I love this idea, but it’s becoming a headache.

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