Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

So it started like this:

Do you happen to remember the link I posted to this article by Jess Constable last Friday? Well Friday afternoon over on twitter, all it took was one tweet from Erin followed immediately by Nichole, before suddenly a flood of bloggers raised their virtual hands to say that “Yes, they too were concerned / frustrated / flummoxed about the vast cavern between true reality and the presentation of “reality” on blogs.” That twitter conversation quickly morphed into a challenge spurned on by another post of Jess’ where she shared “Things I’m Afraid to Tell You.” And so today, in lovely little spaces around the web, a handful of brave and authentic bloggers will be adding their voice to what I hope will become a beautiful chorus of honesty and transparency around blogland (yes, lovely readers…you are invited to be a part of this challenge too). I have shared links to their blogs here, and I hope that you will take the time to visit them today or in the coming weeks and encourage and support their openness. This type of authenticity is the sort of things that makes your knees wobble and your “publish post” finger shake. I know because if you read on, you’ll get to see a few of the things I’ve been “afraid” to tell you. And even though I’ve only just begun to put words to this page, my nerves are already setting in. I’m pretty sure that by that time I reach the end, I’ll be having some serious thoughts about deleting the whole thing.

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But for now, I am encouraged and honored to be a part of this beautiful community of bloggers who are willing to make themselves vulnerable in an effort to make the bigger blogging community a better place. Here goes…

Things I’m Afraid to Tell You:

I like to think of myself as being transparent and genuine on my blog, but regardless, over the years I’ve struggled with how much of the behind the scenes nitty-gritty side of life I should share. I have walked outside of my comfort zone a few time, but the majority of the time I have always erred on the side of posting beauty and inspiration, instead of delving into the struggles or challenges I’ve faced for fear that negativity could quickly consume this space (not from you guys…but from me). I do have a huge propensity to get sucked down into pits of depression and because of this have made a conscious choice to focus on light-hearted subjects and beauty as a daily reminder to myself to always seek that side of life.

However as time has gone on, and with the ever-expanding roster of blogs that are out there showcasing pretty thing after pretty thing, I’ve come to realize that all this beauty can actually have the opposite effect. The always-nice that we see on constant display everywhere we look (from blogs to magazines, etc) becomes frustrating because it doesn’t really look like how our life looks, right? Instead of visiting a blog and feeling inspired, we quite often leave feeling less than, and like our life can never really match up to what we see. As a long-time contributor to this trend of pretty-everything I should know better, but even I get sucked up in feeling like other bloggers are more successful, have better wardrobes, perfectly behaved children, gourmet meals pre-made weeks in advance…they host fabulous parties with every last detail glittered and festooned to perfection, take lavish vacations, sign book deals in their sleep and pose for photo shoots in their immaculately clean designer-decorated homes. Please can I at least get a raised hand if you’re feeling me on this.

The truth that we probably know deep down somewhere is that in nearly every instance we are only seeing a tiny groomed portrayal of life. I know this because that’s what I show you on my blog too (I’m calling myself out on that front). I haven’t tried to be deceptive (I doubt other bloggers have either), but I think it’s human nature to want to shine the best light upon ourselves, and I confess to being afraid of showing you the mundane and ordinary sides of life (I also question how interesting a conversation on unfolded laundry can really be). Ultimately I don’t think it’s inherently wrong or dishonest to show that side, but it is not the full story. And now sitting here and thinking that any of you may have visited this space at some point in time, seen a pretty post or feature and because of it felt anything less than lighthearted or inspired afterwards, makes my heart heavy.

The more and more conversations I have with other bloggers and readers of blogs, the more sure I become of the fact that we are all just a little bit sick of all this perfection. So today I want to begin to shine a light on the other 80% of life. The not so pretty parts, but oh so real parts because I too am a little bit exhausted from the cloud of expectation that I often feel like I’m living under (self-imposed no doubt—but there none the less).

Before I leap out into the abyss though, I want to tell you the reason why I’ve been holding back from sharing any of this. This challenge is called “Things I’m Afraid to Tell You” for a reason. This is nerve-wracking stuff! Other than worrying that I’ll type all this out only to realize that I’ve created a Wizard of Oz moment where suddenly everyone realizes with shock, that this oh-so-ordinary woman is the person behind the curtain blog, and perhaps not quite so glamorous or fabulous after all. But also because I never ever want to sound ungrateful for this space or the life that I have. I love being a blogger! It has it’s challenges like anything in life, but I know that I’m blessed to get to do something that I’m passionate about every day. Not for one second would I want it to seem that I don’t appreciate it beyond measure. Okay…now that we’ve covered that, we’re good to go! Oh and P.S. You may want to grab a cup of tea or coffee and cozy up…’cause things are about to get wordy.

So the real life truth that I’d like to share today is that while I am fortunate enough to have a blog that brings in an income (again, so, so grateful), I am in no way rolling in “it” (“it” being the proverbial pile of cash that legend might have us believing that bloggers have). The nitty-gritty is that some months have been so tight that I’ve worried about making my rent payment or even buying groceries…a handful of times it’s gotten scary enough that I’ve had panic attacks daily just trying to think of how I’ll make it through. Just admitting that out loud is rather humiliating. Things have gotten steadily more and more stable as time has gone on (thankfully), but I would not be sitting in the position that I am as a full-time blogger if my family hadn’t been willing or able to help me through some financial struggles over the years so that I could continue to work on making Creature Comforts everything that I want for it to be. They have believed in this blog as much as I have which means the world to me.

I also want to be open about the kind of lifestyle I live…to shatter any of the myths about design & style bloggers that are floating around out there (or at least any that might apply to me). Firstly, in order to pursue this blogging dream of mine I’ve had to choose to put aside things like regular shopping trips, I rarely get my hair colored (right now I have 3″ roots), and I never splurge on mani-pedis or other such things. When I do shop for myself a couple times a year, it’s for essentials—usually one or two nice-ish quality items that will last instead of 10 that will quickly fall apart, and it’s usually spurned on by necessity…like when a once-in-a-lifetime trip to NYC throws me into a panicked state realizing that my two pairs of jeans and stack of t-shirts won’t fit the bill. This in no way makes me a “special case” but you can see that it’s not really all that glamorous…and perhaps different than what you could easily imagine my life to be in light of the content that I share in this space. Sometimes I feel like I’ve painted myself into a corner because all the pretty posts don’t reveal any of the behind the scenes struggles. Yes, I blog about beautiful fashion and home goods all the time, but that doesn’t mean that I own them…it means that I love them or feel inspired in some way by them.

Another thing that I’ve just got to get out there while I’m at it, is that I really have no special home decorating skills to speak of…or the budget to decorate with even if I did. My house is small, in a safe neighborhood, and I have a few nice corners inside it that don’t hurt my eyes to look at them, but overall it’s pretty run of the mill. I’ve had to politely turn down home tour requests (so embarrassing) because there’s really not a whole lot to see. My one and only “big” home purchase I’ve made, ever, was last year for a couch from West Elm (It’s one of the only new pieces of furniture I’ve ever owned). A lot of this frugality stems from the fact that I don’t have a single credit card (just a debit card that is connected to my bank account). This means that anything that I want or need, I have to save up the money for. Even though this complicates life, I am so grateful because it also means that I don’t have a mountain of debt hanging over me. The flip side of this of course, is that unexpected expenses like a broken car or health problem can really be a major stress. Attending a conference like Alt Summit nearly knocks me off my feet (the first year I had to get help to make it happen), but I do it because I know it’s worth it. On top of that I feel like it’s doubly challenging because there is an assumption out there that money must be no object to me as a blogger. Maybe for some bloggers it isn’t…and whoever you are, I would love to know your secret, but my reality is that most months I am just grateful that I paid my bills and was able to provide a safe and relatively comfortable life for my daughter.

So yes, I have a simple life without many wordily fineries, but I think it’s a beautiful life. I only realized just recently though that blogging has begun to make me doubt what I have, and the way I live. I mean, shouldn’t I have a magazine-feature-worthy house that would make others envious, or walk around in only the latest and greatest fashion styles? I look at other blogs and think: yes…I have it all wrong, sign me up for a handful of credit cards and let’s start “living right,” but then I come to my senses and realize that what needs to change is this space…the only space online that is truly mine.

From here on out I want to work harder to reflect to you the person who I am beyond just the beautiful things that I love and am inspired by. I want to remember to be proud of where I am today, the way I am caring for my daughter, the hurdles I’ve overcome to get to where I am today, and how hard I work every day to achieve my dreams, etc.. It is so easy to forgot when you’re caught up inside a whirlwind of comparison and expectation. A big part of that change starts here today with me acknowledging these things out loud. Moving forward, I am planning on incorporate more of my ordinary everyday life here on Creature Comforts. I started yesterday by moving all the post from my personal blog over here into my regular content. I came to realize that I was hiding it away in it’s own space for the wrong reasons. I hope this will be a welcome change and that you will enjoy coming along on this journey with me. Of course there will still be plenty of moodboards and favorite finds, diy projects, etc…the things that inspire me will remain a big part of Creature Comforts. I will just be adding more of me into this space here along with it.

If you made it through all of that, wow! You are awesome. Thank you so much or being here today and showing your support. I appreciate it more than I can say! Please don’t forget to visit the other blogs (listed above) who so bravely agreed to take on this challenge today. I hope that you’ll go on an adventure around blogland today that leaves you feeling truly inspired. And finally I want to also encourage any of you who have maybe thought of writing your own “Things I’m Afraid to Tell You” post, to just do it! You will feel loads lighter after doing so, and you never know the good that will come from being brave, until you do it! xo Ez

P.S. You are more than welcome to take the button that I created for this challenge (above), and use it on your own blog (no need to credit or ask).

In summary:



Comparison is the Thief of Joy from thegreatdivorce, via twitter (via Sarah) | Be True to Who you Are by Kal Barteski (via Arianna)

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  1. Beth / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing, Ez! I am raising my hand super high right now! :) Excited to read more about your personal life over here!

  2. Emily @ Peck Life / / Reply

    This is beautiful and wonderful and somehow captures everything I wanted to write but couldn't articulate. Thank you for letting me be a part of this project with you! :)

  3. Joy / / Reply

    Thanks for starting this up. I am so moved by all of these wonderful bloggers sharing their hearts and minds today, it's unbelievable.

  4. Jodi / / Reply

    Hi, Love your post! I have to admit I haven't posted, well for a long time on my blog. I don't have a ton of followers so I've always felt I could just let it all hang out and be truly myself. That being said, here is a perfect example of me being me, which I would love to see more people do. You are right, there is to much fluff and loveliness out there in the blogisphere.

    Much Love,

  5. hannah singer / / Reply

    darling ez. you are such an encouragement. tight budgets and simple living? they can be beautiful. YOU are beautiful. i always need to hear that roosevelt quote, amen!
    your gracious spirit and willing courage inspires me. press on, girl! xo

  6. Cathie / / Reply

    I love your honesty and bravery. I've always enjoyed your blog and do so even more because of your genuine personality. It really shows.

  7. julia / / Reply

    thanks for sharing all of this, ez! i agree with everything you said- sometimes it's hard to remember that what we of people's lives online is really just a small slice of their reality. in the end, we are all just people, trying to do what we love.

  8. Amy / / Reply

    AMEN! I want to hug you right now. You did an amazing job of expressing what I'm sure everyone else is feeling. WAY TO GO, EZ!

  9. Lauren / / Reply

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing these things! It's so nice to see a blogger that struggles with almost the exact same things I do (hello no credit cards and a tiny, but great, home) and I admire how honest you are about everything! Sometimes it's nice to have a reality check among all the pretty things us bloggers see on a daily basis so I really appreciate everything you wrote today.

  10. {plum} / / Reply

    here, here to real life.

    Props to you and those who embrace the thought. I, too, have recognized the romantic veil blogging often layers, though, it occurs to me that most readers are savvy and smart enough to know that just as the news is rarely the news, the web is often a web of…. :)

    Nonetheless, clarity and truth are always welcome. I've often shared mine in my own adaptation, "behind-the-scenes. Keepin' it real. Because every blog has a behind-the-scenes."

    thanks for inspiring!
    - d.

  11. nichole / / Reply

    Beautiful, Ez. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I sat in front of a blank word doc forever trying to write a longer post for today, and couldn't articulate it properly or coherently. Part of it was because I am so over scheduled right now (a big fear in and of itself!) and it made it all the more annoying. I will finish my long post one day. ;)

  12. Amy Renea / / Reply

    really beautiful post!! I think you should do a home tour JUST for that reasons you stated above…it might be run of the mill, but the corners are quite beautiful to you and you create a beautiful blog out of a 'normal' home — I think that is pretty inspiring.

  13. Ranu / / Reply

    Ez, this is such an honest post and I love that you started this movement. It's reassuring to all bloggers I think, that the ones we look up to have real lives to deal with too. Thank you for sharing :)

  14. Carrie / / Reply

    Thank you so so very much for this post. Your life {your real life} sounds so very similar to mine, and I appreciate your willingness to draw back the curtain and share with all of us. What a gift. There have been many days when I have felt so inadequate compared to the lives I have read across the blogging world.

    My house is messy most of the time, I usually have a dish or two in the sink. The bathroom could always use a quick scrub. I don't change the sheets as often as I should. I have wall space that is still empty a year after I have moved in. My wardrobe consists of mostly black & grey because then I don't have to worry about matching clean clothes. Sometimes I eat grilled cheese for dinner (2 nights in a row) because that's all I have in the fridge.

    We could all do with a little more honesty – with ourselves most of us.
    Thanks again for breaking the seal.
    lifestylefiles blog

  15. Jenny at Spry On The Wall / / Reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! My hand is raised super high right now. I've almost stopped blogging because I've felt that I'm just not "good enough" to keep up, that my life isn't "perfect" enough. I even stopped reading some blogs because everytime I read them I felt worse. I know that it's 90% of my insecurites talking, but seeing all this highly styled perfection starts to feel icky (like a photoshopped magazine cover) it gets in your head. I'm so glad you all are doing this! By the way your blog is one I always look to for inspiration – love what you do!

  16. Melanie Saucier / / Reply

    THANK YOU for this honesty, it makes me like you even more – and can you see my hand raised from up here in Toronto Canada? Cheers =)

  17. Pati / / Reply

    Yahoo! Love you and your bravery!
    I have to admit I do get so-so tired of every ones "perfect" life. So many times I just skim through all the blogs I read because I cannot, for one more day get bombarded by beautiful things I will never have….I want to be happy and content and grateful for what I do have. now.
    Do you know how many times I have wondered about your life?…I have a lot. I have read your blog since 2009 I think…when you posted the story about your failed marriage,(on your other blog) I connected to you. Not saying it should all be heavy like that but I really like blogs that show the whole picture.
    Anyways…blah blah….Love this new movement towards being authentic:)

  18. Julie / / Reply

    Thanks so much for this! Feel so much better about myself! Was worried that I was the only one getting "down" when I went online.

  19. aubry. / / Reply

    brave woman! bravo! i enjoyed reading this dose of real-ness so much. it's always refreshing to hear these things from the people we admire… and can now more closely relate to.

  20. Estelle / / Reply

    Brilliant, Ez. I so appreciate everything that you shared here. And those quotes at the end are perfect. It's so refreshing to have a conversation about deeper feelings and the stuff going on behind the blog as it's all too easy to get caught up in all the material "stuff." Thanks for putting this together. Now let's keep the conversation going. Maybe a weekly check in? Blog one thing from our week that we were afraid to share with our readers? The dirty dishes, unpaid bills, my unwashed hair? Just a thought.

  21. Melissa@JuliasBookbag / / Reply

    What a lovely post Ez!! Thank you. I love your blog, it makes me happy.

    I want to put in my 2 cents about 'realness' — I have heard this topic over and over time and again and I have to say, maybe I'm a weirdo, but I LOVE PRETTY. Pretty things make me happy, even if I don't own them. I still like to SEE them.

    Like, right now, I am sitting right next to my laundry basket, with underwear and bras sitting right on top. Not super attractive. To my left are the breakfast dishes that have not been cleaned yet and which are rapidly congealing into something very hard to clean. So you know what? I love to come online and see ….. not my laundry pile! All these folks who say it makes them feel badly to see the 'perfection' — well I guess I never bought into anyone's life being perfection, so if someone shows me something nice and sweet to look at, I always come away inspired usually — it doesn't make me turn away and feel bummed about myself.

    (maybe I am too convinced of my inner awesome and revel in my own laziness. I see crafts and I just smile. I know I'm not gonna do them. And that's ok!)

    My point? I embrace the lovely and I applaud anyone who share bits and pieces of themselves online, in whatever way they choose. Thank you for your beautiful space. I always come away inspired.

  22. Natalie / / Reply

    This was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing- I can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to hear that I'm not the only blogger with a "secret", not-perfect existence behind the photos and writing. It's comforting.

  23. Meg Conley / / Reply

    Ez, just fantastic. Although I did not expect any less from you. I am very much looking forward to the new journey you and Creature Comforts are about to embark on.

    I just know it is going to be great.

  24. Ariana / / Reply

    Thank you for being brave and honest! It is refreshing. I do sometimes get frustrated with all of the total loveliness on the internet that does get a little out of control at times.Thank you for being real, and being willing to offer the more ordinary. And I will also try to be more honest with my own readers!

  25. Jess / / Reply

    As you know, I can totally relate. I think it's easy for those of us trying to balance full-time jobs, blogging, and other things (family, friends, volunteer work, etc.) to point to full-time bloggers and say, "Hah! They have it so easy!" But it's anything but the truth. Entrepreneurship of any form is scary, nervewracking, financially worrisome at times, and risky. Thank you so much for reminding us of this. Those of us who work full-time still have the safety net of a job with benefits, a consistent amount of pay, and regular hours. It's a very helpful reminder.

    Also, in regard to your point about collections of pretty items that you highlight on Creature Comforts, I agree wholeheartedly. As someone who blogs primarily about preppy style, a lot of what I post is materialistic round-ups of things I like and would love to buy. It fits well with my readership, but by and large I can't afford to be buying all the things I blog about! I try to emphasize and promote values like saving up for big ticket items and owning items that will last a lifetime.

    Thanks so much for collecting of all us for this challenge, Ez.

  26. Hello Cupcake / / Reply

    Thank you for your honesty! It's a beautiful and difficult thing to be so open about your struggles! Also, thank you for organizing this "challenge".

  27. Emily / / Reply

    Wow! This whole thing is awesome. Every bit of it. Thanks for sharing your story and linking to others. It is honestly one of the most refreshing things I've read in months.

  28. rikrak / / Reply

    you're so inspiring and wonderful, ez.
    love this post.
    and bravo to you, nicey!

    thanks for getting the ball rolling on this! :)

  29. Melissa // thefauxmartha / / Reply

    Did you hear the big sigh of relief I just let out? Realness is beautiful. More beautiful than any perfectly crafted post. I love this series. And your braveness. Thank you for starting a revolution.

