A Sweet Scavenger Hunt with Amy Atlas

{Sneak peek at one of the projects/stories inside Amy Atlas’ new book Sweet Designs}

Amy Atlas is a magician and a maven all rolled into one when it comes to party planning and her famous dessert tables. If you’ve seen her work before, you undoubtedly agree. So when Amy got in touch and asked if I could help her with a fun and playful virtual scavenger hunt / sneak peek of her new book Sweet Designs, I was delighted. Of course I said “yes!”

Like with most scavenger hunts, there is an awesome prize involved. If you’re new to the hunt today, here’s how it works. All day today, Amy has been sharing clues on her blog about the blogs you will need to visit in order to pick up your scavenger hunt clues. After visiting each site she shares (7 in all) you will have a complete sentence (from the clue words) that you will then use to enter to win this:

A 5-quart Stand Mixer from KitchenAid! Um yea…can I just say that I’m jealous of whomever of you wins. Oh…and one of you WILL win, because the first person who answers the scavenger hunt challenge correctly who says they came from Creature Comforts will win. That means one reader from every blog participating is going to win. So exciting!

There is only one clue left after the one I’m about to give you, so hurry over to Amy’s blog to get caught up on the first line-up of participating blogs/clues, and be sure to check back on her blog in one hour for the final clue. After you have all your clue words, hop over to Amy’s blog one last time at 4pm Eastern Time to be the first from Creature Comforts to enter in the completed sentence in the comment section of her blog. Be sure to say that you came from Creature Comforts!

And now…your clue word: “PINK”

I hope you’ll come back by and let me know if you’re the lucky winner. Good luck everyone! xo Ez

Book Image – Copyright Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It, Hyperion Books 2012. Photography by Johnny Miller.

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  1. C / / Reply

    Is Amy's site down? I've been getting a 'database error' message since I first tried to post at 4pm…

  2. Ez / / Reply

    It does look like her site is down C. I've emailed her about it, although I imagine she is probably franticly trying to get it back up again already. Fingers crossed that it is working again soon. So sorry for the hassle. xo Ez

  3. C / / Reply

    no hassle at all! how could i possibly complain about a fun game and a chance at great prizes? :)

    i'm sure her site is just overwhelmed by all of the traffic – i was just wondering whether i was the only one experiencing difficulties, so it's somewhat reassuring to know that i'm not alone!

  4. Ez / / Reply

    Looks like it's working again! Hurry on over and enter your answers in! xo Ez

  5. Jennifer / / Reply

    Thanks for the heads-up! I love your blog, and now I have another beautiful blog to follow! :) Here's hoping that I am a winner. xx

  6. C / / Reply

    I won the signed cookbook (as the first international winner). Thanks Ez!

  7. julianna / / Reply

    the photo on top is so great, as you scroll it looks as if its getting closer to you. its a wonderful illusion.

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