Everyday Inspirations: Mediterranean Mint Gelato

My friend recently got me hooked on this delicious Mediterranean Mint Gelato by Talenti®. Something about it reminds me of my childhood, when my mom would bust out her ice cream machine (you know the kind that you have to cover in ice and rock salt) and she’d mix up a gallon of carob mint chip. We weren’t allowed to eat a lot in the way of sweets when I was young…and the treats that we did have couldn’t be sweetened with refined sugar. So while my adult palette would probably taste the carob chip of my youth (sweetened with rice syrup, honey, or raisins) and grimace…it was pure heaven to my petite taste buds. This Mediterranean Mint Gelato is an upgrade that I most heartily approve of.

I decided that it was also perfect inspiration for a little collection of goodies for the kitchen/home. Don’t you agree?! What’s your favorite ice cream or gelato flavor? Mouthwatering comments are most welcome. xo Ez

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Top photograph by Ez Pudewa (me).

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  1. Marichelle / / Reply

    Thank goodness I'm preggos at the moment or this latest obsession would not be a good thing!! Now I'm obsessed with the Caramel Cookie Crunch flavor!!! So good and not too sweet, I had to order J to take it away from me last night (maybe I should stop eating it out of the container)! xo

  2. Ez / / Reply

    Haha! Yes, I have a strict no eating from the container rule, or it would be all over!

  3. Karina / / Reply

    Oh my goodness. My sister, Lisa, introduced me to Talenti. It's out of this world! I didn't know they have mint. That's my fave flavor. Will have to try it asap!

  4. Sasha / / Reply

    Mmm … my boyfriend and I are currently working our way through a container of Talenti Salted Caramel Gelato – Love their selection of frozen treats!

  5. D. / / Reply

    The other day I bought some gelato with rice in it – can't remember the flavour, but 'twas taste bud heaven.

  6. claireH / / Reply

    ooo, i absolutely love talenti's caramel sea salt gelato…can't get enough of it…and of course, it's all low calorie…what, it's not?

  7. Therese / / Reply

    I LOVE anything Talenti! It is by far the best sweet treat on the market! <3

  8. J.Freetorun / / Reply

    Tried Mediterranean Mint today. OUT OF THIS WORLD! So creamy and smooth texture. Will defenitly try all other flavors. It's a mainstay. Can't wait to try the Rasberry.

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