  30. Mariah Danielsen / / Reply

    Thank you for such an honest post! As someone who has been blogging for less than a year, I often compare myself to bigger bloggers and feel like I'm not ever going to be that successful/perfect. I love that other bloggers are jumping on board with this too.

  31. brandi / / Reply

    I just recently discovered your blog and put it up on my favorites tab. Now I know why. You and I have the same wardrobe issues! The same depression issues, and apparently the same money issues. You are suddenly precious to me and NEVER be afraid of the truth. It will set you free. It seems like maybe it already has?

    My house smells like cat poop right now and I have a stack of unfinished patterns to trace on my table and we are so broke I took my husband to work this morning cuz only one vehicle has gas and I had to go to the doctor to get a refill on my Paxil, which I have been out of for several days. My brain is zapping but thankfully, I am too sick to notice the other effects of Paxil withdrawl.
    But My life is beautiful too and I love it all. Thank you so much for being brave and giving other people like me the strength to be brave, too.

  32. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    Thank you SO much for sharing this EZ. I can't wait to read all the posts from the blogs you listed. And I am inspired to write a "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post on Bubby and Bean as well. xo

  33. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    Thank you SO much for sharing this EZ. I can't wait to read all the posts from the blogs you listed. And I am inspired to write a "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post on Bubby and Bean as well. xo

  34. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    Thank you SO much for sharing this EZ. I can't wait to read all the posts from the blogs you listed. And I am inspired to write a "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post on Bubby and Bean as well. xo

  35. Sarah / / Reply

    Ez, this is the first time that I've read your blog, though I've seen links to your blogs on others. I was intrigued by the title of today's post and I have to say that I look forward to becoming a regular reader. I'm exhausted from comparing myself to the seemingly perfect lives of some bloggers, but reading about your behind the scenes life makes me feel like I could relate to you. Thank you for your vulnerability! I really do look forward to reading more!

  36. erica / / Reply

    i love this! thank you so much for sharing yourself with everyone, it means a lot! over the past few years i have thought of creating a space for myself online but always stopped short of pressing post. until last week. i had come to the realization that life is not about being perfect or doing it the right way. its just about giving it your best shot and taking some time to try!

  37. Sara / / Reply

    I was already a fan, but this post just put you at the top of my list.

  38. LC Taylor / / Reply

    Brava! You are brave and wonderful for being honest, although honesty like this shouldn't require bravery. We live in a world that puts way too much emphasis on material goods and how things or people look (yes, silly me, I read this and many other similar blogs). As long as you are happy, feel fulfilled by what you do and how you live, and are taking care of your daughter, you are richer and better off than anyone with the perfect wardrobe or million dollar designer home. I think you can safely believe that your readers understand and appreciate that you're a regular person with a good eye and the drive to share your inspiration with the world, not a figment of the imagination living the glamorous life. And, to me anyway, that makes your blog more worthy of reading. What do I care what some snobby over-price celebrity design professional thinks about things? I would much rather hear the opinions of someone real, with a real life, real challenges, real worries and real ideas – that, to me, is much more valuable. So, again, I say brava! And keep up the good work. You are inspiring in your perceived imperfection. :)

  39. Elisheva / / Reply

    Just today I was talking to a friend and telling her that I am always torn when reading blogs – on the one hand everything is so pretty, and on the other it makes me feel so incompetent. But when I read the few blogs that show the actual struggles, I always feel the most inspired. I'm really happy about this project, it make me feel like all of us are in it together, rather then watching everyone else move forward.

  40. krista / / Reply

    I'm glad you're feeling "lighter" and liberated from this process because I feel like your honesty has helped set me free a bit, too, Ez. Thanks :)

  41. Katie / / Reply

    Wow, thank you! You put into words how I feel all of the time. I am always looking for new blogs to add to my reader and will definitely check them out.

  42. Heather / / Reply

    It's so nice of you to write all of this, and so true that one can get a little overwhelmed by looking at the carefully curated versions of the lives of bloggers. I do feel though, that no apologies are necessary. Just as bloggers may choose to focus on "pretty" things, and "pretty" aspects of life (perhaps to get away from the piles of laundry), isn't that also why we as readers look toward these blogs? Plus, it's YOUR blog, and you have every right to write about whatever you feel like. Sometimes dwelling on our problems, make them worse and forcing yourself into a "pretty" place makes you happier (I know, I've tried it!). I love your blog, and am a fan!

  43. Jess / / Reply


    This is phenomenal, I am beyond happy that this movement is afoot! I have my hand raised, oh yes I do, I get sick of all the perfection out there in blogland. It's unhealthy. No one's life is perfect, and if we admit that from time to time, there is a much more balanced set of expectations in all of our minds. I don't want to visit blogs that are negative or whining all the time and I don't want to visit Pollyanna blogs either. I need a middle ground, I really do. I have tried to achieve that on my own blog. I can't fake it. Life is beautiful, and life can be a handful at times too. I'm so proud to read this post and I will certainly be reading all of the others and making a post of my own! THANK YOU!!!

  44. Linda / / Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this post! Every day I feel down on myself, because I don't think I can keep up with the Jones' . These confessions speak to every woman and their torn desire to be perfect and also appear perfect. Thanks to everyone for confessing.

  45. Jenna / / Reply

    Thanks Ez for organizing this effort and or sharing your life. I'm reading through the posts now and it really does feel like a breath of fresh air. xo

  46. julie / / Reply


    and thank you. life indeed starts to make more sense, when people are honest and open. thank you for your intimacy xoxoxo j

  47. Molly Suber Thorpe / / Reply

    Ez –

    I was so moved by your post that I almost cried. I am a calligrapher with a not-so-super-popular blog who struggles with many of the same issues you have. I often feel like my blog is not a true reflection of myself and you have inspired me to change that. I plan to join the "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You" movement and write my own post very soon.

    Thank you!

  48. D / / Reply

    This, in fact, is the most beautiful thing you have ever post on your blog.

  49. Mary / / Reply

    I have to admit that I don't regularly read your blog. I'm usually directed here from other blogs, in this case it was Sweet Fine Day.
    I can't tell you how much this post resonates with me. My husband and I own a business which has been desperately struggling for the last year. The main reason we stick with it is because of the time it allows us with our children, and the creative outlet it affords, but the majority of the time we are b-r-o-k-e.
    Of course being an avid design blog reader doesn't help my psyche when I see all of these beautiful things and know deep down that I will never be able to afford them. Part of this, is the belief that all of the items being showcased are things that the blogger is buying for their own pristine abode, and I end up depressed nearly every day by how perfect everyone else's lives seem.
    Anyhow, I want to thank you for being so honest about your situation. As someone who is also struggling financially, I understand how you can appreciate all of these beautiful, well-designed items, even though you can't necessarily afford them. I think you deserve the right to showcase them to readers just as much as a blogger who could purchase all of them.
    Thank you for being so honest.

  50. Angie K / / Reply

    It is funny that you wrote this today because I was just talking to my mom about this very sense of perfection that is portrayed on blogs where you know for a fact that it doesn't really exist. Ever. So I applaud you putting it all out there. You rock.
    I look forward to reading more and getting to know YOU.

  51. Delia / / Reply

    Ez, what a wonderful post! You're so right about the constant stream of perfection and how it can make us feel like we don't measure up….what's so bad about reality anyway? I think we all need a good balance of REAL life inspiration and dreamy inspiration, because God knows, the majority of us are sitting here in our pajamas, not doing the things we're supposed to do and wearing no makeup…lol…


  52. Marichelle / / Reply

    Perfectly said!! So proud of you!!
    Although I too am guilty of editing what I display online and probably not sharing enough of *reality, I can definitely still relate to this. As much as I adore and get inspired by my favorite bloggers, I would be lying if I said I never felt a tinge of jealousy or felt less than up to snuff after seeing yet another perfectly arranged "tableau" (AND rolled my eyes at the fact that it was even called a tableau) or questioned my own social life after spotting pictures from what looked to be the coolest social gathering in a fairylight-infused city garden. Thank you so much for this post! Although personally I don't think you should ever feel pressured or feel like you owe readers a full peek into your personal life – but it is definitely definitely appreciated. Hope this starts a wave of some sort on blogland and readers can begin to relate to the editors on a more personal level, even if it's just over a picture of pile-high dirty dishes or a non-stylized bowl of packaged-ramen soup for dinner (once in a blue moon) xo

  53. Lauren Elise / / Reply

    Wow Ez, this was such an amazing and inspiring post! Thank you so much for being so brave and open with us readers. When I search around blog land I do occasionally get overwhelmed and frustrated that my life doesn't "look" like these beautiful visions I'm seeing. It can get you down sometimes. But I always remind myself that I am a new blogger, growing my business and brand and trying to start something amazing. I try to focus on that which totally inspires me. Life is not always glamorous, even for bloggers, but there are beautiful simple details in everyone's life that we all can appreciate. Thank you for starting this. As a blogger I'm going to be more open myself. :)

  54. Charin Kent / / Reply

    WOOOW…. thank you so so so much for posting the other side of the blogging life coin! I am not a blog writer but I am an avid blog reader and have always wondered what the real life of a big-name blogger looks like… and felt totally inferior at times because my life isn't full of prada, trips to Europe, and incredible photos to show it all off :) I read blogs because they truly inspire me to create beautiful works of art, and this post of yours has inspired me to also be content with what i have, which having those 2 things in place makes life oh so happy, once again, thank you!

  55. Louise / / Reply

    I think your Creature Comforts blog is lovely. I have suffered from "The Black Dog" for years, and, athough I fully understand your worries that showing too many "perfect" things may create undue pressure on some of your readers, please be assured that for this scatty blonde mum-of-two looking at beautiful things like your blog are like a ray of sunshine. Keep going! xx

  56. maggie s / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing this! I'm not a blogger myself but I'll raise my hand anyway. Sometimes I wonder what I am "doing wrong" that my life doesn't look like a blog even though I know that's silly. I appreciate your honesty and the beauty you share with the world.

  57. Briel K. / / Reply

    I love all of this! It can definitely be discouraging when every blog you read presents its writer/owner as having the perfect life. I always love getting glimpses into the everyday REAL lives of my favorite bloggers.

  58. Brandon / / Reply

    Ez, thank you so much for sharing this and for taking the initiative to get a conversation going. This is such an important conversation, and one to which I am thrilled (and a little terrified) to add my voice. Perfection is an illusion and there is nothing wrong with being ordinary and dreaming of a beautiful and perfect life. Pretty things (like ALL the pictures you post on Instgram) help me get through my own little imperfect life, and it's awfully nice to know I'm not alone in my insecurity and imperfection.

  59. erin / / Reply

    Thank you for this post! I totally feel the same way, and it's so nice to know others do as well! I actually touched on this topic recently, you can read it here!

  60. Jenna / / Reply

    Bravo Ez!! This was so refreshing to read and I'm looking forward to visiting the other blogs as well. I was just talking about this subject with a friend the other day and it's about time someone was brave enough to be real. As a small business owner I feel like there are a ton of misconceptions (many similar to bloggers) and so it's just nice to know that I'm not alone. I've often dreamed about the beautiful life people are showcasing online and have wondered how "real" it all was. I do enjoy pretty things, but it's nice to know that not everyone has or needs them all. I hope one of these days I can get the time to sit down and write my very own "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You"…. My list would be really long.

    Again thanks for sharing! I didn't realize you had a personal blog so I look forward to getting to know you a little more through that. I get so much inspiration for your fashion and design posts, but it will be nice to find more connection to the person behind it all.


  61. Ana / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing. Ez. Last month I received a magazine feature request and I sat down and cried. Last year I lost everything including my precious Mac Pro which was quiet possibly the only nice feature in my home and this year has been incredibly hard for me. I guess that people think that when you share pretties it means you own them some how. I live a very basic life but I also love it and I'm so thankful that you shared this with us. Thank you!

  62. Stephanie / / Reply

    A huge thanks for your thoughtful post. I recently started a blog and have only a few postings – lately I have been dreading making updates to it because of the reasons you set out in this post. Perfection is a nerve wracking and nearly unattainable. Thank you for re-focusing and re-inspiring me!

  63. LillyAnne / / Reply

    Thank you for this post! I'm sick of people's perfect homes, to be honest. But I am – just as you are – glad that I don't have debt and I feel content without a lot of 'stuff'.
    I think it's good to focus on the pretty things and I don't think anyone's life is easy or perfect, but I've started to really dislike that pressure we get through a lot of blogs, to be perfect / look perfect / be perfect.

  64. karen / / Reply

    Thank you for your openness and honesty… i could near repeat everything everyone else has said: and that's because we're all facing this together. Blessings..

  65. emily b / / Reply

    Thank you so much for doing what you do. You are one of the first blogs I ever read, and continue to read, because of your wonderful content and beautiful voice. I look forward to this new "chapter" in your blog – it will make it even better!

  66. Jeanne / / Reply

    Wow, I am so blown away by this post, Ez! I've been blogging for a year now and am thinking about the struggles we go through most people don't see. It's so wonderful that you're encouraging this community to share the flaws that we're always afraid to show others. I'd love to participate… how do I do that? do I just write the post and then let you know?

    Thank you SO much again for doing this! – Jeanne / Shop Sweet Things

  67. Adriane / / Reply

    Oh my god. This is so amazing. I agree 100%, I see so much perfection and I feel inadequate. Being inspired is one thing, bit when you feel like you have to 'keep up', something has gone terribly wrong. I am so glad you invited everyone to do this with you. I have been reading the lists and I feel like I can relate so much. I wrote a list of my own…wow….so humbling.

  68. Amanda Joy / / Reply

    Hand also raised! And I too am grateful for your honesty, as the beautiful photo facade of blogs isn't really helping anyone (especially the pressure on you!). Granted I love an amazing image, but it DOES create the same keeping-up-with-jones brought on by tv/etc—only varied slightly because people feel like they know you. Thanks again, I'd love to hear more about you as a mom and details about your day!

  69. laura parke / / Reply

    wow ez, i'm so proud of you for sharing so much and for being so vulnerable! you have inspired me to start my own list of things i'm afraid to tell you and perhaps one day soon i'll be brave enough to share them. you are a rare gem in this world and i for one am thankful for your voice on the internet.

  70. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    Thank you SO much for sharing this EZ. I can't wait to read all the posts from the blogs you listed. And I am inspired to write a "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post on Bubby and Bean as well. xo

  71. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    Thank you SO much for sharing this EZ. I can't wait to read all the posts from the blogs you listed. And I am inspired to write a "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post on Bubby and Bean as well. xo

  72. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    Thank you SO much for sharing this EZ. I can't wait to read all the posts from the blogs you listed. And I am inspired to write a "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post on Bubby and Bean as well. xo

  73. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    Thank you SO much for sharing this EZ. I can't wait to read all the posts from the blogs you listed. And I am inspired to write a "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post on Bubby and Bean as well. xo

  74. Melissa de la Fuente / / Reply

    This is beautiful, my friend. So proud of you and love that you are all doing this. I am sorry I petered out & didn't do it, just didn't have it in me this week. Sending love your way & excited to see you in a week or so! :)

  75. Kristy / / Reply

    Dearest EZ, I'm a new reader of your blog and appreciate your honesty. I'm also looking forward to getting to know more of you and your life through your wonderful posts! Keep up the wonderful work!

  76. Chris / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing! I love and appreciate what you create here, and come for the beauty and inspiration and uplifting colours and imagery, and if I have never said so I am sorry.
    It is a tricky balance. It is true that some of the more personal blogs present a too good to be true snapshot that at times makes me question my own lifestyle/parenting/home skills etc, even if they do so in the spirit of focusing on the everyday beauty. For this reason I am probably drawn more to the personal blogs that keep it a bit more real and can admit to days of chaos and take away and sadness. But for design/inspiration blogs I mostly read them for the inspiration and beautiful interiors etc. I find your blog to be authentic and inspirational, with great variety and I think your personality and experiences bring it to life. Thanks for all you have created here, you should be justifiably proud!

  77. Candice / / Reply

    Wow…i swear this week so many little things have been happening to me that i feel are inspiring my future in writing and exploring the world outside of a cubicle. THANK YOU for this blog post. I just started blogging myself a few months ago. It is EXTREMELY refreshing to see that you and others are doing this, it makes me feel better about my little start-up blog in its' developing stages.


  78. elizabeth antonia / / Reply

    i love this series. i believe this life is to uplift and help one another. somewhere along the way, living a whole life, good and bad, has become shameful rather than a blessing. making sacrifices and working hard for something you feel is important is less glamorous than instant gratification. i'm thankful for my life, warts and all, and so glad that others out there are as well!!

  79. Amber / / Reply

    *Raises Hand* Thank you so much for fueling this project and your honesty! I'm looking forward to incorporating more of me into my blog as well! You rock. xo Amber

  80. MichelleP / / Reply

    Well Ez, I didn't think it was possible, but you just got a little more awesome in my book! I love the pretty, but respect your honesty even more. Isn't it funny how easy it is to believe that other people lead perfectly polished lives? Completely irrational, I don't know anyone in "real life" who doesn't struggle in some way. Thank you for the heartfelt & refreshing reminder.

  81. Christine Fail / / Reply

    This is exactly what I needed! I found myself in a comparison hole yesterday after several days of positivity for where I was and what I had accomplished. Why was I getting so upset? I was exactly where I was supposed to be and working as hard as I could. The grass always seems greener, neater, more fashionable, and more successful on the other side of the fence. How can we live up to or compare ourselves with an online persona anyway? In the end, we are all human, struggling, and striving to do what we love!

    Thanks Ez!

  82. Brandie / / Reply

    I've been following your blog forever, but this is one of the first posts I felt compelled to comment on because it was more inspiring than all the pretty pictures that you post and that I love. A lot of the things you've said have been on my mind a lot recently so it's comforting to know that so many others are struggling with the same exhaustion of "pretty things" etc.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  83. Lily from Birch + Bird / / Reply

    Thanks so much for this post, Ez! I've been struggling a lot with this lately…keeping a happy "inspirational" front on my blog posts when the reality of my life is financial stress, marriage issues and overall anxiety as a mother of 3 most days! Your openness has obviously touched a chord with so many readers and bloggers out there. I think blogging is an escape for many of us so I don't personally feel the need to share everything going on behind the scenes of my life but I will be making a much more conscious effort to keep it real! Beautiful post :)

  84. gia / / Reply

    wow! Really appreciate you sharing. I'm 31 and feeling a little down on how little control I have in my life. I'm trying to take control though and take the steps toward a more fulfilling career, but for now the time in between and in waiting is really soul-sucking. And that doesn't include my fear of spinsterhood either. One thing I want to point out- credit cards help you have good credit in order to possibly buy a home or a car one day. You may want one just to bolster some good credit for yourself and just use it for groceries or something. xoxoxooxoxoxox

  85. truebluemeandyou / / Reply

    One of the most important lessons my mother taught me at a very early age is that we never ever know what anyone else is really going through. So I have never been envious of anyone really because I know they have their own struggles I know nothing about. Loved your post and you were very brave to write and post it and I'm sure so many people (including me) can relate to it, especially right now.

