Color Inspiration Daily: 07. 13. 12

Eucalyptus by me (Ez Pudewa)

By the way, my experiment with the Peach Macarons yesterday was a bit disastrous (just the filling, not the cookies), so I’m trying to remedy that this morning and am hoping to have a recap to share with you before I take off for the weekend. See you back here in just a few. xo Ez

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  1. Muffin G. / / Reply

    Love this photo! In fact, it's so inspiring, I was wondering if you would mind if I used it for inspiration to develop a pattern? LMK. Just love this! You are such a great photographer!

  2. Steph Bond-Hutkin / / Reply

    You have eucalypts there! I've seen them in LA (they were brought over to the US from Australia as a hardwood source for the railways as they are so fast-growing – but unfortunately new-growth eucalyptus wood warps when drying, so no good). And of course in our backyard :) We have an entire series of children's books about Snugglepot and Cuddlepie – the gumnut fairies. Have you head of them? The little girl fairy hats are made from the gum blossoms, and the little boy fairy hats are the nuts. Too cute!

  3. Sarah / / Reply

    I so love this photo – the colors, the organic textures, the freshness of it all!

  4. fin @ place i love / / Reply

    Great picture. I am currently in the middle of planning my bathroom refurb and looking for inspiration for colours…this has helped!

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