Color Inspiration Daily: 03. 09. 12

A row of white blossoming trees caught my eye on the way to the store yesterday afternoon, and as soon as I returned home and quickly stashed my groceries, I grabbed my camera and headed out to take a few photos. The weather was pretty chilly (good thing I thought to throw on my winter jacket as I dashed out the door), and as soon as I parked my car at the curb it started to hail on me. I wasn’t about to head home without a few photos though, so with teeth chattering I hopped outside and snapped a few shots anyway.

I just love all the pure clean white mixed with that crisp pop of green. If you look really closely in the second shot you can even see that the pollen inside each flower is bright pink!

Have a gorgeous weekend friends! xo Ez

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  1. Mariam / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing these! They are beautiful! I hope you don't catch a cold from standing in the hail…

  2. amber / / Reply

    Ha! That is Oklahoma for you–hail in the middle of Spring-like scenery. These photos are beautiful! I love the white and bright green and that tiny bit of pink, like you said. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Courtney / / Reply

    I never realized the pollen on flowers was anything but yellow/orange…learn something new everyday! Thanks for sharing the lovely photographs. :)

  4. Amy @ Lovely Nest / / Reply

    so pretty! We have pear trees like these that are probably a few days away from blooming and I'm so excited! It's one of my favorite times of year to look into the backyard and see them!

  5. Priyanka / / Reply

    These pictures are beautiful, especially since you must have had to work quite hard to stop your hands from shaking! I always feel my photos don't capture nature like they should. Kudos on doing it time and again Ez. Have a lovely weekend, stay warm.

  6. Sierra / / Reply

    Bummer about the hail, but wow…incredible photos!! I love the few weeks when the trees all seem to burst into bloom…its my favorite time of year.

  7. NanaBeast / / Reply

    You are a champ! And a true photographer, anyone who braves hail for a shot is. And thank you for doing so. I love. love, LOVE these shots. My pear tree is still bare branches. May I use one as my desktop wallpaper?

  8. Briel K. / / Reply

    Beautiful! I love that you went back to take photos of something that was inspiring to you. I think I'd be too lazy to do that (which is sad). :)

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