  86. Amy - Field Trip / / Reply

    ez – you inspire me on a daily basis. your blog is one of the freshest around, that reminds me to keep working hard and pushing myself as a designer. am i where i want to be yet? absolutely not. i hope you will keep on pushing forward. honestly – i am always wondering when the day will arrive that you're announcing a book deal and other *huge* similar ventures. you've got an amazing eye, you're hugely talented (i love your watercolors and photography) and while i think we should all be happy where we're at and focus on the things that are most important to us (family, friends, pets etc) – it's always great to dream and keep pushing towards the next level with our work. i can't wait to see what lies in your future b/c i'm certain it will be great.

  87. Chelsea / / Reply

    Thank you so very much for writing this. This is actually my first time on your blog (just got here from Little Brown Pen who I love) and this has been such a relief to read. I already put so much pressure on myself and it seems like the lives of the bloggers I love are totally unattainable-and then I get depressed. Thank you for being brave and sharing with us that you guys are indeed "real people" with hardships that we all deal with. I certainly don't judge you for sharing your trials with us, I applaud you. And I respect your blog even more for being honest-the inspiration is that much more meaningful because now we know that this is indeed inspiration for you as well. Inspiration to keep going and stay positive. Thank you so much for THIS inspirational post and your bravery. You've made me feel so much better. – Chelsea

  88. Milsters / / Reply

    What a great idea!! And what an awesome post. You know what, I have been thinking the same thing lately. I never bitch and moan about all the difficulties of living in France (can someone say "Prefecture"?!) or the alienation that an expat can feel over here. I may have written one or two posts about things I missed about living elsewhere. Maybe if I read more about the other side of life in the City of Lights (i.e. ALL the darkness that comes along with it!), I would be less hesitant to share these things also, and also so much easier on myself. What I love about my blog is that it forces me to see all the great things that I have all around me here, and to be grateful for them. But I think it's healthy to acknowledge the hardships also, and to acknowledge the lessons there or simply to accept them.

    Is it too late to participate in your Things I'm Afraid to Tell You? I think I might give it a go if not…

  89. monica / / Reply

    thanks for sharing this. i am quite new in the blogging world and i had feel sometimes intimidated by the beauty of bloggers lives. that has been one of the reason it took me many years to open myself a blog, that currently don't cover anyway all my interests.
    anyway i think that beauty is an inspiration for everyone and that the fact that so many people are sharing their struggle to put a little of beauty into their everyday lives is amazing. i often see around in my friends or acquaintances a lot of carelessness about everything in their life. and i don't mean that every meal has to be perfect and worth a picture, i mean that it is worth to put some care when you are sharing even the simplest toast with your true friends.
    that is why i am so inspired by all the beautiful bloggers all over the world, because i like to be surrounded by people that are better and richer [i'm not talking of money] than i am; or that at least they transmit that to me, without on the other hand making me feel insignificant.

    so i thank you all for the honesty of your posts today,
    but i will never thank you enough for all the strength and the willpower you put in your everyday lives to make the world a more beautiful place day by day


  90. blue china studio / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your behind the scenes real life with us Ez. You wrote such a beautiful post. You have become a more rounded out real person to me now which makes me adore you and your blog that much more. And although you say your life and personal surroundings are on the simple side and not all that glamorous it sounds to me like you live a beautiful life. And if you can do that then the other stuff really doesn't matter all that much. I look forward to seeing more of your "real" life.


  91. Melanie / / Reply

    I love the idea of this series. So great Ez! I also love how you're frugal and don't have credit cards. My husband and I try to live modestly and sometimes it's so tempting to give into all my wants from blogging. It's nice somebody else admits to having to keep a budget.

  92. Chelsea C. / / Reply

    I love this, and I have love reading everyone else's posts today as well! It's such a breath of fresh air, and I said to Becka over at Life as an Artistpreneur that it's beautiful to see that the bloggers I admire really are just regular people. Cheers to you guys. I'd love to be in on it next time! Or maybe I'll just have my own "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" day. :)

  93. Michelle / / Reply

    Thank you for this. It has been very inspiring and I have enjoyed reading the other contributors. I think I might even have a go at it myself.

  94. Jillian / / Reply

    I think this is my favorite post that you have written so far, and I have been reading your blog for a long time. When I finished reading it, I heaved a big, unconscious, sigh of relief, like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I've been putting off posting on my blog, in part, because I was waiting for my life to get more exciting, more perfect, so I would have something worthy to share. Now, I realize how ridiculous this is. It also made me realize that maybe I am prioritizing the wrong things. Thank you for being so candid!

  95. Theresa / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing and getting this chorus/conversation/movement started. (Thanks also to Jess of Make Under My Life for being the catalyst and the first to share. I read that original post and thought it was really brave.) I definitely think you're allowed to live and share a real life on your blog. It will be a nice complement to the things you find beautiful and inspiring. You're on a wonderful journey.
    PS~I think I will heed your advice and encouragement, and follow suit.

  96. Emily / / Reply

    Ez, thanks so much for putting together this challenge – it's been so therapeutic thinking about for the last few days! I loved reading your thoughts. So refreshing and thought-provoking. It's late in Dublin, but I can't wait to read everyone else's responses tomorrow morning over a cup of tea!

  97. Alexis / / Reply

    While I applaud your honesty and bravery in revealing all of this, I have to wonder if it is necessary? Are any of us really so naive to believe someone's life is "perfect" from the glimpses of it available on a blog?

  98. CurSJP / / Reply

    This is the most refreshing thing to see on a blog. Thank you so much for your honesty and vulnerability. It is moving beyond words.

  99. debbie / / Reply

    i so appreciate your honesty, transparency, and bravery. it is wonderful that you {and a slew of bloggers } are sharing this side of you. it makes you more "real" to me. i look forward to an evening of reading the posts of your blooger colleagues!

  100. Nikki / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing.

    There have so many times with I am down on myself because the rest of the online world is so beautiful, thin, fit, and has it all. Following all those times I step back and say, there is no way everyone else is so put together, and I am not.

    I voiced the idea of sharing some behind the scences to someone, and it was met with a remark that people didn't really want to see that. Readers like the pretty. I felt really discouraged about an idea that I thought a lot of people could relate to, and might even find encouragement from.

    I think it's important to remember we are all human with highs and lows. Don't compare yourself and appreciate others.

  101. melanie / / Reply

    I really loved this. In some ways I appreciated it, because it's nice to know that no one is perfect (except maybe Gwyneth Paltrow, right?), but also, well, I think there's something to be said about having a place you can go where you know you'll find pretty, happy things, no matter what is going on in your own life. No need to apologize for making a pretty happy online space for us to enjoy. But it is nice to get to know you a little bit better, all the same. Thank you. <3

  102. KP / / Reply

    Jess did an amazing job with this… and so have you! I'm so glad to have been introduced to your blog as a result. I'm going to give this a shot myself tonight on mine. Bravo!

  103. EB / / Reply

    Simplicity and honesty are beautiful things! Thank you for your post!

  104. Emily @ NewlyWife / / Reply

    Thank you! I've been having such a hard time with this lately. It feels good to participate (even though my post won't go through until tomorrow)! You're brave and helped us all be a little braver too.

  105. Anna / / Reply

    thank you for sharing Ez. It's so empowering and truly inspring, and I love that. I love knowing really things about the author of a blog, it makes me feel like we are friends :) Again, thank you for being open and honest and helping break down some of the challenges that hold women down.

  106. Mariela / / Reply

    Wow!, thank you so much for this post, for your honesty, all the things you said are so true and is very refreshing to see a transparent and honest blogger, Thank You!.

  107. Gina / / Reply

    WOW! Loved it all, EZ! This is just amazing! Thank you for sharing and for your brave honesty! I am also thinking about this and how can I incorporate my personal blog into my creative blog… I am feeling the need to do so, so I can be who I am truly. So I can show myself a little bit better to the ones that visit my "creative home". So thank you for pushing me to move forward! And I am taking this pledge, no doubt about that!

  108. Rosie / / Reply

    I found this post on pinterest today and thought I would take a look. 've been feeling like I'm the only one who doesn't have my life together, so thank you for making my day a little better!

  109. Sara / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely relate to what you've said so beautifully here.

  110. Sara @ LiteraryLima / / Reply

    Thaaaaannnnkkk you soo much! I just launched my own design/DIY blog and was seriously beginning to doubt myself. The pics feauted in other blogs are so much better, their logos more professional, they're all professional designers, why did I even bother? This makes me feel so much better! After all, I'm just doing it for myself in the hopes that people like the same stuff I do. Good for you and thanks again!

  111. Jena / / Reply

    Yay! So glad you started this, Ez! It's something I talk about with other bloggers and makers all the time. So glad you moved your personal posts over here, where they belong! ;) I know it feels strange getting so personal in the same space, but it's all you and it's all interesting to people- the more open we all are, the better, I think! Thanks for the inspiration and honesty!!

  112. Sara @ LiteraryLima / / Reply

    Thaaaaannnnkkk you soo much! I just launched my own design/DIY blog and was seriously beginning to doubt myself. The pics feauted in other blogs are so much better, their logos more professional, they're all professional designers, why did I even bother? This makes me feel so much better! After all, I'm just doing it for myself in the hopes that people like the same stuff I do. Good for you and thanks again!

  113. Monica / / Reply

    I loved this post. Thank you so so much for sharing this. I've been guilty of being caught up in the perfect-ness I see everyday on blogs and pinterest and sometimes I let myself feel like my home isn't beautiful enough, my clothes and hair aren't stylish enough, my family isn't nourished by an all organic/all homemade daily menu, my body isn't thin/beautiful enough, etc. and then I look around and I realize my life is pretty damn awesome and I really really love it in all its imperfection.
    p.s. I think it is so great that you don't have a credit card. What an awesome example of responsibility you are setting for your daughter.

  114. C.D. Beatrice Clay / / Reply

    Ez thank you for being honest and awesome! You sharing your truth about being a full-time (beautiful) blogger has encouraged me to keep at, keep sharing in the honest way that I have. I love Creature Comforts; it really is my happy blog place! Keep sharing!

  115. Tara / / Reply

    Hello! Thank you so much for writing this. I actually look forward to reading your more personal blog posts and have even started reading some of your entries from your personal blog. Sometimes I feel like I get more out of these posts than the ones that simply have pretty stuff to covet. You mentioned feeling insecure about a lot of things, but I believe you are very brave to put so much of yourself out there. Thank you so much for sharing, I know it's not easy!

  116. Bec Nolan / / Reply

    Oh Ez, thank you for this. I can wholeheartedly relate to everything you wrote. Thank you for reminding me that I do not need a blog-post-worthy life to feel valid, and that I am not the only one struggling with finances – VERY good decision on the credit cards, let me just say! ♡

  117. Andrea / / Reply

    It takes a lot to share those dark parts of your life with complete strangers, and for that I commend you. I always turn to your blog because it's just full of things that I really enjoy – lifestyle, fashion, food, crafts. But today, I know that I will continue. Thank you for sharing and being authentic.

  118. anna / / Reply

    amen amen!!! thank you for writing this. I always wondered if blogs like yours were a true reflection of the blogger, or just their someday 'wants'. I'm glad to hear you don't have everything you blog about. I like to try and keep my own blog as real as I can. I don't want to come across as someone who has it all or who is perfect. And believe me, I love looking at all your beautiful posts, and look forward to your more personal posts, I love those kinds the most.

  119. Lori @Think Global, Art Local / / Reply

    This is the first post of yours I've ever read…needless to say I'll be reading many more. Thank you for being brave enough to write this post, and for inspiring me and so many others to write with a voice of honesty, transparency and vulnerability.

    P.S. That Roosevelt quote is life-changing.

  120. Tania / / Reply

    Wonderful blog. Behind every blogger there is a real person, with every challenges like the rest of the world. Well done.

  121. Maggie Ryan / / Reply

    Ez, thank you SO much for sharing! I can't tell you how refreshing this was. As a newish blogger that keeps plugging away and doesn't feel like I'm getting anywhere, it makes me feel a little less jealous to remember that all of the amazing bloggers like you that I admire are real people too, and it's not always easy for everyone else like I think it is. This was really great – bravo!!

  122. Colleen / / Reply

    What a wonderful entry….your honesty truly reflects your success as a woman & mom…making this blog all that more interesting!

  123. Freja Moon / / Reply

    Respect for your post! You are inspiration! But I should have to tell you I always have a feeling that you a real human, not just pretty creator blogger-mom. And…second thing I love some personal stories in the blogs but it is really scary when I want to do this…I said it:)

  124. kayla @ exquisite banana / / Reply

    publishing my own version of this post today feels both incredible and terrifying. thank you for the encouragement to do so and for your candid, beautiful honesty in your words here.

  125. Kerry - Handmade Success / / Reply

    Wow! I read Jess's original post and really appreciated her honesty. We spend so much time on social media and reading blogs that a lot of assumptions get made. Thanks for sharing and asking others to do the same! You are a gem!

  126. Casey / / Reply

    Wonderful, honest post. I appreciate so you sharing these details with your readers. I think everyone worries about money. I work full-time in addition to my side biz and sometimes I have trouble making ends meet, not even including my exotic vacations and designer shopping trips (yeah, right!).
    And since we're being honest, I wanted to tell you how much I look forward to reading your posts every day. This year got off to a really rocky start for me personally, and I specifically remember looking forward to your photos and projects brightening up my day a little. It may have been mostly "pretty" stuff, but sometimes the pretty stuff is a good reminder that there are beautiful, happy things out there, too.

  127. sha / / Reply

    Ez, thank you thank you for showing us an unadulterated side of the "blog life" in realistic terms. Most blogs are great for inspiration, but without personal content like what you've shared, it does become more about who has the most free stuff from sponsors, showing only the good side and masking what reality is. Thanks for being real, and inspiring others to do so as well.

  128. Emma / / Reply

    The sheer amount of comments should be testament to the wonderful community you have created!!! I agree with so many things others have said re; your images are always inspiring and I myself see blogs as a wonderful escape and guilty pleasure :) I love that you are so courageous as to not have a credit card in this consumer driven world, I got one when I turned 18 and have regretted it ever since! I think if you can't afford it then you probably shouldn't be buying it….

    In a way I think my blog with its non existent readership is a kind of blessing, I feel like I can write about anything including my failed projects and things that go wrong in my life – I am an unemployed student money is always a problem!

    But the biggest thing I take away from your post is that we are all HUMAN!, we make mistakes, we don't live perfect lives in perfect houses with perfect appearances – we all have to brush our teeth in the morning to combat bad breath and our sweat DOES smell.

    Your blog is always interesting and even if not so happy posts emerge guaranteed for at least one of your readers it will be exactly the kind of thing they need in their day, that feeling that hey I am not alone in this feeling :)

  129. Ro Marzionna / / Reply

    Ez, what a brilliant and courageous statement! I admire you even more!

    Thx. Ro

  130. Jasmine / / Reply

    Wow. Thank you. I went through a stage not long ago where I almost gave up blogging (even though I love it) because it was making me depressed. I would look at every one's blog, get depressed that I didn't have money to buy the things that everyone else seems to have, didn't own a house I could decorate to perfection, didn't have clothes that I could blog about, didn't make money from my blog, or didn't have regular 'followers' and commenters…. I still feel like that, I still have no money (I really appreciate you sharing about money.. it's something that doesn't get talked about that much) and I still feel I get overlooked as a blogger… but I can now see that things aren't always as they appear, and all these bloggers do not have the perfect little life they appear to have…. Simply, Thank You.

    Tinker Finca

  131. Stephanie Hillberry / / Reply

    This is my favorite post that I've read on your site. Thank you for sharing– I definitely agree with you that focusing on beauty is wonderful, and I don't think you are putting on a facade to do so. But as a business person myself I know how easy it is to put on a happy face and let others assume that I am WILDLY successful when really I'm not sure how to make the mortgage payment. Frankly it's nice to know that someone else has been there! This post was really encouraging to me, so thanks again–

  132. Kalamitykelli / / Reply

    I often see those dazzling and glittery blogs and they are pretty much a turn off. There's a woman in my state who started out on a blog, wrote some cookbooks, then some childrens book about her dog, and now has a cooking show on the food network. She's great and I love her – but the whole world thinks she is "roughing" it when in reality, she is married into the wealthiest rancher family in our state. THAT'S how she affords. There's another blog I follow about canning that I like but I also know that it is more of a mirage than reality. Blogs like that do tend to set some people up for failure with all the perfectly lit pictures and food and furniture. I always thought my niche was that I was just Domestically Impaired trying to make my life a little better. There are way more people like me than people like them. Thanks for being honest.

  133. Lisa / / Reply

    thank you for your beautifully honest post. I often read these blogs and wonder what I am doing wrong and questioning my choices or questioning if I am working or trying hard enough. It is nice to hear the whole story…I do love the pretty photos and find them inspiring…but so glad to read this post today. It was what I needed.

  134. didi / / Reply


    I hope that was cathartic for you. I have to say, though, that in reading your blog "for like forever" I have never found that you come across as misrepresenting yourself, your life, your circumstances, your abode…nothing of the sort. In fact, on numerous occasions, you have posted to the effect that you don't want people to cobble together the wrong impression of you based on the material you post.

    My impression of you is that you are very resourceful, creative and have an eye for beauty. I don't think that would change if you lived in a home incorporating all the lovely material items you feature on here, or if you lived in a tent. You have a definite eye for beauty. But! And this is key — I love how you allude to this being escapism. A place where you underscore beautiful things. A place where we can all escape for a daily breath of fresh air. That is so important and you provide that.

    I respect you for this post, I really do. And, as a matter of fact, I think many of us know there are those bloggers who do fraudulently misrepresent themselves and their versions of reality. Some of the most popular bloggers subscribe to the "fake it til you make it" and it's worked! In the end, though, they've really compromised themselves. Or, maybe they're just plan deluded. You are, or have done, neither.

    You rock and so does your beautiful blog!

  135. Paige / / Reply

    Ez, I read your blog everyday and I am truly touched by your humbleness and your beauty. You see the magic and beauty in the world and I am in awe. Though your post is entitled "Things I'm afraid to tell you", I have no doubt you are fearless. Your blog is truly inspirational. Thank you.

  136. Di / / Reply

    Wow. Thank you for putting into words what many of us feel around blog land.
    I have recently begun my blog, and sometimes freeze up and cannot post anything for the fear of it not being worthy or good enough. Crazy!
    I look forward to seeing more of you.

  137. Sarah / / Reply

    I am standing up applauding, thank you for such an honest post Ez. I have been feeling really uneasy lately about comparing myself, my life and my business to what other are showing on their blogs and have been thinking of turning myself off from the internet for awhile.Thank you for understanding that your audience is real and not mindless followers. Thank you! Sx

  138. Angel / / Reply

    I came over from Happy Days to see what this is all about. I have to say that I'm really glad you've brought up this topic. I wholeheartedly believe that blog reading/life comparing is the soap opera addiction of our generation. It is so easy to get lost in this crazy internet and see beautiful people doing whimsical things, but in reality, it's just a small snapshot that we choose to let people see. We've all got issues, but so few are willing to put those issues out into soap opera land. Thank you for pushing through and letting us see some things you were afraid to tell us!

