“Somebody that I Used to Know” Cover by Walk Off the Earth

Over the weekend I spotted this awesome cover of “Someone that I Used to Know” by Walk Off the Earth (via Lovemarks). Some of you might already be fans, but I’m new to Walk Off the Earth (I like what I see and hear so far). But seriously…how cool is it that there are five of them playing one guitar in this video?!! And their voices are great too! xo Ez

See the original version of “Someone the I Used to Know” by Gotye here.

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  1. Heather B / / Reply

    A ha! My 15-year-old son watches all of the parodies by the Key of Awesome so I've only seen their one guitar parody, not the one guitar version it's based on. I felt like I was walking in on a private joke, now it makes sense. (I'm just proving that I'm old) I love the video for the Gotye version too, it's truly original.

  2. Nadine / / Reply

    I was about to mention about the parody but I guess krista beat me to it (:

  3. Julia / / Reply

    Wow, this is incredible. I love the original, but I have also been hearing and seeing some great covers. Ingrid Michaelson has a great version here.

  4. Natalie / / Reply

    Wow, thank you for introducing me to this. Insane amount of talent, and I LOVE this song.

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