My Weekend in Photos: July 13-15

Hi friends! Phew, this weekend just passed by in a flash. I managed to capture a few moments of it with my phone at least. These are a couple of my favorites from the last few days. Here’s to a beautiful week ahead for all of us! xo Ez

1. My daughter and I discovered a new store (The Fresh Market) in our town and had to visit twice just to take in all the goodness. I might have also purchased a handful of items based on packaging design alone. Eep! Fortunately they turned out to be tasty too!

2. I created a super simple bunting for my sister’s baby shower using fabrics in her favorite colors. It’s so easy that it probably doesn’t even need instructions, but I’ll be sharing a quick DIY post on the process with you all tomorrow in case you are interested.

3. Almost all of day Saturday I was working on what should have been some simple individual-sized strawberry cheesecakes. Unfortunately I royally messed up with the measurements along the way and it took me a long time to work out all the kinks.

4. Pretty roses for my sister (she loved them…yay).

5. Fortunately the cheesecakes were worth all the hassle since everyone at the party yesterday claimed to love them. Woohoo!

6. The rest of Sunday was spent celebrating with my family at my sister’s baby shower. Throughout the day I found myself getting misty-eyed thinking about how my baby sister who I used to sing to sleep at night, is going to be a mom soon! Unreal! Time really does fly, doesn’t it!

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  1. Tracey Fisher / / Reply

    Wow! That looks like a great weekend and a beautiful shower and yes – I look forward to the tutorial tomorrow on the banner – really cute!

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