  139. Andrea Howe / / Reply

    I am visiting here for the first time via the blog hop (if that's what you want to call it). I think this post is lovely and intentional and all around amazing and because of it, I'll be back because I know there's some substance here. It's nice to see the person behind all the pretty, with every blog.

  140. amanda / / Reply

    Hello again Ez! Id be so honored to be included in this post. Thanks for your incredibly sweet comment on my post too. : ) I just think you're fantastic.


  141. beth / / Reply

    thank you, truly.

    i've come to your blog for years (?!) for creative inspiration. Then, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon your post 'going back/moving forward' about your personal experience as a survivor of domestic violence. I had tears streaming down my cheeks as i read your words and i remember clearly how this revelation changed the way i read your blog. Those words that you wrote then, and the words you wrote today add a depth to all of your posts.

    thank you for pulling away the veil to reveal your true self and motivating others to do the same.


  142. Katie / / Reply

    Thank you for such an open and honest blog. It takes a brave woman to stand up like that – and you have helped the rest of us to see that we are not the odd ones out for not 'having it all' but are actually normal :) Oh, by the way, my unfolded washing pile is taking up half my lounge room but I couldn't care less!

  143. Lori / / Reply

    Thank you. Love it! Your honesty is a big relief. One can feel really hopeless that their house isn't decorated well enough, that their blog isn't well designed enough, that their "crafts" aren't beautiful enough, etc. despite knowing that so much of what we see and read is for show. Your transparency doesn't make you any less fabulous, just much more real and approachable.

  144. kero / / Reply

    this is probably the most inspirational post i have ever read. saving it in my reader so i can come back to it as a reminder that life is not perfect, but that's ok! thank you!

  145. RandomGirl / / Reply

    Wow. I had never seen your blog until today, but I am completely overwhelmed by the wall of text you spent congratulating yourself for being so honest. The content here is like five to one in favor of applauding your own bravery vs. actually owning your fears.

    I guess I hope for more, something truly identifiable, coming from a challenge to face fears. Not just "people put on a show, I do too!" for five paragraphs followed by two minor admissions and then more self-congratulation.

    Of course, this is probably why I tend to stick to reddit, vs. lifestyle bloggers.

    Good luck with your 'not charmed' life and glorious self-reflection.

  146. maja / / Reply

    Thank you so much for this post, and this effort– because you are addressing something that I have been talking about with my close friends for some time.

    I'm not sure if you can see the direct connection, but I feel the elephant in the room is the recession– and people just carrying on as if nothing has changed. There seems to be a taboo about talking about the hardships so many of us are facing. The reality is that so many of us are living with less, are unemployed, or underemployed, underinsured, underhoused or all of the above. And perhaps this is why there seems to be an aftertaste of what (bitterness? failure?) that pops up on occasion after reading some of these style/lifestyle blogs.

    Thank you for taking the initiative on this, really. I've just dipped my feet into the pool with blogging, so every time I hit post I feel a little nervous as well. I'm new to your blog, but I'll be back :)

  147. mer / / Reply

    EZ you are seriously the best. You are one of my favorite bloggers as I have always been able to see/hear/read your authenticity and I love that (And I could see it shine through you when I met you at ALT, even if it was only briefly!). I have SO many things I'm afraid to tell my readers…a lot of them having to do with being an imperfect mother…and well…that just scares me to death to admit ANY of that….

    Thanks for your honesty and strength. Oh and I have had this feeling for a bit now that Creature Comforts has something super big and GREAT around the corner. I can just feel it. You are on the cusp of something, and I can't wait to see what it is. Just sayin…:)


  148. Ez / / Reply

    Wow…I am just for lack of a better word, speechless! You guys are incredible!!! I am literally in awe of, and so completely humbled by your kindness, generosity, and support of this challenge. The outpouring of love that I saw across twitter and around so many blogs today (bloggers and readers sending all kinds of encouragement out to one another) was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and I am just so grateful to have been a part of it all. Thank you for hearing me out and accepting me for my flaws and all. I didn't know how I'd feel after sharing…and even though I expected that the effects would be positive, I just could have never imagined how very much so they would be! So thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over to each one of you. You are appreciated so much more than I can ever say. xox Ez

  149. Dana / / Reply

    I've felt this way for awhile now. I've started writing posts each week called 'Transparent Tuesday' where I let it all hang out and encourage other's to be more real with one another too. It takes a lot of strength to be so raw and vulnerable. My stats drop on these days, but I still think it's important. You did a great job, Ez. Thank you!

  150. Stacey / / Reply

    I joined the party a little late. Thank you so much for the reality and inspiration!!

  151. amber / / Reply

    My respect for you as a person and blogger just grows and grows. Thank you for sharing! You are already so "accessible" in your humility and generosity on your blog, and now even more so in your honesty and transparency. I am excited to go on "an adventure around blogland" this weekend to the blogs you linked to. And I look forward to catching up on any of your personal posts I might have missed . . . thank you so much, Ez!

  152. Katharina / / Reply

    Thanks for this beautiful post – you have truly moved me!

  153. Tina@Flying House / / Reply

    First of all, I have to say "Bravo!" for being so courageous! I've always believed that my honesty was what kept me from "making" it as a blogger. Sometimes I post about my struggles and I am met with crickets chirping and I want to run, hide, and immediately delete those posts, but I never have. I decided a while ago that blogging had to be about me… a place to journal our personal journey with the hopes that others would find encouragement along the way. I don't think you should feel bad about the way you have blogged. Sure, I would LOVE more of your personal posts and as a blogger I REALLY appreciate you telling others that you are not rolling in the cash because it seems like so many bloggers lose sight of the joy of simply sharing and encouraging others. BUT, you have given me so much inspiration over the years (I've been following along almost since the beginning!!) I have learned so much from you and I think what you HAVE shown people is that no matter what happens in life, there is always beauty to be found in each day. I absolutely LOVE that! I truly believe that you are an amazing and talented lady! Embrace your beautiful life, celebrate those jeans and t-shirts, and enjoy every last minute of your journey. What you do matters to others (ME! especially!) and for those of us that started out taking awful pictures and totally sucking as bloggers have been stretched to reach for our dreams because of bloggers like you! I think we as bloggers must strike a balance between our daydreaming and simply saying, "Hey! I love this bag and if I had the money I would buy it, but here is the bag I'm actually carrying around and I love it because my mom gave it to me ten years ago and it makes me happy to wear something that isn't designer but is a part of me!"

    Keep rocking it, girl! Big hugs from Copenhagen!!

  154. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I really appreciate your honesty here. Thank you and all the best to you!

  155. steffi-h / / Reply

    What an amazing post. I have been wanting to start my own blog as a creative outlet for so long and keep putting it off by making all these excuses. But the truth…I am afraid. I look at amazing blogs like yours and feel inspired, intimidated and then a little envious to be honest. It all seems so glamourous. And I wonder if mine could ever compare. Your honesty has given me so much encouragment. My hand is totally up too! Living in South Africa I see things I love online that I just cant get here (often postage to SA costs twice the price of the product…eeek). Thanks again Ez…I love your blog. And it was fantastic to read your thoughts.

  156. Leanda / / Reply

    This article couldn't speak to me and speak for me more! YES!! Congratulations to you for your honesty. YES!! I do feel slightly depressed at all the perfection out there and it IS having a detrimental effect on me. I am inspired yet left yearning for a life I don't yet have and I honestly thought I was past all that. I realise that blogging is a form of escapism for everyone – those who create their posts and shoot little choice bits of their homes are living a dream themselves. But I DO compare myself and let myself down! I have yet to read through the links, but I know this has already made me feel much much better and I will strive to be an honest blogger myself! THANK YOU!!

  157. Janice / / Reply

    I am feeling a bit speechless. I love your blog. I admire hugely the amount of work you clearly put into it. I can see it. That is why I have an e-mail subscription. Because I like to see it – regularly. I, like Melissa, like 'pretty'.

    But I'm speechless because I'm a fairly average person with perhaps a clearer understanding that
    1. no one is perfect, but no else else is little old average me and I wouldn't change places with a soul on earth for any reason
    2. bloggers are super generous in posting, well, everything that they post for all to share
    3. I have nothing to do but be grateful. Perhaps I am unusal, but I have no compulsion to emulate or be jealous or strive or feel depressed. You blogger folk just make me happy and I am constantly appreciative of all that you selflessly give away. It's volunteer work for an invisible audience.
    4. you are who you are whether people 'know' it or not – does it matter if we ourselves know we are generous, kind, sharing, loving people? You really can't convince me that any of you amazing bloggers are anything but these things.
    5. beauty can be found not just in a super craft, design, fashion, home, etc., but also in honest words.

    I think that's a part of the honesty needed here: you folk, like all of your other citizens here on earth, are not perfect, but everyone is special in his/her own way. I think that's part of what makes me a person of above average happiness: I am quite content with my average self, I share as much as I can, I love seeing the special bits in every one and every thing. Life is good and I'm so happy to be here. I wish more people would feel that way. (And, no, I've never had a life-threatening issue ever. I've actually had a very 'charmed' life in that it has been so average – no highs or lows.)

    Share the beauty that you can. Thank you so much.

  158. Rhianne / / Reply

    Ez, I've really been looking forward to your post, you write so wonderfully. My house is so boring and cluttered, and I have a degree in Interior Design lol and I always struggle with money every month. I'm truly amazed that you don't have a credit card, that must be so liberating.

    I do have a small confession though – my post was a lot harder for me to write in terms that – I realised that I wasn't scared of telling anyone anything… not really. The blogging community is amazing and although sometimes I envy other peoples houses and clothes I never feel like other bloggers (or even anyone I know) lives are perfect and even if I did have their life, it wouldn't be perfect for me. Everyones child throws a tantrum in the shop, everyones dog/cat poops on their floor and everyone feels insecure about something, no ones life is perfect and I think I prefer it that way.

    Like you said, the only reason I don't share these things normally is because of my own negativeity and what I've learnt from this is that actually, I'm more afraid of myself and my own judements of my life than anyone elses opinion on it… it's perhaps harder to admit things to myself then it is to tell other people as I know that I'm my own worst enemy.

    Anyway, thank you so much for organizing this, I'm looking forward to reading more on other blogs. I've followed your blog for most of the 3 years I've been blogging and I've always loved it and your voice through it.

    p.s. Oh also – when you said "They have believed in this blog as much as I have." I think that really, they believed in you :)

  159. Rhianne / / Reply

    p.p.s. I'm a little bit (happily) overwhelmed by Janice's comment above, I think I need to print it off and read it everyday… wow.

  160. Maureen / / Reply

    BRAVO! Thanks for being brave enough to say what we all think and feel. Isn't it nice to know you aren't alone and that no one is perfect? It takes the pressure off for sure. I will definitely visit the other blogs as well, although it may take a few days to hit them all. I appreciate you doing this, you've done so much good you may never even realize! God bless you.


  161. maryse / / Reply

    i've been following your blog for awhile and have enjoyed the lovely images you've shown. thing is, i always kind of thought of your blog like a magazine. i didn't really think too much about who was behind the images. but i'm glad you plan on adding more of you in the future. i look forward to making a connection between the blog and the woman behind it.

    also, i would recommend that you get a credit card for those emergencies. and for online purchases.

    anyway, good luck!

  162. papillon blanc / / Reply

    thank you! This is so true. Me too, sometimes I hide behind a false positive discourse on my blog while I go through sometimes difficult times. But, I think it's because life can be so cruel sometimes. I need to believe that somewhere there is a place where we can create a safe space, a small paradise where nothing can reach us.

  163. mochasoylatte / / Reply

    I love your beautiful blog! I'm new to it. I enjoy all the colors. It inspires me to look for the good in my daily life. I truly appreciate your sharing of your honest feelings about the behind the scenes. The "behind the scenes" is your actual life. I think most people we deal with on a daily basis keep things on the surface. The depth of things is much more interesting. I have read blogs filled with beautiful and expensive items and wondered: who lives this way? With no budgets? Thousand dollar dresses with shoes and jewelry costing hundreds? For one outfit! Or furniture that costs what a nice used car costs? Sometimes I look at it and dismiss it as outrageous. Sometimes I wish I could live like that. But as your quote says "Comparison is the thief of joy." I never feel good about myself when I compare what I have or do to others. It's lose- lose. So I'm glad you are shining a light on this. Just discussing it makes it better. I'm looking forward to this next incarnation of your blog! Have fun with it.

  164. Debbie / / Reply

    Ez, this is by far my favorite post to date and not because it pertains to all the pretty blogs out there, but because it pertains to life. Think of all the things people pretend about: how hard marriage is, how tough it is raising children, how one (particularly women) can get lost in the lives of others, how living within your means can mean the beauty you love might not be the beauty you live with, how following your passion and doing what you love won't necessarily make you rich monetarily, etc. As a society, there is so much pretending, but I refuse to play along. I speak freely to my daughters and friends. I share it all: the joy, the battles, the frustrations, the disappointments and the imperfections. We all need openness; it's what makes us feel we're not alone. Kudos to you for sharing!

  165. Susan / / Reply

    Thank you for inspiring us all Ez! Mine is now up…a day late, but very therapeutic to share.

  166. Leanda / / Reply

    I had to leave a second comment just to say 'thank you' again! I've now read a few of the other participants and I've shared this post on FB. I was just about to ditch my blog as I have a total fear of revealing the true me and I rarely post 'personal' stuff. I shouldn't feel ashamed of what I have. I love what I have and I'm going to keep your words and those two mantras above in my head! Oh, and I'll be reading your blog everyday too (I used to think it was all a bit too perfect ;) xx

  167. Catchadragonfly / / Reply

    Delighted to see that I am not alone…. Confidence shakes each time I post and I always hope that someone will be at least a little bit interested at least….
    I look at my Followers and am delighted with those that hang in there but would be thrilled to catch someone else's eye from time to time.
    Bravo my Lovely…..
    Be Happy
    FromCatchaDragonfly: ☜❤☞…ѕмιℓєѕ ♥
    for fabulous Weekend ahead…. With no RAIN please!!!!! ☜❤☞..

  168. Iren / / Reply

    Many thanks for your openess and honesty! This is, what the world needs. Right now, right here and everywhere…
    I write (in german) a family blog and it is important for me to also write about not so nice moments, not so nice feelings, not so nice days. Because this is reality. For everybody. Also for all the super stars in the world as well as for the queen and for the pope and for the super rich guys. All our lifes are down to earth.

    On the blog "weekday carnival", they showed a "reality check" a couple of months ago. She and other blogger friends took pictures from their home, as it looks every day. Or let's say: this is how it shows shortly before and shortly after the photographer came to take pictures for the life style magazine…
    I looked at every picture for a couple of times and totally soaked it up… Isn't it more stylish to live like this than in a museum-like order? – Have a look and feel deliberated:

    I also made a reality-check tour at my home:

    Let's start such a home tour worldwide, this is really fun!! Let's be proud to be a human beeing that is not only spending time in tidying up and do the washing, but enoying life, that is too short anyway…

    Love from Switzerland,

  169. Eilidh / / Reply

    Hi Ez, I recently unsubscribed to a lot of blogs I'd started to follow because I was beginning to feel that they were creating this fake aspirational lifestyle and trying to draw readers in with some pretty rubbish looking/for the sake of it DIY projects. Creature Comforts made the cut with only two others, I think because of your photography project that I really enjoyed and your honesty showing your whiteboard set ups etc! I will no doubt slowly add more although I think I'll be looking for more life than lifestyle. In the meantime, hats off to you for your honesty.

  170. Melissa / / Reply

    Beautiful…absolutely beautiful!!! I have been in the shoes of people who had it all….as I did 4 four years ago. At least I thought I did….it was all on credit cards though. I was the type of person that had to have things and have the best things. But when I quit my well paid job and live off unemployment I started to realize that life can be good all on it's own and things don't matter. People and happiness are what are important. I had to figure it out the hard way, but I learned that money isn't everything. You have to do what you love and yes there will be times where you will have panic attacks about making it through the month, but you will make it through. Congrats on sharing and wishing you all the best :)

  171. jessie / / Reply

    Wonderful, articulate post! And for the record, even though I love all of the home goods and design images you share, I've never considered them a sign of your luxe, perfect life. For me, each turqouise vase or vignetted table is simply a reflection of a beautiful idea, a sensation, that is more than the worldly good it represents. I love your blog for the serenity and inspiration it provides, which is why I visit everyday (sometimes more than once) and look forward to all your future blogging.

  172. Cheri / / Reply

    I have been meaning to comment for ages. Your blog is one of the few that I remain loyal to reading and so very much enjoy. Thank you. It is filled with beautiful and inspiring links and images and I really appreciate all the work and time. Today however I am absolutely spurred to comment. My daughter and I (both unpaid bloggers) were talking a month ago about the whole issue of 'unreality' on blogs and how open to be about less beautiful things. It is a hard balance to strike. I think the real dishonesty is when we as bloggers show (either purposefully or otherwise) that we are something totally other than what we are. When we pose as the person who has and does it all, take all the credit for that, and create that awful sense of personal failure for others by doing so. I applaud the desire and move to greater transparency. I appreciate your openness today. And just for the record? I think you read as pretty fantastically real.

  173. dreamalittledreamalot / / Reply

    Well done! I think the bit that strikes a chord with me most is "the more sure I become of the fact that we are all just a little bit sick of all this perfection" – as a lovely person in my life reminds me often – "true perfection is imperfection" :)

  174. Shelley Rubalcava / / Reply

    Thank you for writing this it took courage to be transparent but it was so important to gently remind people that life is not about perfection. Each struggle you encountered was meet with courage and strength and that is what it's all about. Life is about the day to day actions that you create in your world, I appreciate the beauty you create for me with your posts, I look at the beautiful images and it makes me smile and now I know a little bit about the journey it took to get those images and I smile even more. Thank you for building a community of beautiful things. In gratitude!

  175. C / / Reply

    this was incredibly inspiring, and refreshing! thank you so much for sharing :)

    i find it difficult not to get caught up in the 'hype' of pretty things, and often (unintentionally) assume that bloggers own most of the gorgeous things in their posts. thank you for reminding me that that is not the case (and that it shouldn't matter to me, even if it is!)

    (and, in case you decide to continue with posts in this vein: bring on the dark side!)

    stay true :)

  176. katy / / Reply

    my dear Ez, i can't find the right words to tell you how much your post move me deeply.
    you are wonderful.


