Color Inspiration Daily: In My Yard

Okay, so I know the title says “In My Yard, but I technically snapped this photo in my neighbor’s yard after I stealthily sneaked into it. There are no fences, so it’s really not as creepy as it sounds. I promise. Plus “Color Inspiration From My Neighbor’s Yard” sounded a little wordy for a post title.

Regardless, I was really happy to have captured this butterfly in its one split-second of stillness. I must have taken at least 40 photos that look like nothing more than a brown blur in front of some flowers before I got this one. Actually, now that I’m thinking of it, I might have to sneak over again this weekend and see if I can snag a few more butterfly shots. Although I do hate to think of what my neighbors might think if they walk out their door to find me crouched inside their bush with my obnoxiously large camera lens in hand! xo Ez

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  1. Dear Demoiselle / / Reply

    Ez, I know the feeling – both the difficulty of photographing butterflies, and the bush crouching. I crept into a hedge by the road in France once to take pictures – whereupon a car halted, and the female driver asked if I was looking for something… I still wonder if the property on the other side of the hedge was private / the lady's!

  2. Ez / / Reply

    Haha! So glad to know I'm not the only one creeping through bushes for a photo op Dear Demoiselle! xo Ez

  3. Audrey - This Little Street / / Reply

    This is a gorgeous pic, Ez! If your neighbors have a problem with you sneaking around, I'll talk to them and tell them your sneaking around is for the better good of this internet world :)

  4. Cindy / / Reply

    This is a lovely photo; I definitely think it was worth the 40 "meh" shots you had to take to get this one. Thanks for all of your color inspiration posts – they are among my favorites.

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