Leaving on a Jet Plane

Very early in the still-dark hours of this morning I left for a 10 day trip that will take me first to the East Coast and then to the West. I’ll start by spending a few days visiting with some dear friends of mine in New Jersey, and then will wing my way to California where I’ll get to see my little sister graduate from college (I’m so ridiculously proud of you Fiona). I will also get to spend some quality time with my extended family that we see far to rarely…and soak up some of that California sunshine that I miss so much. I’m so excited for all of it! I’ll be snapping pictures of little snippets along the way, so if you’d like to see what I’m up to while I’m gone please follow along over on Instagram @creaturecomforts (I might also be posting some of those photos here on CC…we’ll see if I can figure out how to post directly from Instagram). I’ve also put together a handful of other pretty posts to keep things alive here on Creature Comforts in my absence. I hope you’ll enjoy them, and I look forward to being back here again in a week and a half! See you soon. xo Ez

P.S. This image was inspired by The Veda House

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  1. indreams / / Reply

    have a great trip! (and i can't wait to see the shots…lucky you getting all that sunshine!) :)

  2. mays k. / / Reply

    hi ez, if you're still in nj you should definitely stop by our bakery, zen bakeries!! i really think you'd love it. all fresh ingredients, handmade baked goods….savory and sweet :)!! hope to see you here, and also hope you enjoy your 10 days off!

    mays k.

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