  177. Danielle T. / / Reply

    Ez, thank you SO much for sharing this very personal side of you and your life, and blogging experience. I cannot tell you how many times I looks at these wonderful blogs, such as yours, on a daily basis, and think to myself, "wow, they just make life look so wonderful…I am never going to have such a perfect life as they do!" So, thank you for sharing that it hasn't always been easy. I knew it wasn't, of course; but the fact that you now openly admitted it is quite wonderful, and I feel much more relate-able now!
    I have been following your blog for almost two years now, on a daily basis, and I just love it even more today! Thank you again!

  178. Wanett / / Reply

    I'm in. I would really like to do this, so I have it to look back on in the future.

  179. Andrea / / Reply

    This is really helpful to me. I´m about to embrace a new chapter in my life and I was wondering a lot of stuff around the blogosphere. It´s kind of a love-hate relationship. We are somehow living trough an inexistent world and missing the real deal. For me it´s like a big desire to be seen, read, taken into account, but at what cost?

    Thanks so much for this "little big" sample of the honest and beautiful person that you are.

  180. JLVerde / / Reply

    What a breath of fresh air. And I don't mean potpurri scented overly perfect air. Just plain old (sometimes stinky) air!

    I can't wait to read what all the bloggers on your list have to say.

  181. Chassie / / Reply

    What a beautiful, honest and heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing a piece of you with all of us.

  182. Karen / / Reply

    Thank you so much for your post and for initiating the whole campaign in general. You have shown us that it's okay to be not okay and that we are all just human after all.

    I've had a similar life to you and now I have two small businesses to run and I'm exhausted all the time, hardly make a penny from either of them right now, have to put up with awful haters, etc, that generally goes with the territory of being a business owner. Despite many years of working in my industry I am still constantly wracked with self doubt and low self esteem. But what I've wanted to do for years is blog! However, I never had the courage or the confidence to even register a domain name until I read your amazing post. By stripping down the walls and confiding in people inside and outside of the blogging world you are empowering people and you have made such a difference, you all have.

    You are an inspiration and I love everything about your blog. x

  183. Rachel / / Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Ez. You brought up many good points. Life is not perfect, nor was it made to be. I look forward to following along on your new journey with the blog and yourself. Cheers to YOU! :)

  184. Anna Joyce / / Reply

    I had to stop reading parenting blogs because my children were not eating organic food on a handmade quilt playing with chickens- they were rubbing plastic toys on the walls and yelling with the TV on.
    As a designer I am guilty of this myself, trying to make my photos perfect- sell the "lifestyle". I can't wait to see more of this.
    Thank Ez- you are very brave and I love your work.
    ox Anna

  185. Sam / / Reply

    Dear Ez,
    Thank you for your open and honest post. I truly appreciate it when people let others see their struggles, for I believe our struggles are the most relatable factor we have. I am also thankful to know I am not the only one who doesn't have the luxuries of a mani or pedi, or the luxury to get sick. Knowing that people who I look up to, who I consider admirable, and who I follow everyday also share some of the same concerns and stresses that I have, well it's even more inspiring. I can't explain how, or why this is so, but really, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to share side of you with all of your readers. We love you!


  186. Megan / / Reply

    EZ thank you so much for sharing, and for starting this. I fall down the hole of "my life doesn't look that pretty" too even though I know that nobody's does and I know how carefully I have to photograph around things if my own house is going to be in the background. I never catch up to washing the dishes and I have stacks of pipers that need to be filed and my closet is so small I don't bother to put the vacuum cleaner away. Warm hugs from way over here, hope to see you again very soon!

  187. Missy / / Reply

    Thank you so much for this post, and thank you for being brave enough to show us all such honesty.


  188. Adri / / Reply

    Thank you Ez for realizing that despite the fact our lives aren't 100% glamorous it is ok to share them. I applaud your honesty and encourage you to continue posting about the reality in your life. You drew us in because of an aesthetic that inspires you, and now this is our chance to get to really know you, and the love and support you'll be getting will astound you. If people just wanted to stare at pretty things, they'd spend no time on blogs and just look at pinterest, but most of us readers (and bloggers) stick to a blog because of a relationship they develop (even if it's all one sided) with the woman (or man) behind the curtain… now you get to share in that relationship a little bit more!

  189. barbara / / Reply

    I have to say that I think you're being too hard on yourself. I've been weeding out blogs recently because for one I don't really have the time to read them and well, a lot are self-serving. I'm not one for egos – in myself and in others. Your blog is one I've kept because I can read into your honesty. I also see your excitment and generosity. I stumpled upon your blog several years ago after the Christmas holiday when I was searching for a cool calendar to print and post in my store. I couldn't afford to purchase one. I thanked you for your kindness in providing it for a free download as well as sharing your talent. You have amazing ideas and a great eye. You serve as one of my inspirations!

    But I do have to say, several months ago I started sharing more about the day-to-day life on my blog which isn't just about the good, fun times of running a used bookstore. The change of lifestyle it has brought to me and my family. My blogging started because I couldn't afford to offer a web storefront. Still can't. Someday I will.

    Hang in there and please don't change too much. :)

    Keep up your great work and don't worry about people judging. For me, I respect you for the side of you share. I have no expections and I'm sure others don't either.

  190. Ez / / Reply

    Dear random girl,
    While it seems unlikely that you intended for your comment to have a positive impact I wanted to let you know that it has. Because you know what…you made me think about things even more, and in a way you're right! I didn't share my very deepest darkest secrets yesterday, but that's not what this challenge was about. This was never about one-upping everyone else with the most shocking and revelatory content, it was about sharing something personal from a genuine place, and that is exactly what I (and I believe all the other bloggers involved) have done…whether talking about piles of unfolded laundry or struggles with illness or heartache. It is all valid and part of the bigger conversation that this challenge is all about. In the past I have shared darker stuff than my struggles with money and lack of home decorating skills (which I linked to in this post), but that wasn't the topic that was on my heart to share this time around. I am not ashamed of that, and refuse to be.
    Signed, Ez – a woman, mother, blogger, worker, who IS busy enjoying her life, regardless of wether you feel it is valid or not.

  191. Ashley / / Reply

    This was such a wonderful and inspiring post for me. I just started a blog back in February and I think I have posted a total of about 7 times, if that many. I wanted to be able to share things in my life and blog almost daily and whatnot, but life happens and as I continued to look around at other's blogs, including yours, I found myself feeling unworthy to be a blogger. My confidence in blogging slowly wilted away, and with an issue with my home-based business making me not have much to blog about (or so I thought), I was ready to just give up blogging. I saw no way for me to be as "awesome" as all you other wonderful bloggers, but after reading your post here today, and I am definitely going to visit the others as well, I am truly inspired to get my blog back up and going, even if all I do is share something small that is on my mind that day. Thanks so much for inspiring me to keep things going and not to be afraid to post "things I'm afraid to tell people".

    I'm sure I'll be a better blogger because of this post. Thanks so much again for sharing,and have a beautiful, blessed day!!!

    P.S. I have a very horrible habit of comparing things in my life to someone else's life, and after reading this post, I am going to try my best to break that habit!!!

  192. Rebecca M / / Reply

    Ez, thank you so much for this post. I've been reading your blog for years but this is actually the 1st comment I've left on the site. As I seek to find my own voice as I start to pursue writing more publicly, it's so inspiring to hear from you, as an experienced writer and blogger, express your own struggle. Best of luck and know that your followers (even the ones that have been silent) are cheering you on.

  193. LC Taylor / / Reply

    Rock on, EZ! Your response to RandomGirl was so refreshing. Why she felt the need to bring negativity into this, I don't know… Keep up the good work making yourself (and lots of us around the web) happy!

  194. Amanda / / Reply

    I appreciate this post and this project so much. I am not a blogger, but read more blogs than I should, and I have started to feel the perfection, and especially the perfect imperfection–artfully scattered crumbs next to perfectly wrinkled linen napkins, you know what I mean–taking its toll on me. Another thing that is relevant to your post, and that I don't hear being talked about much, is how all these blogs are really encouraging people to spend money and buy all these beautiful things that most of them can't afford. And probably most of the bloggers can't afford them either, but it is easy to think that bloggers all have all these gorgeous clothes and things for their homes. Really dangerous. I know I have spent money I didn't really have on things I saw on a blog and "had" to have. In a way I never would with a magazine ad or article, because it feels like a real person is telling me about something I should want. I guess just a request that bloggers would think a little more about this. Thanks again, I am looking forward to reading some of these posts.

  195. linda / / Reply

    It's definitely refreshing to read about the true… authentic issues we all face – at one point or another. You are so brave to share your thoughts openly and I think it's helped many of us realize that everyone is working through something in their lives! It's not all roses and pink cupcakes (all the time, anyway). Thank you for starting this up!

  196. marta / / Reply

    EZ, you are brave. this is such a refreshing post. thank you for having the guts to put it all down. i love the fact that your home is pretty plain and you don't have credit cards! way to go. i love you that much more to know that you are just ordinary like the rest of us. thank you, thank you!

    p.s. you may be interested in reading a similar 'perfection in blogging' article i wrote called BLOGGING AND JEALOUSY!

  197. Kim / / Reply

    Thank you for this very inspirational piece! It is a welcome relief to read such honesty. I love the challenge, and hope to be brave enough to do it myself.

  198. Ashley Noelle / / Reply

    I think that what is old is new again. I've been "blogging" on various sites since I was about 14…in 1994…we didn't call it blogging back then, of course. It started out real. More real than real, maybe. Public diaries more than perfectly curated versions of reality. And I'd actually go so far as to say that the reality I presented on my blog was far worse than my actual reality! My blog was where I let my angst out. Cheaper than therapy, though I had my share of doctors, too.
    So I guess it's nice to see that people are coming back around to being honest and less afraid. Back then we just threw it all out there, blood and everything. Now it's like…ethereal or nothing.
    I guess the thing that keeps me from delving as far into my personal life as I did in the 90s/00s is that now I have to worry about prospective employers seeing what I write and judging me for it.
    Anyway, sorry this is kind-of lengthy. The subject matter is close to my heart. :)

  199. Tiina / / Reply

    Hi Ez! Thank you so much for this post!!! None of this is embarassing or humiliating! I love your blog for years now, it is one of a few I read almost daily… your blog has become even more inspiring to me! What a good idea, to bring "the other side" more in this blog! That´s brave and honest, I love that!! Keep being the way you are! I don´t have a blog myself (yet?), but I´m a curious follower of yours! Hugs from Berlin, Tiina

  200. Scabs / / Reply

    My finger wobbles every time I publish a post. Sometimes I feel like the only one with a less than stellar and perfect home, life,children, spouse.

    The truth is refreshing idea and love the anticipation of reading other people's secret stories.


  201. Alli Morris / / Reply

    You capture what I have been feeling for a while now so graciously Ez. I am so overwhelmed by the amount of lovely, pretty, cool and EXPENSIVE STUFF that is out there. I get sucked in for hours sometimes flicking from one blog to the next. Clicking on this link, which leads to that link with this incredible urge to consume, consume, consume. I fill up my basket with all these pretty things time and time again. Thankfully, most of the time I stop and think what am I doing, this is revolting, I don't need any of these things. I close the copious number of tabs I have open on my browser and feel empty…and exhausted by the stimulation, not really inspired at all!

    I look at some of the homes featured on various blogs, which are beautiful but ask myself how can they keep these places clean, especially if they have children. I dust and an hour later it's back again and the piles of bits and pieces I have lying around never seem to put themselves away.

    Thank you for your honesty, it is very refreshing. Keep up the great and inspiring work!


  202. Rachel Alison / / Reply

    "…like when a once-in-a-lifetime trip to NYC throws me into a panicked state realizing that my two pairs of jeans and stack of t-shirts won't fit the bill. "

    A thousand times yes!!! And, as someone who lives full time in New York and only has t-shirts and jeans, that very anxiety often keeps me from going out and doing things. (A fact that I'm not proud of, but it's true.)

  203. olivia / / Reply

    I joined in on the movement, I would love if you came by! I was really inspired by this post, and I am a huge fan of your blog!!

  204. Annette / / Reply

    Frankly, I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and your story was not surprising at all. I cannot point to a specific, but somehow I sensed that you were sometimes living on the financial edge. Maybe because I was doing it a few years back, too. In middle age, I decided to pursue my creative passion in lieu of financial security. While my creative products are selling steadily and the work is ultimately fulfilling, I will never be rolling in dough; but, I have figured out how to have what I need. Regular hair and nail appointment are not on the list (and since when did we become helpless at doing our own?); new clothes, haven't bought any in years but am wearing the quality pieces that I've owned for 15-20 years. Point is, it's very easy to get caught up in the marketing of American consumerism where the underlying message is "you're a failure if you can't afford to buy what is being sold." If you have a roof over your head, you can eat good (meaning healthy and fresh) food, and you have water to drink, you are rich. If you have family that loves you and believes in what you do and can occasionally assist you financially, it's because they know you are worth the investment because their return is a happy and healthy relative who brings them joy and pleasure. I've lived through all the financial spectrums, but the one where I am now has brought me the most peace and happiness, and my payment is doubled by the enriched open relationships I'm now experiencing with my friends and family. There is no such thing as a perfect life, but there are false perceptions of one. Follow Teddy's advice above and best wishes.

  205. Printing Company / / Reply

    Oh my gosh Ez…your post is really great and amazing! can't take my eyes on it so inspiring.always looking forward to your new post,its my first time to drop by here and when I see and read you post can't help myself of leaving a comment.Really great!

  206. Flash / / Reply

    Bravo! My hand shot upwards tonight, at your bidding.

    There must be vibrant energy coursing through blogland because I indirectly waxed personal on my blog on Thursday, I figured, "What the heck, this is part of me, along with all the rest of the stuff." I had no knowledge of 'Things I'm Afraid to Tell You".

    Thank you for sharing this layer of your life.

  207. achowlife / / Reply

    Oh, you are wonderful! I am cheering over here (quietly because my baby is sleeping). I get it. I get all of it. The internet is a lovely place in so many ways. Part of the beauty is that we DO get to pick and chose what we share. Part of the problem is the very same thing and I couldn't agree more that it has a negative affect. I feel this sense of insecurity about it too. I don't want my readers to see my floor smeared with crushed cheerios or my 3 inch roots either! You really inspired me. Thank you! xo Robin

  208. Margie / / Reply

    It must have been very tough to write all of this out, but I thank you for this post! I've been reading your blog for years and have always enjoyed the inspiration you provide. While I agree that some part of magazines, blogs, tv and movies lead us to believe we are missing out … I think also that people appreciate being able to get away from their own lives, or escape into some fantasy, even if it means seeing stuff you can't have. Cheers!

  209. Julie / / Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing what you did. While it may be scary to put yourself out there, most of us are just regular folks who dream of having perfectly beautiful homes and clothes, but don't have the means. It's so generous of your to share yourself to your readers in that way.

    I stopped following Pinterest recently because I found it highly addictive, but increasingly unsatisfying at the same time. There were no "souls" behind the bombardment of perfect photographs. Thanks for sharing yours.

  210. Marina / / Reply

    I love Creature Comforts and all the beautiful things you post, but if you´d ask me the post I remember best is the one in which you told the story about your moving back home. I cried as I read it and I don´t forget it.
    Thanks Ez for being so inspiring

  211. Leslie / / Reply

    There have been many comments on this post using the words brave, courage etc which I am uneasy with. I wont get into that because it is not the reason I am posting. I think for me its about the honesty! I used to really enjoy a Sat morning with a cup of tea enjoying all my favourite blogs. However, lately I have to say I have become increasingly disillusioned with many of my former faves. For no other reason than the "gosh my life is so stressful, writing my new book/opening my new shop/or fitting in my 15th meal out this week" is getting boring. I don't doubt that these bloggers do feel busy and overwhelmed by all the awesome in their lives. What I don't like is feeling like my everyday life of going to my non creative job (which I really do quite enjoy), living in my nice but fairly normal home and it's non magazine worthy interior, is dull and uninteresting. I hate feeling like that because it's not in my nature and you know what I am pretty happy with that life. I love beautiful and creative things but I really like to read about the the day to day – with the creative thrown in. I wanna see the project that didn't quite work or the sideboard that you bought that doesn't look quite as good as you had hoped in your dining room.
    As a result, the overachiever blogs which I once followed have gone by the wayside and I now follow those which are are both creative and real . I have to say Ez, that I have always found your blog to be creative and beautiful, yet pretty honest. One post in particular where you were shooting photos of lemons (i think) and you spoke about the 100's of photos you took to get the one you posted or showing your photoshoot cardboard set up behind the scenes of the beautiful shot you eventually posted up.

    I blog myself, but here is my honest truth, I saw your call out on Twitter for people to join your challenge but didn't think my little blog, which for the most part is read by my Mum and a couple of friends was worthy enough to be included in the challenge. I thought who really cares about what I write, which I truly believe is a symptom of the very problem which has prompted your challenge.

    On that note, keep on doing what you do Ez, I know I am not alone in saying Creature Comforts is at the top of my Saturday morning reading list! Which I hope makes you feel like some of the challenges you deal with as a career blogger are all worth it!

  212. Victoria Fisher / / Reply

    Yesterday I skimmed over your blog as I had quite a stressful day myself and just didnt need to read loads of whatever, HOWEVER today I have read your blog and wanted to say thank you for the best therapy in a long time. I too think that many of us blog about the frills and fancies of life, I know I do, in fact in my new blogging life,, my mantra really is to only post something lovely, pretty, inspiring etc in the hope that I can spread the happiness…BUT I often wonder what sort of reaction I would get if I really put out the nuts and bolts of my life. Given my situation, I would have to do it anonymously, but after reading your thoughts and new path I am now going to give it some real consideration. Thank you again and so much luck will be following from London!

  213. Rachel DeSimone / / Reply

    I really appreciate this post. It's always difficult to find the balance of good writing, things that are interesting and honesty that doesn't just turn into an uncomfortable airing of dirty laundry. As a blogger/human I've always felt as though it was important to share experiences that were important to me- especially ones that might help somebody else. Whether it's a discussion on relationships or grief- just like in real life- it's there, but it's not everything. It's nice to see initiative be taken to inject authenticity into a world that frequently can be written off as an offshoot of privilege due to an excess of free time.

    Primpin' Ain't Easy

  214. Ange / / Reply

    You are spot on….thank you for calling the blogging community on this and perhaps creating a new era of real-ness :)

  215. Gaby / / Reply

    This is a great and brave movement you have created, not only because it brings some kind of reality, the one that we don't blog about that much, but because it's a great way for bloggers to share their personal issues and get all this wonderful support. Your blog has been one of my very favorite blogs and I always look forward to your posts, they are very inspiring and even though I admire your talent I have never taken you as a "perfect" person, we are humans after all ;)

  216. Mrs. Kinne / / Reply

    This is a really beautiful idea– and you are brave to share your life the way you do. Thank you for shining a light on real life, because blogs can absolutely make you feel like you are doing things wrong!

  217. Amanda / / Reply

    Oh Ez what a post! What an amazing inspiration you are. I have been such a huge fan of yours for years now and this post has done nothing other than to inspire and endear you to me even more. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your challenge to the blog world. I took up the challenge and wrote my own post here:

    It is actually comforting to know so many of the bloggers I look up to feel the same as I do in regard to feeling like everyone else has a prettier, grander life than I do.

