My Weekend in Photos

Hi guys! I just thought I’d pop in to share a quick little photo recap of my weekend as posted over on Instagram. It’s been so much fun keeping up with so many of you over there (I’m kind of obsessed really).

1. Unpacking pretty things from my trip to New Jersey. The beautiful books were a gift from my friend Melissa, and the gorgeous soap is from my friend Marichelle. Everything else I found either from my visit to TerrainPerch or Christmas Tree Shop.

2. We’ve been spoiled by a bounty of hydrangeas in our little yard (okay, it’s only one bush, but it’s still been really good to us this year).

3. Rediscovering my love for pears. Such a feel-good taste-good snack!

4. And Summer is officially underway now that the shaved ice shack in our neighborhood has opened for the season. Yum!

If you’re not already following me on Instagram and want to, you can find me under username: creaturecomforts. Oh…and if you didn’t know already, Instagram is a free app and was recently made available for other smart phones (not just iPhones)! Get in on the fun!

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  1. Ashley {GirlyObsessions} / / Reply

    I love your photos from the weekend! I'm totally addicted to Instagram…in fact I have two accounts, a personal one and one for my blog…although it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins! I followed you from both :) and I LOVE shaved ice…thats the one thing I miss having moved from MD to CT.

  2. Karen / / Reply

    Just makes me feel good looking at all the beautiful colors, thanks for sharing.

  3. Cate / / Reply

    Eeeek- How much do I love the Christmas Tree Shop? I can't wait to hit a couple up on my visit to the Cape this summer. And those peonies are so gorgeous… sadly I never see them for sale out here in Hawaii. But at least we have shave ice all year round :)

  4. Jenny / / Reply

    Love all your little NJ goodies and the hydrangeas are beeeautiful! My favorites!

  5. indreams / / Reply

    hooray for instagram! i'm so useless with figuring out all the functions, but it's so much fun to see everyone's work on there… :)

    love all your goods from your trip! looks like a good haul, haha.

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