Pinterest Picks: Making a House a Home

I’ve always felt more than a little bit challenged in the home decor area of my life. I’m not sure what my exact issue is, but it probably has to do with not being able to commit to a specific style before becoming completely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options out there (oh and budget…that’s always a factor). So today I thought I’d put together a moodboard of sorts using some of my pins and a few other favorites from Pinterest. Maybe eventually I’ll be able to use the board to help fill out my currently sparse living space. We shall see. Fingers crossed xo Ez

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1. Black Enamel Pendant LightOld Faithful Shop (via Corynne) | 2. Landscape Painting by Russell LengMammoth & Company (via me) | 3. Klyne Chair and a HalfCrate & Barrel (via me) | 4. Players Welcome Cushion CoverPony Rider (via me) | 5. Spotted Black & Tan PillowWhitlock & Co. (via me) | 6. Christian Lacroix Paseo Doble Celadon PillowBurke Decor (via me) | 7. Bone China Milk Jug (no longer available) – Cocodot (via me) | 8. Industrial Swivel Stool (no longer available) – Wisteria (via me) | 9. Lyle Side ChairCrate & Barrel (via me) | 10. Ink Ikat ThrowJayson Home & Garden (via me) | 11. Steele Canvas Laundry CartOld Faithful Shop (via Erika)

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  1. emy / / Reply

    hi there, been reading your blog for a while now, but this is the first time i've commented. i love everything in this roundup! meaning i'd say you have great taste in home decor :) industrial-meets-modern-meets-vintage-meets-cozy… i've never been able to pick a style, either, so i finally just settled on "eclectic."

  2. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you so much Emy! I think sometimes my problem is liking too many things…and then it's just a hot mess. But I do like your word "eclectic." I think I'm going to have to start using that to describe my style too. :-) xo Ez
    P.S. Thanks for pinning my post too. I tried to leave you a comment on Pinterest to say "thanks," but commenting has been broken for me for a month now, with no sign of being fixed anytime soon. Anyhow, thank you!

  3. Emily @ Peck Life / / Reply

    Oh I am the same way! I also "over-research" which I think prevents me from actually making any purchases, haha. Sometimes I wish life had less choices! Happy Monday! :)

  4. abby / / Reply

    i love those metal chairs . . . my husband and i have been eyeing them for a bit now. wantlisted!

  5. Tan / / Reply

    I have teh same problem. My home never feels 'finished' because I always feel like something is missing and that I can add more. I always meant to do a before and after photoshoot, but over 1 year later of living here it still doesn't feel 'after' ready. Perhaps a mood board would certainly help

  6. Nicola / / Reply

    I'm totally with you on this one Ez. I never know what style/colours I want and there are so many nice things to choose. I know what's nice, it's just so hard to put everything together when there is so much to choose from! Pinterest is the perfect way to collect inspiration, I love it and my house is a bit of a blank canvas until I figure out how I really want to decorate it.

  7. laura / / Reply

    The Landscape Painting is my fave- looks like some beautiful crystal or mineral. Thanks for posting the link to your Pinterest too- I'm now following your boards :) Love the blog, always my first stop for inspiration.

  8. Emily (New york, ny) / / Reply

    Love these finds! I looove the color of the "chair and a half." Don't be too caught up in picking a specific style – if you pick items you LOVE then your 'style' will start to shine through. Just remember you're designing the space for YOU, not for everyone else. :D

  9. Eleni || My Paradissi / / Reply

    Yeah, I can't settle down to one style either. So I use my blog to post about all the things I like and somehow it feels quite liberating, if you know what I mean… (and my walls are still empty after 3 years of living in the same place as I can't decide what to put on them!)

  10. Ez / / Reply

    I'm so relieved to know that I'm not the only one ladies! Thanks for making me feel better!
    @Eleni – I hear you on that one! And it doesn't help that my mom (a chronic house mover) says that "as soon as you hang pictures on the wall you'll have to move." It's given me serious phobia of decorating!

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