    I thank you for the beauty you share on your blog, don't stop with that, but I also thank you for sharing you. I look forward to getting to know more about the amazing woman behind the blog!

  218. Lindsey / / Reply

    I found through Tiffany at who has joined this wonderful group of bloggers keepin it real. I smiled through this entire post! I have stopped following several blogs because of well, you just put into words I couldn't really formulate on my own. I am loving this as a reader and hope this continues to catch fire:). Thank you!!!

  219. T / / Reply

    Awesome challenge! And as my personal blog has been neglected for months, a perfect opportunity for me to update it….and continue to do so. Thank you :)

  220. michelle morelan / / Reply

    Well said…we all come from different financial situations in life, but, thank goodness, happiness is not relative to this.

    In this business, there are many high end designers that started off in a wealthy situation…or married to the best builder in the country…I actually had to remove myself from blogging for a while, because it was getting to me; I was feeling less than successful, even know I invested 4 years of my life getting my degree, and feel talented most of the time, I have seen first hand that you need those first few willing (well, lets just be truthful here, wealthy) clients to build on.

    Like my old fisherman father says …"Even the Queen farts" lol…good to remember.

  221. Piper / / Reply

    Ez, you truly, truly inspire me – you are so brave and honest and what you're sharing is so true!! I did a blog post back in Feb or March about how I was feeling that same thing – that there's this element of perfection out there that can make us feel bad about our own lives. It's so nice to know that so many others are feeling it too! Thank you for sharing your story – wow. I feel inspired! And I know what you mean about a simple life – it can be challenging but so rewarding! As I''m going along at this, I'm learning that I don't mind the sacrifices if I get to do something I love!

    xo Piper

  222. Fridasfina / / Reply

    THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you! As a coincidence I stumbled across this wonderful post who really summarize the thougts and mixed feelings I've had about blogging for such a long time. This was such a relief to read. So brave! So lovely! Thank you again!

  223. Magali / / Reply

    Thank you for this amazing post idea. I will be doing it myself in a couple of days. :)

  224. Keia Mastrianni / / Reply

    Ez- what a beautifully written, "from the heart" post. I have to say that when I first discovered your blog, it was in a rare post where you honestly discussed your low times. It was that post that brought me back here from the get-go. I saw a genuine person and a beautiful blog and this movement has been such an incredible testament to your true character. Thank you for sharing more of your personal life and debunking the idea of perfection that we all see. I think it can be likened to models in magazines, being airbrushed and chopped up in Photoshop. It's all the same- an illusion, not reality. Thank you for keeping it real. So much.

  225. Jeannie / / Reply

    Thank you for doing this. I'm old enough to realize that everyone has parts of their lives that are not so perfect. Letting others see this part is so healthy!

  226. LA / / Reply

    I have let out so many sighs of relief after reading these TIATTY posts. My blog is incredibly new but I started it with these intentions, to be honest about life & it's struggles with light-hearted posts in-between, of course, because that's part of it too.

    & man do i feel you on the money struggles. i mean, really.

    thanks for this.

  227. Miss B. / / Reply

    Sweet, sweet Ez, I started following you when you may have been at your lowest, you were going through a dark time and then your house flooded, etc. etc. I understand your not wanting to add 'negativity' but watching you persevere and come out on top is SUCH an inspiration! The one other time you mentioned your personal life made me ADORE you, you stuck up for your daughter and changed you life yet again. I LOVE a mom that puts her child first, it's a beautiful thing in in my mind that made me consider you more of a success than anything. Although, you do know I find your creativity just AMAZING. Sending you tons of LOVE sweet girl! You are about to take on the world!

  228. Amanda / / Reply

    Thanks for sharing girl! This was so encouraging, I feel as though I have a positive new perspective!

  229. colleen attara / / Reply


    I have always loved your blog. But I must say, I will love it more now because you were so honest. There is something so engaging when someone shows their true self. There is a special beauty in being so true.

    Thank you Ez for being so brave…


  230. Peggy / / Reply

    Bravo! I am so glad you were brave enough to be so honest because deep down I knew bloggers weren't the blissful bunch portrayed in their posts. My friends and I (members of the baby boomer generation) are always remarking how people – mainly women – seem to be living in a "magazine world" these days. How hard that must be for people to live up to. Weddings must be picture perfect (aren't weddings about the beginning of a wonderful life together?), homes must be beautifully decorated, families must always be smiling and children must be forever adorable (now we all know this is not true!). The pressure women put on themselves is crazy. It's hard enough working, raising a family, managing household affairs, etc. Everyone needs to relax.

  231. anastasia / / Reply

    i appreciate your honesty but
    blog envy and hate reading has been mentioned quite a bit lately – people might be frustrated about the perfection and picture perfect life out there but there are also many honest blogs, mum blogs that make you laugh and relate so it all depends on what kind of blogs you read.

    If people are feeling threatened and insecure its showing a lot of whats going inside them.
    You would have to pretty naive to believe these bloggers are just 'perfect' – we are ALL human with insecurities, doubts and feelings of not fitting in to this 'ideal' so for me to compare myself and my life to what Im seeing on a blog which is edited to perfection, would be crazy!!
    i actually love blogging and I love sharing my online finds and inspirations. I also love reading and looking at beautiful blogs, yours included and they are always uplifting and help me get creative – i do sometimes feel overloaded and need to step back and get with the 'real world' but for me blogs are my ' time out ' – relaxation just like reading a great magazine. I feel really sad that you think your home would be an embarasment – why would you think that? you are so creative and an inspiration to so many!?

  232. Rebecca / / Reply

    Oh my, I just became aware of all of this today, but I'm all for it and I'm so touched by all the posts out there, even if I've just read a few so far.
    Just did the same, even though I'm late !
    Thank you so much for this !

  233. Gaelan@Uschi&Kay / / Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! This the most amazing project because as a blogger that is still a relative newbie, I have felt the same way so many times. I blog about weddings and felt so much pressure when planning and designing my own wedding to make it picture perfect (I almost eloped just to escape the pressure). Blogging can be so isolating at times, so it's such a relief to hear from all these successful bloggers that they aren't perfect either. I definitely feel less alone in what I'm doing now.

  234. Gaelan@Uschi&Kay / / Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! This the most amazing project because as a blogger that is still a relative newbie, I have felt the same way so many times. I blog about weddings and felt so much pressure when planning and designing my own wedding to make it picture perfect (I almost eloped just to escape the pressure). Blogging can be so isolating at times, so it's such a relief to hear from all these successful bloggers that they aren't perfect either. I definitely feel less alone in what I'm doing now.

  235. Gaelan@Uschi&Kay / / Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! This the most amazing project because as a blogger that is still a relative newbie, I have felt the same way so many times. I blog about weddings and felt so much pressure when planning and designing my own wedding to make it picture perfect (I almost eloped just to escape the pressure). Blogging can be so isolating at times, so it's such a relief to hear from all these successful bloggers that they aren't perfect either. I definitely feel less alone in what I'm doing now.

  236. Gaelan@Uschi&Kay / / Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! This the most amazing project because as a blogger that is still a relative newbie, I have felt the same way so many times. I blog about weddings and felt so much pressure when planning and designing my own wedding to make it picture perfect (I almost eloped just to escape the pressure). Blogging can be so isolating at times, so it's such a relief to hear from all these successful bloggers that they aren't perfect either. I definitely feel less alone in what I'm doing now.

  237. Gaelan@Uschi&Kay / / Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! This the most amazing project because as a blogger that is still a relative newbie, I have felt the same way so many times. I blog about weddings and felt so much pressure when planning and designing my own wedding to make it picture perfect (I almost eloped just to escape the pressure). Blogging can be so isolating at times, so it's such a relief to hear from all these successful bloggers that they aren't perfect either. I definitely feel less alone in what I'm doing now.

  238. Gaelan@Uschi&Kay / / Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! This the most amazing project because as a blogger that is still a relative newbie, I have felt the same way so many times. I blog about weddings and felt so much pressure when planning and designing my own wedding to make it picture perfect (I almost eloped just to escape the pressure). Blogging can be so isolating at times, so it's such a relief to hear from all these successful bloggers that they aren't perfect either. I definitely feel less alone in what I'm doing now.

  239. Gaelan@Uschi&Kay / / Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you! This the most amazing project because as a blogger that is still a relative newbie, I have felt the same way so many times. I blog about weddings and felt so much pressure when planning and designing my own wedding to make it picture perfect (I almost eloped just to escape the pressure). Blogging can be so isolating at times, so it's such a relief to hear from all these successful bloggers that they aren't perfect either. I definitely feel less alone in what I'm doing now.

  240. alston / / Reply

    thanks so much for putting yourself out there — your honesty is incredibly refreshing. i'm an even bigger fan of cc!

  241. Stephane / / Reply

    I struggle to reveal my real self in my real life! There's the pretty picture in my mind of how I'd like it to be–and then there's reality. . .

  242. Naomi A. / / Reply

    I'm so glad you ladies have decided to vocalize some of these feelings we all seem to struggle with! And I'm so glad I've decided to join in with you :) I feel a lot more hopeful about my future with blogging.

  243. Elizabeth / / Reply

    Wow! I am in awe of your courage and honesty! I could not agree more with your comments that sometime you go away from a beautiful blog and think the author must be living the charmed life. It is nice to know that a successful, and yes you are that…you are a success becuase you have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful blog that inspires you and others to see the beauty in life. And you followed your dreams! My goodness how many people can say that to live their life they are living authentically? You are doing it, no credit cards in this day and age? What? That is unheard of, but brilliant, you are teaching your precious daughter the gift of need vs want, and the power of no debt. Not to mention the idea of saving money…I do not know of kids these days that know of that!

    Thank you for sharing , "the good the bad and the ugly" it is refreshing!

    Have a great week, Elizabeth

  244. Jessie / / Reply

    This post was really refreshing and inspiring. I seriously just sat here reading it thinking the exact same things you were about almost every topic you covered…even the part about not owning any credit cards. Your honesty is much appreciated and has gained you another fan of your blog :)

  245. Tyra / / Reply

    First, I want to say thank you! I can't tell you how important it is for me to read the things you have written about here. As a creative person trying to reconcile a creative business in this economy living in one of the most expensive cities in the country (arguable, the world), I appreciate your struggles and the fact that mine are not in vain.

  246. Diane / / Reply

    I just did a VERY revealing post about myself last month and this is the link to it.

    My marriage is now rosy, but I almost lost the man I love in 2002 when I let distrust take over my feelings. I like honest posts on a blog much more so than looking at pretty things. We can learn so much from other bloggers if we all just open up a bit.

  247. Liv / / Reply

    Ez, thank you for this wonderful post – you have inspired me to do write a "things I'm afraid to tell you" post on my own fledgling blog. I can't tell you how much this post resonated with me.

  248. Samantha / / Reply

    EZ, thank you so much for being honest. I love reading your lovely blog and now I love it even more because you have more self realization that 99% of people out there and your truthfulness is divine.

  249. Julia / / Reply

    Thank you. We have to work together to get over the notion that we have to be better than one another to be a valuable person.

    Being a mom is hard. Being a single woman is hard. Having a home is hard. Being a confident woman is hard. Having a purpose filled life is hard.

    This is a wonderful series and I hope it is one of many rallying calls for all of us to be as authentic as we can be and to be accepting of others.

    I think the truth is that we all struggle but that struggle is made easier when it's shared.

    Thank you for sharing.

  250. Clemence / / Reply

    I read this post twice… This is a fabulous, honest, profound post. Thank you for your honesty and your bravery. Thank you for being such an inspiration.
    I just published my "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" post (here). Thank you so much for the movement you started.

  251. Laura Daub / / Reply

    Thank you so much for getting this challenge up online and for everyone's raw, honest blog posts, sharing their own stories. Phew! I am not alone! I really felt the need to participate and feel like it doesn't matter if one person reads it, or thousands. I found I needed to do it and you've made me take a good look at things. All the best to all of you!

  252. Lesley / / Reply

    My hand is raised! Yes- I feel the same way you do! I am a big fan of blogs that post REALITY instead of trying to make it seem like every little detail of that bloggers life is completely amazing, every moment is spent with beautiful things, amazing meals worthy of taking a zillion photos of, fabulous day trips and vacations, a closet full of the latest and greatest etc etc. Of course I love blogs that are positive and beautiful most of the time, but I think it's great when the author occasionally shares something private or some struggle they are going through. It makes the reader feel like they are reading something created by a HUMAN not some perfect design robot living in some fantasy world! It's the same on Facebook, of course no one wants to read some Debbie Downers daily posts about how everything sucks- but like I always say, I am happy 90-95 of the time (ok sometimes less perhaps) but the second I share something that sucks, or something that makes me sad I get hurdled with comments about how negative I am being, how no one wants to hear it, or I get sarcastic remarks. Hello people! If you float on clouds, crap rainbows and see unicorns all day GOOD for you! But I call my self a realist who knows that life aint like that! I may see the glass as half full some days or half empty on others, but lets be real, not everything is OK ALL the time, it's the way you deal with things that matters and your overall outlook. So, I think you are awesome for sharing! I am also a big fan of your blog and do not think it will hurt your readers at all if you share a little bit of reality every so often. I think that is to be admired. I actually stopped reading certain blogs over a year ago (no names mentioned) because I would end up rolling my eyes after certain posts, OR feeling bad about myself like my life was so ordinary and lame! And then I would want to rearrange my whole office because it couldn't possibly measure up and now I can't even concentrate on my work because my life is such a mess! haha! It is true though- a blog that makes you feel bad about your own life rather than enhancing it just sucks, and people who try to pretend like they have the most perfect fabulous lives are kidding themselves, and afraid to show anyone they are less than perfect sometimes. Honesty rules! I am not saying share EVERYTHING but a little here and there I think is really great :) and if you can keep your sense of humor about the little things that make life not so perfect, even better.

  253. Linda Marie / / Reply

    i couldn't help but read them all. interesting how we all have different circumstances in our lives, but the emotions are the same. <3

  254. crispin korschen / / Reply

    Thank you so much. I think so many of us in the creative business hide how hard it is to make a living and for anyone in the creative business it is without a doubt. It it is of course a very rewarding business but it is also hard. Your breath of honesty is so refreshing once again thank you.

  255. hennymats / / Reply

    You are so brave. I totally agree with you and this post moved your blog right up in my favorite reads. Way to go!

  256. riye / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life. I admit, I am also a little tired of all the beautiful things, designs, etc. featured on blogs and after a while I stopped reading many of them. They all looked the same. I don't think people should feel like they *have* to publish anything they don't want to about themselves but throwing some personal perspective/stories in every so often is often what makes a blog more interesting. Take care!

  257. Jo / / Reply

    Thank you for your honesty Ez. I am in a similar situation, but in Singapore. I'm a single mom too, but thankfully have been able to stay with my parents for the past 2.5 years since leaving my marriage. (rent here is astronomical) But still I understand the month to month worry about finances because I handle all my own bills, whilst still trying to save up for my own flat. (which is also crazy expensive here) And when health scares and hospitalizations come, it IS incredibly scary. Re the prettiness of the world of blogging, I think you are right. I stopped reading some blogs ages ago cos it just seemed too unreal and stuck up. And everyone wants to put out a pretty blog, but at the end of the day, we connect with people through our lives, not our fantasies. (though fantasies can be great stress-relievers!) Thank you for your courage, Ez! :)

  258. evie / / Reply

    well said! i couldnt have read this at a more fitting time as self doubt and unrealistic self expectations creep in. im thrilled to have found and read your post. thank you.

  259. Rosemarie / / Reply

    I'm a little late to the party…On my own blog, I have struggled with how open and honest to be about myself. My posts usually reflect beauty and gratitude, but my real life isn't always beautiful or easy. I want to be honest. I want to be authentic. I read other blogs and thought mine should be as superficial, because gosh, they are so darn pretty and I want my life to be like that too! Thank you for the kick in the butt and giving me the courage to be me – such as I am.

  260. lexi / / Reply

    AMEN, SISTA!! I've been soooo tired of perfect perfect perfect. i'm looking at these blogs like, are you kidding me?? at one point i got caught up in the fantasy land, but i realized that i don't want my blog to be all fantasy all the time. i want it to be mostly real and raw…with sprinkles of beauty :) anyway, i read the whole thing and i applaud anyone who is upfront about financials. it's so annoying to watch some women parade around with stuff they know they only got because of credit cards -___-

  261. Vanessa / / Reply

    I found my way here from "Lost in Cheeseland" and I'm glad I did.

    I have seen this topic touched upon by bloggers, but the result has always been them defending why creating a beautiful space is meant to be inspiring. That for all of the struggles we face and sadness we experience in our lives, sometimes we all need some escapism. To some extent, I can understand this motivation. At the same time, when its ALL you see, it can unknowingly create insecurities in others and create a false sense of how other people live. I feel like there is a giant wave of cute, beautiful, pretty lives in blogs that has grown out of proportion. I'm too old for this s***, the world of constant facades. Many of us who read blogs are women who also care about real things that matter(at least once in while!).

    And it is apparent that readers are insecure, because I even see them ask bloggers about their skin-care regimen. Just another example of wanting to be "perfect," just like the bloggers we read about.

    Due to the wave of beautiful this and that, it is hard to write about my life. For the most part I think I keep it real, but there is definitely a looming pressure to make it a more glamorous space. Hence, why I have writer's block at the moment. I will certainly take your message to heart and try to be more "me" :)

    Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  262. Helen / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I found it really inspiring. It is so much easier to share a pretty picture than to open up your heart. I'm sure lots of us suffer from home /wardrobe / book deal envy but it's good to take a step back and remind yourself that the images we see presented in blogs are only a small part of the whole picture.

  263. Karen / / Reply

    I found this post very valuable so thank you very much for sharing and for organising this big share.

    It is very easy to read blogs and think that all the authors have amazing lives full of beautiful moments and possessions. Like you I find myself very nervous about sharing too much of myself through my blog – it is a constant challenge for me at the moment – to be more open in my writing but on a level that I'm comfortable with.

    I really appreciate your honesty and it's great to get to know you more.


  264. Kat / / Reply

    Hi Ez, I came across this post and your blog via Pikaland. Im relatively new to blogging but find that I cant blog more than twice a week and I will only REALLY look at about 10 blogs on my long blogger list. I sometimes get anxious that I have to keep up with other blogs, often setting my own stupidly high expectations and standards based on other blogs. This sometimes makes me feel inadequate and feeling super pressurised when, on other blogs it all looks so easy. This anxiety has lead to doubts about so many aspects of my creative life. I realise now, that actually it isn't really that easy. I was getting caught up in the rose tinted world of blogging and becoming disconnected with the fact that bloggers put in a lot of hard work in what they do. So when I decided to start my own blog I try to constantly remind myself that it is MY blog and its MY space and its great if people like it and if they dont then thats ok too. And as long as I remember the reason why I started my blog, and know when to take a break from it, I will continue to do so. I work full time (which allows me to fuel my craft addiction) and I blog when I can. I try not to hide the fact that I work full time in an industry thats not directly related to my interest/hobby. Id love to be able to do this full time one day but im happy with the balance I have. There is probably someone out there who would would love to be in my shoes and im very grateful for the shoes im wearing. I know this is different if your blog is supporting you financially and I really admire the lovelies out there (like yourself) who make it work!

