Photo Friday: The Birds

Almost two years ago, my daughter and I visited the Tulsa Zoo. Ever since then I’ve been meaning to take a look at and edit a few of the photos from that day and last night I finally got around to it. Here are a few of my favorite characters. The very first bird with the injured claw (a rescue) ant the plaintive look in his eye was my favorite. And if you are afraid of birds and didn’t already look away you might want to stop scrolling for now. I’ll be back with one more post (it’s a tasty one) in few. xo Ez

Can you believe this guy is a pigeon?! A Blue Crowned Pigeon to be exact. Yes, I love birds…but I have to admit that I was a more than a little bit happy that there was a sheet of glass separating the two of us. Just look at those eyes! Eep!

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  1. Alison / / Reply

    These photos are beautiful! I didn't think I was afraid of birds… Until one started dive-bombing my head on my evening walks.

  2. indreams / / Reply

    even though i've been pooped on by two birds (within a week of each other!) this year already, i still have a soft spot for them. they're just so sweet! i can't wait to see the rest of your shots…

  3. Clare / / Reply

    WOAH – your photos are amazing. Those are hands down the coolest birds I've ever seen! I especially love the colorful, crazy looking spotted guys!

  4. Erica / / Reply

    I love birds too. I've got binoculars in my kitchen so I can spy on all the varieties that come visit our backyard birdfeeder. Then, the nerd in me has to look them up in our bird field books. This habit is great for bird watching, but not so good for getting my dishes done…lol :)

  5. Emily / / Reply

    Those are gorgeous photos! I love birds, and I especially love your photo of the blue bird. You need to sell prints of your photos (if you don't already) because I would love to buy a print of that!

  6. Katie / / Reply

    These birds are gorgeous (as are your photos), but I really wish I hadn't looked at those eyes! I'm terrified of birds anywhere besides in photos…

  7. Orchid / / Reply

    Those birds are all so colorful and adorable! And I love the overall colors in these photos! But I have to admit, that last bird creeps me out just a little bit lol!

  8. Randa / / Reply

    That last one is commonly known as as a Victoria Crowned pigeon. Years ago I stumbled upon one either at the Central Park Zoo or Disney's Animal Kingdom and it was walking around on the ground collecting small sticks to build its next. It was quite sweet actually in spite of the eyes :)

  9. The wild bunches / / Reply

    amazing photos.
    love the color palette in the second one.

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