    Your post is a further major wake up call and will probably change the way I share more about my life on my blog. Oh and also how much time I spend reading other blogs vs what I actually get out of them (pressure and anxiety or ideas and inspiration).

    Thank you so much for being true and sharing your life with us.

    Kat x :)

  265. Jess @ The Colorful Ones / / Reply

    Thanks for your honesty… I totally agree that we see so much 'beauty' online that we tend to compare ourselves and our lives, and we'll never live up. I also feel like we think we're getting to know our favorite bloggers, but we truly only know what they choose to divulge to us. So thanks again for being real… I hope to continually ground myself in reality in my new blogging adventure; just today I put up a post listing some of my flaws, and I linked back to you… you can check it out here:

    Thanks, and God Bless!

  266. Susanne / / Reply

    Being in my fifties I can tell you, you will not compare as much. You will know what you have achieved.
    Great post ! Thanks for sharing and don't compare you are good !

  267. Jessi / / Reply

    Just wanted to say that this is equally as inspiring as the rest of your blog in its entirety. I always look at these gorgeous blogs online (yours included) and feel as though I must be kind of lazy in comparison since I am in the exact setting you have been in, and I really appreciate (and commiserate with!) your honesty. It's so helpful to hear that I'm not alone in seeing this and to see such success despite whatever situation you're in or have been in. Please continue what you're doing– it's beautiful work. <3

  268. Heather / / Reply

    Thank you Ez for that honest and beautifully written post! As someone who is fairly new to the blogging world, it is so refreshing and comforting to hear that not everyone else out there is living a glamorous high fashion life that is often portrayed online, and that someone's online persona can be a narrow and highly cultivated view of what they want the world to see. I often feel as though because I work in the design industry, I should come home to a perfectly decorated home…when in reality I live in a small studio with minimal mismatched furniture. I've had friends compare me to a gourmet chef that comes home to eat Kraft dinner :) But its okay, because its all part of the journey!

  269. Bo-Tarah Rose / / Reply

    I absoultely love this!! Is there somewhere I should physically sign up to participate in this?
    I'm going to go work on mine right now so it should be up by the time you see this.
    I too go about my blogging as a passage of personal expression but sometimes get thrown off by all the pretty things. Too many times have I sat there and wondered why I don't measure up to the bloggers that seem to have it all.
    I'm really excited to be a part of this!

  270. suzie / PalazzoPizzo / / Reply


    I am here, because I am frustrated. And it is even worse.
    I feel guilty about being frustrated.

    So, my friend sent me here.
    I had told her how frustrated I was after visiting a certain blog/ger.

    But I see, I am not alone. Frustration seems going around in circles.
    I might have frustrated readers myself. It seems. Unfortunately.

    Maybe we should acknowledge, that this is just human? It just happens from time to time, like it does in corporate life?
    But since we are here (mainly, I guess) females writers and readers, we can talk about it. Great!

    Thanks for bringing up this subject!!


  271. Hildi / / Reply

    I just happened to stumble across your blog and I salute you for being so brave and honest, it is a breath of fresh air and I know I will be following your blog. Thank you!

  272. Gretchen / / Reply

    Fairy tales, movies, magazines, books, art – they offer us a place to go and I love them. I guess it's the same appeal or almost the same with blogs. We choose what we want to write and we choose what we want to read. If you feel bad when you are doing so, I guess it's time to make changes like you Ez have made. I salute you!

    I'm a very shy newbie in blogging – and I started because I needed my own space to be inspired by doing my favorite things. I'lm talking about things I care and interests me. I have to admit that I do love pretty things as I am a photographer and I don't see it as a problem but I see that if there's nothing but the prettiness that is a problem. I don't have a big crowd reading my posts and looking through my photos but I think I'll be doing it because it gives me reason to be active and makes me to work even harder towards my dreams I believe. And if you want to know about my dreams they are still behind the curtain and they shall be as long as I feel so. So I have some miles ahead of me but I love it! Thank you Ez.

  273. Gillian / / Reply

    Hello there from the rainy UK!

    Thank you so much for this.

    I'm an avid blog reader and like many of your readers feel increasingly despondent reading many blogs and their presentation of a life that seems to be much unlike my own.

    Whilst I’m not a blogger myself, I have recently stepped out on my own and set up my own little business. So I just wanted to say that an added benefit of this series has not only been revealing some of the reality behind the beauty but also reading about other self-employed women’s struggles and victories which has really helped me feel that I’m not alone in some of the things I’m facing while I’m trying to make it on my own!

    So, again, thank you


  274. Lindsey / / Reply

    Readers will support you simply because you are genuine and brave, and we'll keep coming back because you're talented. Thank you.

  275. Caroline / / Reply

    I love this post and the idea behind it! I've always thought you could share your real life on your blog without fear, because people really are longing for authenticity – I'm so glad you've decided to take the plunge!

    So here's mine: You know a lot about me already, including this subject, but you may not know that the ONLY time I clean my house is when I'm expecting company. (and even then it's only half-hearted.) (Well, okay, I will clean our bathroom but only when it's dirty. I never do any pre-emptive cleaning.) You'd be surprised how long a house can go without falling down (though ours is showing signs of it after 25 years of neglect). While at home, I only wear sweats and very old t-shirts with no bra. As you might imagine, for both these reasons the thought of a random drop-in visitor gives me the heebie-jeebies! Love you! :)

  276. Kinga / / Reply

    This is great! So great!…I read a fun quote recently that maybe applies here…

    "The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the cenes with someone else's highlight reel…."

    Steven Furtick said this perhaps (Im not really sure now)…but we've all done it and I think this dose of honesty is like opening the windows and letting the breeze blow in! REFRESHING!

  277. IrishJo / / Reply

    I admit, i raised my hand. You're so brave, i wish i could hug you for this feeling of relief that i have that someone said something real <3

    That was the most heart warming, refreshing and inspiring thing i've read in a long time. I know that feeling of looking at everything beautiful but having nothing.

    I have no wide screen flat tv in my home, a sofa that i inherited from my ex's father and he had it for at least 7 years before i started dating his son 11years ago. Everyone else seems to feel entitled to new stuff and beautiful trinkets but i'd rather have the money in the account to buy it than have mounting debt so i mend and make do. It doesn't take away anything of who i am, the things i like and the joy i find in the beauty around me.

    You talked about only showing part of the big picture, the part that you'd only want to show people so that they think that this is you, your better side. I get that too. I do that everyday. When i leave the house. I think it's almost expected of people. I have choice items, a couple of trousers (i even splashed out on a couple casual dresses last year) and if i needed to pack up and leave im pretty sure all my clothes and shoes would fit in one case.

    I have two lovely kids who i do my best for too, i know the struggles with trying to make sure they dont miss out and providing all they need. They might say all their friends have bigger TVs and laptops but i try to inspire them to get outside and see the world. My facebook is full of trips out together and beautiful places that even my friends have never thought of going to that are practically on our doorstep. Memories last longer than stuff.

    In the last few years, and after the break up of a 9 year relationship where i was hurting so bad inside but made the world think that i was having the ideal life, i've realised that life is for living. I don't have a lot, i don't want a lot, i know who i am, i know what i want and i'm not scared to be myself anymore. It's a wonderful feeling and it's let in more people and new love into my life.

    To quote Dr Seuss “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

    I didn't think i had what it takes to make a blog but i'm inspired now, this is a breath of fresh air. Be who you want to be, put it out there, there's no one like you!!

  278. Renn @ The Big C and Me / / Reply

    This is my first time visiting your blog (I followed a link to "Things I'm afraid to tell you" and landed here). I feel compelled to leave you a post.

    I started blogging after a breast cancer diagnosis, and honesty is the backbone of my little corner of the blogosphere. I am stitched into a supportive, witty community of cancer survivors who tell it like it is every single day. No holds barred over there. No one afraid to tell their truth. There is transparency aplenty. And talent. And humor! Lots of humor. Really.

    But I had no idea that it wasn't like that in other web niches. Never really thought about it before. Kinda having an AHA moment over here — seeing a benefit to cancer I never noticed before.

    Thank you!

  279. Erin / / Reply

    Thanks for such an honest post! I rarely take the time to read lengthy blocks of online text but your post just drew me right in from beginning to end. I think I follow a lot of the same habits doing a painting-a-day blog– it's easy to pretend my life's always surrounded by "beauty" even when it's not. Thanks for shining a light on the "ugly" stuff, I appreciate it!

  280. Kim / / Reply

    Ez, thank you so much for this. I had been having similar thoughts lately, but didn't know how to articulate it. You've not only shown me how, you've inspired me to write & publish my own "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You". Thank you!


  281. Charlie / / Reply

    I too worry about my blog being consumed by the struggles and negativity, Especially as of late with recent financial troubles. I admire that you put yourself out there in an uncomfortable way, but its quite therapeutic at times.

  282. Rebecca / / Reply

    Your honesty is inspiring. I think it's an aspect of the blogging world that truly needs to be questioned, what do people really class as reality when on their blogs. Of course, it's undoubtable that all bloggers won't reveal their true cause. But to see you being so honest, like so many others, is brilliant. And I'd very much like to attempt my own post now. Thank you!

  283. Concha / / Reply

    Dear Ez, thank you for your post. You are brave in sharing the rough bits but I feel I must make a stand in all this "honesty quest". When I show a beautiful corner of my house, that corner actually exists. The fact that I've tried to make the most of it by tidying up the mess before photographing it doesn't make it a lie — on the contrary, it gives me motivation to keep a clean and agreeable home. I don't want to impress other people and I would feel very uncomfortable if I knew that my posts make anyone feel envious. If I show my smiley baby in a cute outfit that I made myself or that I've simply made the effort to put together, isn't that a nice thing? It doesn't mean that he never cries! Why should I share that I've struggled with breastfeeding when my blog is about making the most of everyday life?

    Please do not think that I'm being disrespectful. I love Creature Comforts and you strike me as a very sweet person. You've inspired me throughout the years and I've never thought you had loads of money to spend on frivolous things — I've simply thought that we were a lover of pretty things, nothing else. Your diy projects are so clever and your love for packaging makes me want to up my game in that field. So you see, you've got nothing to worry about.

    We don't show ourselves 100% to others in our "offline life". We have our public faces; when colleagues and acquaitances ask us how we feel, we always say we're fine. Why should we reply otherwise? Why must we share our intimate struggles with people we hardly know? So I honestly don't understand why we are supposed to start being so much more open online.

    This is only my view on this matter, Ez. I hope this won't class me as a "nasty" commenter! :)

  284. Laura Domela / / Reply

    I think probably most of us walk that line as well. Do I post about the argument my husband and I got in, or do I post about the breakfast he fixed me the next morning? Do I post about bringing our bedding back and forth from home to the Airstream and back home again, or do I post about the beautiful-but-I'll-never-buy-it-comforter from Anthropologie I just saw? Do I post about being bummed that so much of our time in the Airstream is spent sitting at the dinette running our business, slow internet, and problems with an employee, or do I post about the gorgeous hike we went on after we finished work that day? I know that in trying to inspire people there's also room for alienating people unless I'm real and genuine. I know in my life that I come across very well that way, but it's hard to know how people interpret your words and your life on a blog.

    Thanks for a very thoughtful post.

  285. Sabine / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing these deep thoughts and insights with us. It's a wonderful and inspiring post. Foremost because I started my own blog two weeks ago and actually wanted to do exactly. what you or most of the blogger community does – show only beautiful aspects of my life. Now my perspective has changed and I will think of a little altered concept for my blog.

    And yes, I can relate to your feeling of missing something, when I read those lovely blogs with all their merriment and perfect lives. It's hard not to lose yourself in this (pretentious) perfect world. But sometimes it's a good vacation from an ordinary life. :)

  286. juliet / / Reply

    I am not a blogger, but a blog reader. I read a lot of them and I actually love the pretty! But I can definitely see how it can make people who compare themselves a little discouraged. However, for me personally, it inspires me to follow my dreams. It helps me easily find products (beauty, decor, fashion) I would otherwise have to search harder for. I think of blogs like magazines or movies; they show you what they think you want to see.

  287. robyn / / Reply

    this is my first visit to your blog. i'm totally inspired by your courage and the 'mundaneness' of your rich life. lovely, lovely, lovely.

  288. Ana / / Reply

    Been following you for a while but first time commenting. Thank you for your honesting. You have a lovely blog, and I'm sure it will continue to be.

  289. andrea / / Reply

    Though the 322nd comment is rarely read.. *smile* Thank you. it's nice to see – this is such a great little challenge.x

  290. Dama K / / Reply

    So much truth! Thank you for your honesty, this is really apreciated! I look foward to seeing more glimpses of your day by day and "real" life show through in here. We do desperatly need more iniciatives of honesty in our society so burdened by unreal expectations.

  291. Alex / / Reply

    I came across your post at Rambling Renovator's who spoke of this issue of Honesty as well. I wanted to let you know one of the reasons I started my blog was because I was tired of the image of perfection that DIY and Design blogs had. Most of my real life friends were regular moms, working and SAH ones, who all did the best they could. And when we all got together we vented as good friends do about how hard some things are. So whenever I read blogs that made Martha Stewart look bad, I was like come on now, that's no one I know. Most of us have an 'image' of what we want people to see, but I don't think a lot of it is healthy. One of my new fav sites is CraftFail, b/c it made me go Thank God, I am not the only one who can make fun of a DIY project gone wrong. I think bloggers are tired of the perfection. And sharing some mishaps along with the beautiful things in life, is really what you do with friends, in turn readers. It's what makes us human. We share in the good things and the bad. You don't have to be both to either extreme all the time. :)

  292. Sonja / A Couple Cooks / / Reply

    Wow, thank you for this! This is something I've been thinking about for a while as well, and I admire you for having the courage to bring this up. This is the case in the food blog world as well, where it appears everyone has perfect lives, menus, and kitchens :) It's refreshing to hear about life behind the scenes in the design world as well, one that's full of failures, but also great beauty! Thanks for writing :)

  293. kristen / / Reply

    this was so beautiful. thank you SO SO much for starting this beautiful trend of honesty and encouragement.

  294. Marjaana/ Finland / / Reply

    Thank you for this. This is something I have been waiting for to happen on the blogosphere. I, as a blog reader miss those images and stories from behind all those beautiful scenes. Actually I find piles of laundry, dirty dishes and traces of real life beautiful, if captured in an authentic way.

    I wish you and your blog all the best, hope you find a way of expression that is best for you and brings things to balance!

  295. Eva / / Reply

    Hey thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes you need to know that the life of bloggers, who always and only share beautiful things, is also just a normal life. I wish you the very very best. Life can be so good! Oh yeah!

  296. Amanda / / Reply

    Hi there
    I really think that was fascinating. I'm a new blogger and understand what you're saying about the perfection…it's nearly enough to stop someone frm starting! But ultimately we all want to pool creativity. I don't enjoy reading blogs about just things you can buy either I want easily done crafts which are fun, suprising and inspirational.

  297. Jen / / Reply

    Yes! Thank you for writing this beautiful post! It was pointed out to me just the other day how some bloggers are heavily sponsored, have hired professionals for photography, party planners, artists, and or have the means to purchase the lovely items they blog about. Thank you so much for reminding me that it's okay if my project outcomes are less than the perfectly primped pictures I see – my life is real!

  298. Amanda / / Reply

    Me again! I think I will always have a blog with no advertising and I don't sell anything either. I'm sure there are a lot of people like me blogging…for a bit of fun, to enjoy the interaction (please feel free!!) and there is a certain satisfaction that the things I do/create will end up on the blog. Pre-blog I used to fiddle around creating stuff that would eventually get taught at workshops. My workshops are always most popular pre Christmas though and the blog 'gives me permission' to wallow in cellophane, ribbons and fir cones all year round!http://

  299. Sandy McClay / / Reply

    I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to see this post!!! I have had this feeling for sooo long. I guess I didn't read the "rules" that I find on so many blogs today about blogging etiquette, my space is mine and if I am struggling with life, then that is what you see….I don't have to tell everything that is happening but I do feel so much more genuine than a lot of blogs out there. A prime example, someone I knew very very well has a blog that is all pretty photos and great sayings about life…. she travels and writes about how wonderful her life is….NOT! It is in reality a train wreck, always…..we no longer talk….and this was one of the reasons, believe it or not. As I age, I need to be as real as possible….and so I find blogs that are also that way. And you know what? When I am feeling down, it feels so good to get the support and caring from my blogging friends! They don't go away, they circle me and support me. If I make you uncomfortable, then please don't come again to visit. Thank you again for this …..I will be visiting blogs that feel this way also. :) Sandy

  300. Ashley / / Reply

    thank you for writing this and giving voice to so many of the things i feel and think every day as a style blogger. i am encouraged there are other bloggers out there with the same "lifestyle" as me and same struggles. Cheers to you for writing this open and honest post!

  301. Raina @AStylistsLife / / Reply

    What a fabulous and much needed conversation, It's so easy to feel that everyone else has "it" down and that we will never live up to the ideal, whatever that may be. Especially these days it's so easy to hide behind our computers and pretend we are all under a veil of perfection. Thanks you!!!

  302. Denise / / Reply

    SO MUCH THANKS FOR THIS POST!! I read this and got tears in my eyes. I have been at a standstill with my creativity as I find myself comparing and not enjoying creating so much anymore. I love the online community of so many wonderful creatives and wish there were more ways to embrace and encourage everyone to "just do." Everyone has so much to contribute in their own way…

    Thank you for the jolt back to reality. I really needed this.

  303. joanna / / Reply

    hi ez, i am sorry i did not read this post earlier. i just want to let you know that no matter how you are in reality behind that computer, you are in my mind one of the kindest people i ever knew on the internet and i am forever grateful for that little blanket you handmade for my little girl.


  304. Louise / / Reply

    This post feels like the culmination of what I have been struggling with lately. I will defiantly be taking the badge and taking part! Thank you for sharing this challenge, it has come at the right time for me and no doubt a lot of other bloggers :)

  305. Katherine / / Reply

    Hand raised! Thanks for being so open and honest. As someone new to blogging, this is such a refreshingly honest view. Can't wait to read more about your ordinary life!

  306. Karen L / / Reply

    I'm a new reader, found you because of the coverage of this post. I'm not a 'blogger' – well, I do have a blog but primarily to showcase my work, not in the blogging sense if you know what I mean – but I am a big reader of blogs! And whilst I love blogs and find so much inspiration from them, I also find many of them depressing as hell. They make me feel jealous because my home isn't as beautiful as those in the pictures and because I don't have a perfectly organized pantry full of tupperware. They make me feel like I am an inferior mother because I don't do enough craft activities with my kids, or make them creative animal themed lunches, or keep individual project life albums for each child every year. They make me feel like I must be doing something wrong and be terribly disorganized because I seriously just can't keep up! So thank you, thank you for being so honest, and so real. It makes me like and relate to you instantly!

  307. emma / / Reply

    Beautiful post and such and elequent expression of what obviously is a feeling reflected by so many bloggers!! thankyou for yor honesty.

  308. Luna / / Reply

    Bravo! (and thankgod others have been feeling this way about blogworld too……..)

  309. Praveen / / Reply

    Thanks for this super refreshing and honest post. Can't wait to share with my readers, and open the box on the things I'm afarid to tell my readers too!

  310. Tracey / / Reply

    OMG, a million times thank you for starting this. I too have been frustrated by the perfection in my online world (party/lifestyle). It is so nice to know I am not alone.

  311. Burkha / / Reply

    Wow! I loved this post! Raw honesty. I agree with what you express, but I also think that we, as readers, should be more realistic when visiting blogs. Of course is not 100% real life, if anything it´s sort of an escape from it, a way of unburden. Maybe if we post beauty and perfection, is because it is a way of balancing whatever happened in the "behind the screen" life, Our time in the day to go through nice things. We don´t post just for the audience, but for ourselves, we enjoy the whole process.
    And what I like to say about your blog particularly, is that is not filled with just nice things, clothes, decor, layout….You can clearly see, that most important of all, it´s filled with nice INTENTIONS towards your guests. It´s full of ideas, suggestions, DIY, freebies, resources, projects… and you are the one that produce all that. I enjoy your blog because I like your point of view, your focus, not just because it is pretty. So I will still be interested in every story you decide to post, wether it is "pretty", or human, personal, real, raw, or whatever.
    Sorry for the long comment!

  312. acp / / Reply

    I have been thinking this a lot lately. ….Not to point anyone out – but I'm going to – especially when seeing websites/blogs like The Glitter Guide. Not everything in life is sparkly, perfectly manicured, designer-made…. I'm just really glad this is going on. Keep spreading the word! I think this is an important campaign. Thx

  313. Anastasia / / Reply

    Wow. Speachless. This is awsome. Just wanted to let you know that what you do is highly appreciated. You inspire people! Every time after I read you posts I feel like there is more beauty in my heart and mind then it was before reading CC's posts once again . It might sound pathetic, but it's true. There is so much cruelty and sadness in this world, and we do need those escape places to get inspiration at, like your blog.
    Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts with us, it makes your blog warmer! Keep on doing what you are good at and, no comparing, cos YOU are special!

  314. Jules @ julesgoesgreen / / Reply

    This is so refreshing. I am a new blogger and I think my 5th post was about the struggle I had with alcohol years before I got married, well I also shared it on my facebook page and not a word. I felt so exposed and yet I wanted to be real and hopefully help someone else who may be struggling. It made me feel like people don't want to hear that. I was so confused. But I'm glad I did and hopefully it will help someone else. Reading your post was so helpful to continue to be real. Thanks a million!

  315. Sylvia-Anne / / Reply

    (1) Like lots of other bloggers, I started blogging as an extension of my life-long crafting passion, to share my work, and to be inspired by the work of others.
    (2) As mine is a crafting blog, I do not feel the need to discuss the details of my private life with the world. Therefore, there is nothing for other bloggers to be envious about.
    (3) Leaving kind comments for other bloggers is what keeps the "community spirit" alive in blogland., but If you don't like what you see, no-one is forcing you to comment.
    (5) Have more confidence in yourself, and in what you create, and stop comparing. As Roosevelt said – "Comparison is the Thief of Joy".

  316. Christina Main / / Reply

    "The always-nice that we see on constant display everywhere we look (from blogs to magazines, etc) becomes frustrating because it doesn't really look like how our life looks, right? Instead of visiting a blog and feeling inspired, we quite often leave feeling less than, and like our life can never really match up to what we see. As a long-time contributor to this trend of pretty-everything I should know better, but even I get sucked up in feeling like other bloggers are more successful, have better wardrobes, perfectly behaved children, gourmet meals pre-made weeks in advance…they host fabulous parties with every last detail glittered and festooned to perfection, take lavish vacations, sign book deals in their sleep and pose for photo shoots in their immaculately clean designer-decorated homes."


  317. Lidy / / Reply

    First of all, you are truly brave for sharing your heart with complete strangers. I honor you for doing that. Thank you so much for sharing, I was truly touched. I have struggled so much with the same things. I too, do what I can with what I have and sometimes that's not even enough. But it's where I'm at and I am content enough! Mostly, I love the idea of being transparent with your readers! Hopefully this will be the start to a new trend in the blogging world! Thanks again!


  318. Debbie / / Reply

    WOW, this is the 1st time I have met you … I have never bebfore read your blog. I came here through Jeanette Lunde's blog. But because of this post (and no previous) I am more than happy to be your follower and enjoy more real and natural posts by you. Thank you for sharing something I have thought about daily in writing my blog. As if seeing all the perfects out there making you feel less than accomplished is a fact- Its total rubbish and your freshness has made me realise that who i am is better than what picture I use to write about. Im very pleased to have met you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Deb X

  319. mary / / Reply

    sweet mother of jesus and that I mean that reverentially, THANK YOU everyone who had the courage to admit things are not perfect 100% of the time.

    it helps a lot on the bad days.

  320. Anon / / Reply

    Good for you to be so honest. I have never seen your blog until now. I respect you for making sacrifices to do what you love to do.

    Do NOT apologize for your life. Do NOT feel bad if your home isn't quote-un-quote tour-worthy. Take pride in who you are. Own it!!! The truth will set you free!!!!

    I sense a real kindness and humbleness in you, don't lose that. But also, be yourself!!!

  321. Ez / / Reply

    Sorry about that Melinda. I've updated the list now. Thanks again for being a part of the challenge! xo Ez

  322. Sherisa D / / Reply

    Thank you so much Ez for including my post. I feel another post rising to the surface soon. All this honesty is good for killing the perfect life image most are obsessed with.

  323. Kristy Swain / / Reply

    What an awesome post! I found you via Hi Sugarplum which lead me to MML and then to you. I couldn't agree more with everything you said – it's easy to get in a rut on a design blog and to only share the good and pretty and to leave out anything that feels mundane. It's even natural. And, I like how you debunked the myths of bloggers having unlimited funds or something… or just having it all together. Good stuff. inspriational. Now to go read the other posts! Thanks.

  324. Cariza / / Reply

    Thank you so much for this. It was refreshing and yet, inspirational. I understand how you feel; I, too, am a victim to my insecurities. I constantly compare what I have to what others have, and I often feel inferior to many others out there, bloggers, artists, anyone, who seem to have it better than me. After reading your post, I realized that I am not alone, and that I shouldn't be this way. It's hard to shut insecurities away, but I'm hoping to at least try. Like you, I want a simple, yet beautiful life. I'm a new follower of your blog and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of your journeys in here. :)

  325. lexi / / Reply

    I know I'm incredibly late to the show, but this piece – I needed it. I hate comparison – it is an ugly, vile thing, that eats me up, forces me to work until all hours of the night, on top of my part-time job (which I cannot let go of because I will go broke), and has me fretting all of the time. So many bloggers' lives look effortless and sparkling, and I'm just … normal. I needed this and I can't tell you how thankful I am that you wrote it and I stumbled upon it and read it. Your blog is beautiful and I'll definitely be back!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  326. Tracie / / Reply

    I love that through writing this post you decided to bring more of yourself into this space. It is refreshing to see the real person behind all the pretty ideas and finds. Having the support of your family is a precious and beautiful thing.

    I'm in awe of the honesty that has been shared in the posts this movement has inspired. It really is scary to hit publish on something so honest, but the support that has followed is wonderful.

  327. Debra / / Reply

    I am new to blogging. I read New Domesticity sometimes and that is how I found your site and post. So the first post of yours that I read was about your "real" life and now that I know you are "real' I'll probably come back and read more and visit often :)

    Like the Velveteen Rabbit …..

  328. Lilly / / Reply

    I really enjoyed your post as it has been something I have been struggling with on my blog too. However, I guess I object to the fact that just because we don't share everything about our life we are somehow less than authentic. I started my blog because of soemthing horrific that happened in my life which I cannot discuss because all these years later it is still an ongoing police case. To help me get my mind of it I decided to blog. So in the first year I blogged, I posted every day or twice a day. As I got happier and recovered the posts have decreased. Sure I still have struggles but for some reason I just cannot blog about them. I allude to them and thats about it. My posts are more abut the made, crazy things that happen in my life. However, it is human nature tht draws us to those people that have 'stories' to tell i guess as it makes us feel easier about our own lives and not so alone.

  329. Rebecca / / Reply

    Thank you for your amazing posts over the years, it's lovely to hear more about you, that's one of the reasons I've always loved your blog. You are honest and even before you wrote this, I felt like there wasn't anything you were trying to hide. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifices.

  330. Fafu Mama / / Reply

    I saw this challenge on a another website and LOVE it. I find it interesting how in a world obsessed with reality television that we ourselves are so afraid to be real. Like others who have commented, I raise my hands up to you and will follow your lead on my own blog. Thanks for challenging us all to be authentic and real!

  331. Laurie / / Reply

    It's 12:05 a.m Wednesday morning, July 25th… and I'm so thankful you did NOT delete you most wonderful post! It was a true blessing. I just found out about all this a couple of days ago and this is the 3rd one I've read… so I have a very long way to go! in my quest to read all of them.

    You spoke some really wonderful truths. I have been upset at times even reading replies on facebook pages of readers who assume the photo posted was of that person's actual home etc..when it was clear it was just a photo of something that person 'liked'. I've never heard of your blog before…or most of the hundreds of others for that matter in this movement… but I have seen so many blogs as it is that have made my heart go pitter-patter with delight…just even in the page designs etc, not even the content. I've considered starting my own blog…but then would read of someone who posted they were actually getting tired of being tied down to doing it etc, and so have been putting it off… till I'm sure it's something I want to commit to.

    I love looking at pretty things… and doing so on facebook and on a few blogs I have visited has literally saved my life, my sanity, and also helped me get in touch wtht and also find my true authentic self!! So – in that respect, do not question in any way the value of putting "pretty" out there. Many of us would never see it other wise! Just like when HGTV first aired on t.v…. I was in shock to learn people actually had those kind of nice homes, because I had nevre seen any growing up, and they weren't in my small town .. so the channel opened up my eyes to a world I literally did not know 'really' existed. So too has blogs and fb pages done so – showing me the "pretty" I can choose to have, that's out there for me to have! – via pictures of 'ideas'… some real, some out of magazines etc. Doesn't matter. It's the "idea" of what can be created that is the true "reality" anyway.

    And – I also had no idea till very very recently that people actually made money off their blogs or facebook pages!… and so to read that you are supporting yourself just off blogging is so very exciting to me!!… even if it's "just enough to get by"…. I'm already doing that on a minimum wage job at a grocery store. At 60 years old, divorced 5 years after ending a 30 year marriage, I'd so much rather 'just barely make it' by sitting here in this chair typing…lol.

    So, your "fears" have been a great blessing to me and I appreciate all you shared. I look forward with great anticipation to reading the hundreds more blogs like this one… and also finding out about more great blog sites! God Bless you, and thank you again for writing your list. Hugs to you, Laurie

  332. Luna / / Reply

    I followed on from isis made and really enjoy the concept of this. I'm glad bloggers like you are no longer afraid, and I like the insight into each of your 'real lives'. One day I'm going to do the same. Promise.

  333. Cathy / / Reply

    Wow. What a powerful post. I am overwhelmed, and also impressed by your honesty and courage. I often think about being "more honest" on my blog. Now I have the courage. You open yourself up, something I am afraid to do each day. My thanks to you. I will take the challenge as I say "You go, girl!"

  334. Genevieve / / Reply

    Hey, big sister, I'm so proud of you for being courageous enough to break through the virtual glitz and share yourself, struggles and all, with your readers. You are an amazing woman, and a huge part of what makes you so amazing is everything you've had to work through and overcome to get to where you are today. Posting beautiful things on the internet is a lovely thing…but who you are is the most beautiful thing – and the way you've chosen to seek joy and beauty in life rather than luxuriating in self-pity or envy, as is so easy to do. This post brought tears to my eyes! I love you, and I'm really proud of you!
    Genny <3

  335. Kay / / Reply

    I found your blog on Pinterest. I'm so glad I did and am thankful for your honesty. Thanks for sharing.

  336. Carla / / Reply

    Thank you so much for this post! I'm new to blogging and was starting to wonder how to get past feeling 'inadequate' (for want of a better word). It was refreshing to read the truth and its good to know I'm not the only one who was getting a bit overwhelmed by prettiness.

    Thanks again

  337. Sindy / / Reply

    Thank you for writing this post. I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog but worried that the pressure to be perfect would make it less than worthwhile. I stay home with my 13 year old disabled child and while she goes to school there are whole weeks that she needs to stay home and is lots of work and everything else perforce must go by the wayside. This post has made me think about blogging more realistically. Thank you!

  338. Dawn / / Reply

    What beautiful transparency! Thanks for being so brave. I am striving to do just that, be brave.

  339. Mary / / Reply

    I am a teacher and have a lovely house and family. But boy do I get overwhelmed by things. I always feel so busy and like I never have time to do any job properly. I spend so much time looking for things I have misplaced even though I feel like I am always sorting and tidying my house. Recently we were broken in to. I was so embarrassed when the police came around because there was stuff lying around everywhere. I actually cleaned up before they arrived. I hadn't had time to make my bed that day and I couldn't make it because the thieves left things lying on the bed and I had to show the police! I think we are trying to do too much to please everyone. We need to lighten up and enjoy life. Have another glass of wine and catch up with some friends!!

    Thanks. Feel much better now! (I often don't get time to make my bed!! Try to but it just doesn't always happen.)

  340. Linda / / Reply

    I think this is a very noteworthy post with some great and important points. I am a bit concerned about the perfect lives people seem to have and have recently found that I compare myself more than I would like to. This makes me sad as I really believe I have a good life, a great family and an ordinary, yet cosy, home. Your challenge has now reached Sweden, a long way from the US and I posted my Things I'm afraid to tell you about an hour ago. Thank you for sharing!

  341. TenThings / / Reply

    So late to jump on this train, but I just stumbled over here and read this lovely post. I can totally relate to you and it doesn't change the way I feel about you at all, in fact it makes me that much crazier about you. I have adored your blog for so many years and, yes, I have always been in awe and always admired you for your strength and beauty and amazing taste…I think it's so true that, as bloggers, tweeters, IGers, Etsy shop owners, etc. we do try to portray the pretty side of life. I have been some what frank on my blog about aging, but it's been hard for me to do. Not many people read my blog, so it's really been for my 'therapy' . Hah! ;) I love that you said what you did Ez! I believe that we all have struggles. I can tell you first hand that I have some, and that, although, I post these pretty photos of my beautiful children lollygagging {sp?} around at the beach, which we do on a regular basis, what I don't post are the attitudes and tears that often arise regularly when raising children, especially, I've found, raising teenagers. So, I commend you on your post Ez. Thank you as always for making my day a better one, and for also sharing and making me realize that, as moms, small business owners, bloggers, etc., we are all just doing the best we can, and maybe we're not that different from each other after all. xo

  342. Alice / / Reply

    Hi! I discovered this post through The Proper Pinwheel. I must admit that I haven't seen your blog yet and this post is the first one I've read on your blog. And this post is also the reason why I will come back, and after I'm finished with writing this comment I'll check your archives to see what you have done in the past. I love that you are so honest in this post. I had a few blogs in the past, but I always stopped writing them because I felt I couldn't even compare to others, that I was bad at it, and my life was difficult, so writing about pretty things felt weird. This time around I am determined to stay and reading posts like this one reminds me why I should stay. We are all special and what makes a blog special is personality. And the "credit card" thing – you go girl! I only have a debit card too.
    Sorry for the long comment, happy New Year to you!

  343. Ez / / Reply

    Alice! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I'm so glad to hear that you feel a renewed interest in blogging, and I wholeheartedly agree with you that personality is what makes a blog special! I popped over to visit yours and I love what you are doing. That apple pie looks delish, I love your Christmas tree, and your kitties are too cute! Wishing you a wonderful 2013! xo Ez

  344. Ez / / Reply

    Kerri, thank you so much for your sweet and insightful comment. Truthfully I've often seen photos of you and your beautiful family and thought, "gosh…this amazing lady sure has the perfect teens…I wonder what her secret is." I've even considered emailing you to ask for parenting advice, as I'm so new to the teen years and you are a seasoned veteran. But then I thought that I'd probably just embarrass myself, since your kids seem to be so well-adjusted. lol
    I think you portray life in a very honest way, but it goes to show you how our own insecurities can so easily play into how we see things in life. Anyhow…your comment came at the perfect time (as I'm dealing with some tough things with my daughter currently) and you made me feel so much less alone. Thank you for that. You are an inspiration! xo Ez

  345. Laura Wooten / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It is a wonderful thing to share our real-life stuff alongside the images of our dreams and ideals. There is so much beauty on both sides. Thanks for being so brave and trail blazing this idea for the design and blogging community. Cheers!

  346. Camie / / Reply

    This inspires me to write my own version. It's so beautifully written and raw. Real. I struggle with the same issue about my readers perceiving my life as "perfect", that they sometimes put me up on a pedestal where I just do not belong. I've tried writing about something like this before, but never really getting to specifics as something I'm afraid to tell them. I think I'll start. Thank you for this!

  347. Anile | Girlfriday / / Reply

    Wow I am so late to this party but I ended up here via the wonderful Jessika of Oh My Handmade… such a great post. Inspiring and down-to-earth. It's hard to put out the nitty gritty sometimes but it definitely brings us all closer together when we realize we all have our own version of the tough stuff. Thanks for this, it really helped. That comparison quote is so perfect. p.s. your blog is just lovely! Take care!

  348. Angela / / Reply

    thank you so so much for this! it was just what I needed. I love going to blogs for inspiration but they do tend to me make feel like either I am or my life is inadequate compared to the lives these bloggers appear to have. thank you so much again! <3

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  394. Michelle Marttila / / Reply

    Ez, I stumbled upon this post and just wanted to say “Thank You” for being real!!! I loved reading it…especially about your home, etc. I needed that…it made me laugh as I can relate. Though, I am just small time (and that’s being generous), I hope my blog is encouraging to anyone that comes across it. Just wanted to let you know your words blessed my soul and inspired me to keep giving it all I got! Blessings to you & your team, Michelle

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  397. thefolia / / Reply

    I am aware of the “behind the scene” fragments of life and know that everyone has them. What I am concerned with is the intentions of the scenes that are portrayed, are they heartfelt, encouraging, empathetic…I think that’s what matters. Happy behind the scenes all!

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